UI / UX Design Services

Dynamic design, smarter navigation

The key to developing a successful app counts on the functionality your users require with an intuitive design and experience that makes it as easy as possible to use. Webstream’s custom UI / UX design specialists will work closely with you to perceive a mobile, desktop or web app that satisfies users and meets your specific business and business requirements.

Immersive User Interfaces

We design exquisite responsive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that contain highly responsive elements, 2D / 3D animations, and embedded media. It is our goal to provide an ecological, overall user experience that we achieve by working with your stakeholders and IT teams to develop a style (including colour palettes, logo designs and layouts) that are consistent with your company’s culture. All our UI / UX designers are experts in graphical libraries like WebGL and OpenGL.

Fair user experiences

A carefully developed user experience understanding is the key to success of an application if you intend to keep consumers engaged in your commercial app or maintain a consistent and consistent workflow for your employees through a business platform. We construct a simple but robust information architecture that streamlines the app’s process stream, carefully fine-tuning elements through development using high-fidelity mock ups and interactive prototypes.

IA Planning and Wireframing

Creating a user-friendly design and interface begins by identifying primary business goals and KPIs that underlie an information architecture (IA) that meets users and fulfills performance goals. We use industry-specific analytical strategies and carefully developed users to generate insights that inform our wireframing and data flow structure models.

User Testing and QA

User friendly testing is the cornerstone of providing a fully functional user interface and experience. Our UI and GUI testing methodology is designed to optimize element functionality, easy navigation, user engagement times, information flow, consistency across different environments and implementations, and more. We can test white or black box tests, depending on needs.

Front-End Programming

The amazing application interfaces we design are made real-life by our front-end development specialists, experts in key front-end languages ​​(HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and frames like jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js and Bootstrap. We ensure that our compressed written code is optimized to work on multiple device types and browsers, and we anticipate programming shortcuts, such as compression algorithms that attenuate or restrict GUI elements.

Mobile UI / UX Development

As part of our end-to-end mobile development services, we deliver crisp and highly responsive user interfaces that fully utilize touchscreen functionality as well as mobile-first user experiences for mobile (or progressive) web apps. We have experience developing indigenous iOS and Android apps, as well as hybrid and platform platforms that use frames such as Xamarin, Ionic, Appcelerator, and PhoneGap.

CDN Integration

We enable companies to integrate video delivery platforms with our CDN solution available on the market. In this way, they can significantly improve viewing experiences across the globe by reducing latency, network load, content bumps and other bottlenecks.

Based on your business activities and audiences, we will help you choose the right strategy to make the most of your CDN investment while ensuring that your video content is always available quickly and safely.

Your advantages


Improve performance by enabling the viewer to connect to the nearest CDN server instead of waiting for the response from origin when requesting a video.


Think of the CDN’s highly distributed server infrastructure to allow your video platform to withstand huge peak traffic and flash crowds without compromising QoE.


Protect your content and users from 300Gbps, NTP reflection, DNS amplification, Layer 7 and other sophisticated DDoS attacks of all shapes and sizes.


Take advantage of large amounts of valuable, real-time insights, including audience behavior, QoS, traffic and threats that you can not get from other analytics tools.