App Development

Second-Screen and Social TV App Development

When a viewer leans back to doing something else on another screen Webstream helps enable this activity in game shifts. We create web and mobile apps that enrich experiences, while viewers watch the second screen on laptops, smartphones and tablets of all kinds.

Our customers

  • Creators and producers
  • Channels
  • MVPDs and MSOs
  • Telecommunications
  • Conferences
  • Education and training
  • Play streaming
  • Corporate communication
  • Fund raising
  • End User Features

Allows viewers explore actors, characters, teams, players, and much more instantly without switching between apps and tabs.

Keeps the audience entertained through games, fundraising and polls, and let them take part in what they watch on their first screens, be it live or VoD.

Enable viewers to check in on the channel or series they see, as well as share information and thoughts with friends via social networks, messengers and email.

Take full advantage of the best e-commerce practices to help viewers buy products they watch on TV while the show is still on its way.

Build long-term relationships with audiences by encouraging them to interact with content and share interests with other fans and make them come back and see more.

Provide integration with ad networks and smart storage management to deliver personalized, TV-synced ads when viewers are derived from their first screens.

User impression behavior analysis and a robust recommendation engine to help viewers discover and buy more content based on what they like.