AI Software Solutions

Revolutionise your business with an AI solution

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is more accessible than ever before. No longer in the world of sci-fi novels and billions of futurists, AI incorporated can now be introduced into companies of all sizes, from verticals such as healthcare to hospitality for law enforcement. Contact Webstream to discuss our AI software development services and start optimizing your business and automation processes today.

AI and Business Intelligence

Webstream uses intelligent AI software to improve software business for host business intelligence (BI), including sales analysis tools, customer segmentation, marketing efforts and logistics planning. We use AI to increase the analysis and reporting software so users can move beyond “what” in KPI dashboards and visualizations to get to “why.”

Machine Learning Solutions

We program and integrate machine learning, deep learning and artificial neural networking software for your existing IT infrastructure to find patterns among your business data and automate mission-critical processes. Machine learning is used in industries that are as diverse as cyber security, healthcare, marketing automation, finance and banking.

Natural Language Processing

Our Natural Language Processing solutions are designed to generate key insights from and responses to unstructured and semistructured content, including searches, mined web data, business data sources and audio sources. We program NLP software for BI and analysis tools, chatbots and digital assistants, compliance monitoring systems and more.

Robotic process automation

We integrate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software for existing or new applications used in office and administrative work to automate standard processes. Integrated management and change management tools ensure compliance with different industry standards. Our RPA services apply to individual platforms and multi-system infrastructures.

Intelligent document recognition

Our intelligent intelligent document recognition software (IDR) is designed to quickly classify information and extract metadata from a wide variety of document types. These include invoices, taxes, applications, journals, handwritten notes and much more. Our IDRs can also be used for multi-channel input systems, for example. Business Data Archives.

AI Security Solutions

Our software engineers have worked on multiple AI-powered security solutions, including face, speech and handwriting recognition software with biometric, biographical and contextual matching features. Other security processes automated by AI include object detection, situation analysis and threat assessments.