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£180 . Females also have an underwing band, which is not seen in adult males. Several red rumps males and females. This is likely to have restricted their success in migration to or re-population of greatly altered landscapes. I am besotted by the the beauty and variations of colours these birds display. Apart from the more subdued green and yellow of the inland form, the chin is white—rather than yellow—extending out to lighten the cheek patch. But their subsequent biological study brought them under Crimson Rosella species. [35] Moderately common, it is usually sedentary, frequenting forest and many other types of wooded country or kwongan. Adults have a clear dimorphism.The adult male has head and underparts bright red. Western Rosella Size: 26cm Habitat: Found only in Southern Western Australia, this bird inhabits open forests, sparse woodlands and farmlands.Feeds on grass seeds foraged off the ground. Western Rosellas choose a nest hollow in a limb or tree trunk, usually one metre or more deep, with wood dust in the bottom. Eggs are laid on a decayed wood bed and the female incubates the eggs while the male regularly feeds her. The average weight is 99 g or 3.5 oz. [37], The hollows are usually a meter or so deep, and those that have dust created by boring insects in the bottom are preferred. Western Rosella Lifespan and Breeding. There are two subspecies which vary by: (1) the size and colour of the cheek patch (creamier and smaller in xanthogenys), (2) the colour of the scalloping on upper body (green and black, with red only on the hindneck for icterotis; red and black for xanthogenys), and (3) the extent of red on the underbody. So there is probably one living near you. [32] The red feathers are fringed with black when new. The eastern rosella was named by George Shaw in 1792. Hybrids between this species and mealy rosella, and less successfully with red-rumps, were also produced there. [40] The brood is laid directly onto the wood dust or debris in the cavity selected;[8] the site is otherwise unadorned. The conservation status of the species is as protected fauna, and of the inland subspecies is one of "likely to become extinct". [37], The western rosella nests in hollows and spout-shaped holes of living and dead trees, generally eucalypts and most commonly karri and wandoo. Eastern Rosella, Platycercus eximius, female perched in a tree near Dubbo, Central Western New South Wales, Australia. Image of tree, wild, eastern - 154945552 THis one was looking for a free feed ! Young birds fledge (leave the nest) late October to mid-November. The Western Rosella is the only rosella to have yellow cheeks. etc.". £180 for pair. From there it passes to the east and south before Southern Cross, the Fraser Range, Esperance, Stirling Ranges and Kojonup. [27] "Western Rosella" has been designated as the official name of the species by the International Ornithological Committee (IOC),[28] the same name assigned by the RAOU in 1923. [13] The author Gregory Mathews, an avid exponent of subspecific classification, cites the species Platycercus xanthogenys Salvadori, but disposed of the epithet xanthogenys when tentatively proposing three new taxa. $50 ea. [54] The species became uncommon in English aviculture during the 1950s, and those available said to be poor specimens. $ 60 . £180 for pair. Would prefer contact by phone . The eggs hatch around mid-December with a success rate of around 45%, i.e, around 3 to 4 eggs. The underparts are red with green flanks. Round toe. but no essential. 1. Consequently, the two genera of Wells and Wellington, Violania and Hesperapsittacus, became synonymous with the subgeneric name of this species. The occurrence farther north is termed casual, the locations are: Mt Jackson, Karalee and Gnarlbine Rock. The description of the population as two or three subspecific taxa by Mathews is cited within the species circumscription, his P. icterus whitlocki, along with Salvadori's P. xanthogenys, are noted as synonyms for the inland subspecies. Their communication call is a softly delivered pink-pink sound, and much of their behaviour is comparatively unobtrusive.

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