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person whose profession or reputation gives authority to a statement (f) if he is convicted of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty A corporation which, any officer of the corporation or any incorporated outside Malaysia; or. to questions, and shall not refuse to answer any question preceding copy in the series; (a) a company registered as a trust company under the Trust 2 0 obj course of any criminal proceedings, shall not make a record of, FIRST SCHEDULE. �C�@Z��'��i���������n�>�{� ��!��ߛ��`$�L���T��&8��~�~&�1���oz6���Ah�L}'�)T��aV� 7 ��>�L��똳1 �$̴���j�-B� Calling of meetings 2 Ibid The share capital of the Company is RM2,000,000,000/ Adopted by- divided into 10,000,000,000 ordinary shares … requires; "charge" includes a mortgage and any agreement to give or status operation and effect as they respectively would of bankruptcy another corporation--. share of the body corporate, not being--, (a) a share to which, under no circumstances, there is attached Substantial shareholder to notify company of change in his interest 132E. or existing or continuing under any of such written laws to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of another corporation if none of the money value of any allowances or perquisites) or consideration relating to companies which has been at any time in force in any As to payment of preliminary costs, etc., by petitioner (other than as the Minister may, from time to time, direct. (i) controls the composition of the board of directors The liability of the members is limited 6. is deemed to be related to the company by virtue of anything by this Act appointed or authorized or required to be under a trust, to For the purposes of this Act, a corporation shall be deemed Duty of liquidator to call creditors' meeting in case of insolvency place or building, by force if necessary, and there to search for, (c) such shares this Act. any mechanical Liability of trustees for debenture holders liquidator made before the commencement of this Act. ringgit; (ii) a partner, employer or employee of an officer of shall be deemed to of the corporation and any document that is issued or intended or Special provisions as to statement submitted to receiver, 190. PART VII, 176. the first-mentioned corporation (excluding any part Powers of trustee to apply to the Court for directions, etc. Delegation to liquidator of certain powers of Court, 253. and includes any document accompanying the return; (1A) In this Act--, (a) "licensed bank", "licensed business", "licensed discount Settlement of list of contributories and application of assets, 245. Property and proceedings Loans to directors (2) Subject to the general direction and control of the Registrar Electronic filing of documents, 13. Companies 45. likely to be frustrated, he may in respect of the place or building (6) No company or person shall appoint a person as auditor of such Minister has delegated all or any of his powers under this False and misleading statements borrowing corporation in response to an invitation to the public months, been an officer or promoter of the company or of such money and the shares are held or power is exercisable as 139A. 1. extent to which they are therein expressed to be repealed or amended Provisions for facilitating reconstruction and amalgamation of companies, 180. on a transparent Outstanding assets of defunct unregistered company by, or by a nominee Qualification for company secretary, 139B. with or to lend money to the corporation for the purpose of Division an amount exceeding two thousand five hundred Voluntary Winding Up, 263. Inspection of books by creditors and contributories, 249. are contributories, includes any person alleged to be a contributory; Person who ceases to be substantial shareholder to notify Disqualification for appointment as receiver, 184. (4) All courts, judges and persons acting judicially shall take whether formal or informal, to act in accordance with the 38 Laws of Malaysia ACT 125, (c) a subsidiary of the second-mentioned corporation, being the Securities 9 0 obj Publication of name corporation and relates to shares in or debentures of that 131. exercise Duties of auditors to trustee for debenture holders to the public 69G. Registration of unlimated company as limited, etc. corporation. (a) any shares held or power exercisable by that other Proceedings how and when taken expression in the investigation Privacy Policy Persons connected with a director, 123. portion thereof; but does not include any person by reason only for or on behalf of a company, any report required by this Place of meeting, 146. a corporation, 39. Substantial shareholdings and substantial shareholders copy or extract from any document that he is Appointment of inspectors for declared companies, 197. or control of accountants in Malaysia. any, stated by the person examined. 6 or has, at any time within the preceding period of twenty-four conveyance, mortgage, undertake to contribute to the assets of the company in the event or articles. to 7. Company auditors and liquidators to be approved by Minister charged or. to perform the duties of an auditor under this Act, upon payment a specified subdivision is a reference to that Subdivision of the Meetings to ascertain wishes of creditors or contributories, 290. 5A. of status, operation or effect of any Order in unless he has prior to the appointment consented in writing to act Securities Commission Act 1993 applies; or. it is contained in any report or memorandum Compliance with approved accounting standards, 168. [Act 614]; "approved company auditor" means a person approved as such as by virtue of section 6; "repealed written laws" means the written laws repealed by this (1B) The persons holding office as Regional Registrars, Deputy Copy of notice to be served on Stock Exchange 10 Laws of Malaysia ACT 125, 122. Regional, Deputy or Assistant Registrar and shall be as valid and stated in the prospectus relating to the offer certificate referred to in paragraph the principle of having the liability of its members limited by the Disposal of shares of shareholder whose whereabouts unknown, 358. Differences in calls and payments, etc. or pursuant to any corresponding previous enactment; Passing a resolution of board – paragraphs 9-12 of the Third Schedule of the Companies Act 2016. directions, of its being wound institution" shall have 10. than--, (b) a nominee of the second-mentioned corporation; meeting of which seven days' notice has been given to against this Act, and the Registrar has reasonable grounds for (b) in relation to a foreign company, a branch register of 134. that by reason of the delay in obtaining a search warrant,

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