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Moon lord Expert. Key to defeating the Moon Lord or any other boss in Terraria is having a good place to fight them. This is doubly useful for mages, since enemies will also sometimes drop mana stars on death when you are below max mana. There are three ways to avoid these: -Weave through the gaps between the spheres. Okay there was my guide! You should be the tank while your gf needs to focus on DPS. No matter what class you are playing, you will always want the VK Chestplate. SEARCH Terraria POST See Translation. -Solid blocks spanning about 100 blocks in each 2nd layer. Defense Stack Farm Bewitching Table, Ammo Box and Sharpening Stone. The Moon Lord is the final boss of Terraria (1.3) and is the most challenging fight in the game. It's not about killing him before he kills you unlike Golem or Plantera; it's about being able to consistently survive throughout the fight. Rainbow crystal staff . No Mount strat users can benefit from the UFO Mount to dodge Moony's deathray when you run out of flight time. -Curve around it like in the first stage. You will avoid most of the attacks if you also utilise vertical movement (moving up to avoid the deathrays). Expert Moon Lord is so unforgiving that you simply can't get away with NOT knowing how he behaves in … Diana is being attacked by the the Polterghast from Calamity and its minions … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You may add a bit of honey for extra regeneration, but the Moon Bite debuff nullifies regen, so I think is not worth it. There are three ways to avoid these: -Dash periodically left and right, then the eyes will eventually explode. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Guide for Moon Lord random seed normal/expert Solo/2p speedruns (on small crimson worlds). Each hand, as well as his head, contain a vulnerable eye-like target that is each periodically closed off and opened via an eyelid. Once you get winRAR right click the file you got from the download and it will ask you to add to "moon_lord_farm_ranger.RAR wld" then open it. If you are prepared enough Summoner is the easiest way to kill Moon Lord (in my opinion). I don't think I'd ever use it, as there are definitely better accessories, but... fair enough. Nov 20, 2016 @ 4:51am Moon lord on expert too hard? Of course the RoD being mandatory for this is not great, but since it is such a useful item, I'd always recommend investing some time in it. He behaves exactly like Moon Lord, but faster, powerful, eerie, insane, and more challenging. I built a minecart track with bumpers at each end of the world for movement but it works for fighting the moonlord too. The hood is not viable for this fight as Moony prevents the healing from it, leaving you with none of the benefits of the hood but all of its downsides. Archived. 6 best Moon Lord items in Terraria 6. How to do the giant hand Easter egg in Die Maschine – … If you are using heart generators, make sure you don't leave hearts/mana stars around the pillars. JavaScript is disabled. You've definitely gotten your money's worth by that time. Please confirm your latest payment information and redeem your points balance via the Author Reward Store . If you have picked up a few statues throughout your playthrough, you might be able to make heart generators. yes, I know there is no bosses banner, so I just finished the game yesterday, it took forever but we killed the moon lord, and then, it didn't drop the terrarian I wanted, so we had to kill it again, and again and again, and after 32 times, It dropped the terrarian farting 32 TIMES, but I got it, and today im gonna go and try rekt it in expert mode and get the pet Moon Lord's hands and head will occasionally shoot two bolts at you. 5. We've fought him twice and failed miserably both times. The UFO Mount is a suitable replacement if you cannot be bothered making a Shrimpy Truffle arena. +25% damage reduction when below 50% health is huge, and I'd say a lot more useful than the 10% chance to dodge. These optional accessories would replace the Celestial Stone for the no mount strat. | Post Moon Lord New Bosses: 2016-04-17: Terraria 1.3 Expert Summoner Part 23 Finale | Stardust Armor & Moon Lord! There are ways to make it easier, like not going melee, but I think it works quite well. I’ve been getting some requests lately to fully explain my Hoik and Run method for killing the Moon Lord from Terraria, so here we are.Now this is the method I found that works EXTREMELY well for me.To date, it hasn’t failed me yet. -Try to kill Moon Lord's Leech Clots, which heal him for 1000 damage. Hi! I recommend having 2-4 in your arena. The Obsidian Shield/Ankh Shield is an absolute must. They aren't too fast and don't deal too much damage, but if you get hit by many then the fight will be over. Even every potion was covered, statue info given... just... very comprehensive. 145,000 total. To summon the Moon Lord, the four Celestial Pillars must be defeated (Nebula, Solar, Stardust, Vortex). Have at least 300 arrows for the fight (500 to be safe). I wouldn't recommend the Mana Flower as the 8% less mana usage is not significant enough, and the mana sickness debuff hurts your damage hard. The Ankh Shield's debuff immunities don't matter at all in the ML fight, so the Paladin's Shield extra defense is just flat out better. What are these? Life : 25k each (hand eyes), 45k (head eye), 50k (chest). Same with mana statues for mages. All these can aid you in the fight with the Moon Lord. It can be really frustrating when you waste lots of resources to fight Moon Lord but end up losing to him. Earth Lord is extremely challenging, even in Expert Mode. It's been the first time I played Terraria in months, and I made an expert world to try, and defeat the Moon Lord. If you are going mage then you should know how to manage your mana. Recent Articles. He doesn't look too different from Moon Lord, the only thing that is different is that now he has Golden Skin, and Red Insides. Terraria > General Discussions > Topic Details. A mix of these is fine. There is also a Treasure Bag from the Lunatic Cultist but it is currently unobtainable. This might easily make the difference between victory and defeat. -Be wary of the True Eyes of Cthulhu themselves; they deal contact damage. Also try to damage all the eyes together and let them loose together, so that you can avoid the spam during that phase. Even if the two above are the best, they are far from being the only things that work. The Nebula Arcanum is not viable for the fight as it is too slow. Ranged users may also want the Sniper Scope for the additional damage. Milk. Furthermore, to make those items even MORE effective, use the heart reach potion and any Celestial Magnet accessory (Cuffs, Emblem or Magnet) … Jump in honey right before the fight starts for extra regen so you don't have to refresh until 30 seconds into the fight. Meteorites don't start dropping in your world until you've defeated either EoW or BoC, so meteor armor isn't an option for those boss fights (buddy I had so much trouble with BoC it's not even funny). For Gun Users: Vortex Beater with Chlorophyte Bullets (probably the easiest way you'll beat Moony apart from dedicated summoner). Here it is; my guide for Expert Moon Lord. | 1.3 Let's Play: 2016-04-15 To summon him, one must first defeat the four Celestial Pillars. The Moon Lord's Treasure Bag is the only one that drops more than one Expert item. -Your heart generators have to be at least 40 blocks apart in order to work. 1 Summoning 2 Attacks 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 History The Ceiling of Moon Lord does not spawn on its own and must be summoned by the player by using Pandora's Box while standing on a Luminite Brick platform while simultaneously standing in … -Super Healing potions if you have them, otherwise Greater Healing potions. -The map can only contain a maximum of 10 hearts/stars before the heart generators stop working. All these can aid you in the fight with the Moon Lord. -Healing potions should be used if you are around 300hp or less (and remember the Philosopher's stone trick). That's a big assumption on the way others may or may not be playing the game. Second, you gotta know everything he does, when he does them, and how to get around them. Follow. If you are gonna be hit by one, making sure you tank all of them in one go to avoid taking more than one instance of damage. Guides » Terraria - How to Beat The Moon Lord. Guide for Moon Lord random seed normal/expert Solo/2p speedruns (on small crimson worlds). If you hammer the platforms directly next to the block like this, then you'll be able to fly through it sideways, meaning it's very hard to accidentally bump into it. It does not pass through solid blocks. dicemanxx 4 years ago #1. Use the headgear for bows, mask for guns and helmet for rocket weapons. You will have the best control over your character when you are not using a Mount, so you will be able to dodge more attacks and ultimately win the fight. He positions his two hands on either side of the player some distance away. Either chestplate is viable, choose depending on whether you want more damage or more defence.

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