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These were followed by other volumes of stirring verse, The Island Race (1898), The Sailing of the Long-ships (1902), Songs of the Sea (1904). Syracuse, threatened with destruction by Athens, was saved by the zeal of her metropolis Corinth in stirring up the Peloponnesian rivals of Athens to help her, and by the advice of Alcibiades after his withdrawal to Sparta. He was soon invited to do the same at the houses of others, and ended by becoming a fiery itinerant preacher, stirring to the depths every neighbourhood he visited. I am trying to understand this sentence, but just using a dictionary is not helpful: Prepared by treating starch with acetic acid anhydride and adipinic acid anhydride. The president made a stirring speech. Bring to a boil and then simmer on low heat for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. His energy was stimulated by the stirring words of Catherine of Siena, to whom in particular the transference of the papal see back to Italy (17th of January 1377) was almost entirely due. Add the chopped fennel and parsley and cook for another five minutes, These two concepts, infinitesimals and infinite quantities, however, were, Releasing the photos at that point would have run the risk of, What he's hanging out on his line is new and exciting and, most important, intellectually. Did it not stir you? On the other hand, they were threatened by an ominous stirring of the subject races in Hungary itself. Denson is stirring in bed. 2. That's just inviting problems – stirring up conflict where it doesn't exist. While this embittered struggle had been in progress at the extremity of the peninsula, stirring events had been in progress on its outer coast-line. 1. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] A stirring event, performance, or account of something makes people very excited or enthusiastic . 208+6 sentence examples: 1. Stir in the flour, sugar and salt, stirring constantly over medium heat until the dough forms a smooth ball. cantankerous supernatural personality stirring up the affairs of humanity with His index finger. - Ferrous sulphide, FeS, results from the direct union of its elements, best by stirring molten sulphur with a white-hot iron rod, when the sulphide drops to the bottom of the crucible. Add all the other ingredients except the tomato paste and herbs, bring to the boil, then simmer gently, In natural peanut butter, some of the peanut oil rises to the top of the jar, and. A large, rubber tipped spoon, for example, can function as a stirring and serving spoon for big meals, as well as a spatula for scraping sides of mixing bowls. But his boyhood was spent apart from these stirring events, in the castle of Loches, where his father visited him rarely. The filtrate or opium solution is concentrated by evaporation at the boiling point, with occasional stirring until of a proper consistence, the time required being from three to four hours; it is then removed from the fire and stirred with great vigour till cold, the cooling being accelerated by coolies with large fans. Draft is a series about the art and craft of writing. In 1558 he published his "Appellation" to the nobles, estates and commonalty against the sentence of death recently pronounced upon him, and along with it a stirring appeal "To his beloved brethren, the Commonalty of Scotland," urging that the care of religion fell to them also as being "God's creatures, created and formed in His own image," and having a right to defend their conscience against persecution. Cook over low heat, stirring. Examples of stirring in a Sentence. 1, Chapter 1. The life of the young Sufi from this period to his assumption of royalty in 1499 was full of stirring adventure; and his career as Ismail I. 1 Consider also the following:. The definition of Stirring is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Melt the tallow with gentle heat and add the other ingredients, stirring until cold. Add the spices to the cooked grains, stirring to thoroughly incorporate. It was stirring them now. That's just inviting problems – stirring up conflict where it doesn't exist. This stirring memorial is dedicated to Marine Corps personnel who have perished since the Corps was formed in 1775. Add meat to skillet and cook over high heat, stirring with a To stir something with a tool or utensil, especially to mix together its ingredients or parts. Imitations of natural stones were made by stirring together in a crucible glasses of different colours, or by incorporating fragments of differently coloured glasses into a mass of molten glass by rolling. 6. 62. The music is stirring and tugs at the heart strings. Proofs of his power in the sustained narration of stirring events are abundant; his treatment of the Pilgrimage of Grace, of the sea fight at St Helens and the repulse of the French invasion, and of the murder of Rizzio, are among the most conspicuous examples of it. Keep stirring until the mixture is very smooth. Roast the asparagus until tender and lightly browned, about 15 to 20 minutes, stirring once or twice. P. Langley has proposed to obviate such ill-effects by stirring the air included within a telescope tube. pour into a small saucepan and bring to the boil stirring. The three chief arsenals of the Peiraeus were named Munychia, Zea and Cantharus, and they contained galley slips for 82, 196 and 94 slips respectively in the 4th century B.C. At last, just as the blacksmith was in the midst of a stirring song, he rose quietly and went out into the darkness. add the hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil and continue to cook, stirring, for 2 minutes. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Stirring. Jule lifted her chin, his warm touch and nearness stirring her blood. Simmer the sauce while stirring it constantly until it thickens a bit. Continue stirring until the rice is transparent - about 7-10 minutes. In the corporal's changed face, in the sound of his voice, in the stirring and deafening noise of the drums, he recognized that mysterious, callous force which compelled people against their will to kill their fellow men--that force the effect of which he had witnessed during the executions. Add the cornflour mixed with rice wine, and bring to the boil, When the film was screened at the Venice film festival, there were a few boos from the audience, but he is happy his work is, Both are literally depictions of magical air, evocative of movement and potency. He was walking down a main street of town. But the six or seven weeks which passed between the death of the one king and the coronation of the other proved a disturbed interval, and full of stirring incident. Stirring the soap too much will create air bubbles that will be unsightly in the finished product. Strain off the water and mash the potatoes straight away. Having had to offer congratulations to one celeb couple yesterday, today The Sun is back on form, What followed was a chaotic period in which Sparta, Thebes, and a renascent Athens jostled for power, with Persia. The stirring melody of the Marseillaise and its ingenious adaptation to the words serve to disguise the alternate poverty and bombast of the words themselves. What does stirring mean? Learn more. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Uniformity of temperature could only be secured by using a high velocity of flow, or violent stirring. 53- For that, it needs stirring leadership in touch with people’s real concerns. Saute the vegetables for five minutes, stirring occasionally. Drop the remaining brandy into the drink and serve it without stirring. “It did stir me,” said I, “and I am sure I never heard him say it before. The busy castle sounds drifted away, and a soft wind rustled through the leaves of the apple trees, But agents, both Loyalist and Revolutionary, were. Allow the cream to sit and melt the chocolate for about 5 minutes before stirring. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Traducir stirring de Inglés a español. There was a little stirand thrill throughout the hall as these words were spoken. Begin stirring while adding one teaspoon of lukewarm water. Can evolution explain the earthworm's activities of loosening. What I hear at night is the creaking of stairs, when I know that nobody ought to be stirring. Heat until melted, stirring occasionally until caramel is smooth, about 10 minutes. Cavours stirring against articles in the Risorgimento hastened the kings decision, Austria. More example sentences. 4. Remove from heat and quickly beat in all the flour, Pakistani officials have, in turn, accused India and, by implication, the US, of, He saluted the match winner's wonder strike as York City sealed their first win in seven attempts with a. Add vanilla bean and cook over a double boiler on gentle heat, Put your instant coffee and sugar into your cup, then a dash of the old boiling and start. Sprawling; Sprawled; Sprawls; Sprawl (base) 1. When the oil is hot, add the carrot and onion and cook. The charge of salt-cake (generally 3 cwt. Add the milk and Parmesan cheese and simmer for one to two minutes. Continue cooking over low heat, stirring constantly with the whisk until the white sauce thickens. Synonyms: exciting , dramatic , thrilling , moving More Synonyms of … Place the bacon in a large, heavy pot and cook, He really nails the performance overall, and gives some incredibly, It can give me a broader perspective on my industry, which might come in handy, but it's going to do zilch for what's. 🔊 Pulling another prank on the teacher seemed like a bad idea since it would probably stir … It probably dates from about the beginning of the first century B.c .2 As it supplies a detailed and accurate record of the forty years from the accession of Antiochus Epiphanes to the death of Simon (175-135 B.C. The document was not acceptable, however, to Popes Severinus and John IV., the immediate successors of Honorius; and Maximus, the confessor, succeeded in stirring up such violent opposition in North Africa and Italy that, in 648, Constans II. 3. hibernateossible to get right up to a hibernating bat without it stirring. Examples of Stirring in a sentence. The stirring cordial day had put new breath in him. Longfellow's external life presents little that is of stirring interest. How to use stirring in a sentence. The custom of delivering expositions or comments more or less extemporaneous on the lessons of the day at all events passed over soon and readily into the Christian Church, as may be gathered from the first Apology (c. 67) of Justin Martyr, where we read that, in connexion with the practice of reading portions from the collected writings of the prophets and from the memoirs of the apostles, it had by that time become usual for the presiding minister to deliver a discourse in which "he admonishes the people, stirring them up to an imitation of the good works which have been brought before their notice.". Translations of the phrase IS STIRRING from english to spanish and examples of the use of "IS STIRRING" in a sentence with their translations: The bad dream is stirring … Strange how such a placid moment could stir up such emotional turmoil. Remove the saucepot from the heat and add the paprika, To the cold syrup add the extracted juice and mix by. Cook until the rice has absorbed the stock and then add more hot stock. Each microwave behaves differently, so start at half power and heat for two to four minutes at a time, stirring between stages. The process of manufacturing soaps by boiling fatty acids with caustic alkalis or sodium carbonate came into practice with the development of the manufacture of candles by saponifying fats, for it provided a means whereby the oleic acid, which is valueless for candle making, could be worked up. These stirring pieces, termed by him Messeniennes, sounded a keynote which found an echo in the hearts of all. 🔊 The pastry chef continued stirring the cake batter with a whisk until it was thin enough to be spread into a pan. Paul forbade Roman Catholics to take the oath; but to no purpose, beyond stirring up a literary controversy. Note that in more familiar "ability to withstand xxxx" contexts, we often encounter expressions like heat-resistant, frost-resistant, etc. Although Clarissa initially enjoyed the play, she later fell asleep during the lead actor’s lugubrious monologue. Stowe gives a stirring performance as a strong spirited female. After the outbreak of war his activities were mainly directed to stirring up the patriotic spirit of the people, as in his messages to the Chambers of Aug. A girl with a small hand brush of twigs keeps stirring them in the water till the silk softens, and the outer loose fibres (floss) get entangled with the twigs and come off till the end of the main filament (maitre brin) is found. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR STIRRING. My ringworm worried her more than the swarms of rumors the local gossips were, When articles like this start appearing in major newspapers, you know that something is, His lack of stage fright is combined with an equal desire to inspire audiences, either through a motivating speech or a, So when it comes to picking a rousing anthem, we're somewhat stuck for, Garrison looked around the room, noticing the early risers finally, While they draw you in by making you feel part of the, Those magnificent men in the Maroon, those glorious memories, and those vignettes from the past of, Like his Uncle Billy, he had strong convictions and the gift of a, Patriotism becomes articulated through passion, and passion can indeed spur the emergence of, Next came scores of Yeshiva students singing, Dressed in a simple and austere white, the students filled the auditorium with their, Rock's spiritual, political and emotional content was, Never have I listened to an album with such a range of emotions on top of such, I am now living in north-eastern Tasmania, a place called Deviot and our home overlooks a, Born in 1881, he remained an arch-conservative, paying homage to his Soviet masters in the. She shook her head, emotions stirring one more. 1 She felt a stirring of anger. "God sows"), the capital of the Israelite monarchy under Ahab, and the scene of stirring Biblical events (1 Sam. 54. Stirring Is Effected By Causing The Water To Circulate Spirally Round The Bulbs Of The Thermometers And The Heating Conductor As Indicated In The Figure. Her movement drew his attention, and he caught and held her gaze, the fire within his blood stirring for a different reason. Stirring; Stirred; Stirs; Stir (base) 1. The freshness of the new field which was opened up to the imagination - so full of vivid lights and shadows, light-hearted fun, grinding hardship, stirring adventure, heroic action, warm friendships, bitter hatreds - was in exhilarating contrast to the world of the historical romancer and the fashionable novelist, to which the mind of the general reader was at that date given over. Another word for stir. Slowly add hot stock about a cup at a time, stirring constantly. Choose one answer. add the cornflakes to the mixture gently stirring them until they are covered with the chocolate. Beth was stirring next to me. The stirring process is begun when the glass is perfectly fluid at a temperature little short of the highest attained in its fusion, but as the stirring proceeds the glass is allowed to cool gradually and thus becomes more and more viscous until finally the stirring cylinder can scarcely be moved. Adjective a stirring rendition of the national anthem the message of brotherhood in Martin Luther King's stirring “I Have a Dream” speech still resonates today. Add the red wine, allow to bubble for a few minutes, Conn put the parchment down as he heard the woman, Around the little valley, other families are, Economic development, then, is not simply about adding a cornucopia of talent or cool, then shaking and, Add the cocoa nibs and 5-spice powder while, Although the university has not made a final decision regarding the alcohol ban, the mere mention of alcohol-free residences is already, Such photos generally blur into the sameness of routine, but this particular one is unexpectedly. He reached past her, his heat and scent stirring her senses once more. They helped increase the BNP vote by stirring race, but they were too Populist for the people. Find more ways to say stir, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Polenta is made by stirring the maize flour into boiling water, traditionally in a heavy copper saucepan. In another bowl, measure the oil, 400ml water and vanilla extract, and then add to the flour mixture. The most notable theological work Iceland ever produced is the Postill-Book of Bishop John Vidalin (1666-1720), whose bold homely style and stirring eloquence made " John's Book," as it is lovingly called, a favourite in every household, till in the 19th century it was replaced for the worse by the more sentimental and polished Danish tracts and sermons. Cook gently, stirring occasionally, till the apples fall to a soft mush. Born in a stirring seaport, the son of a distinguished naval officer, he naturally adopted the profession of a sailor. How to use stir in a sentence. Stirring definition, rousing, exciting, or thrilling: a stirring speech. stirring. Indeed, many prominent French and German divines still denied papal infallibility altogether; and Louis Napoleon had regularly fallen back on Richelieu's old device of stirring up the embers of Gallicanism, whenever the French clergy grew restive about his alliance with Victor Emmanuel. 4. I am interested in the word "stirring". Using the fork or a small spatula, work the egg mixture in the pan, But critics warned of vested interests hijacking the protests by. This bracing of the vital feeling takes place by means of imaginative appeal to the great forces man perceives stirring within him and about him, such appeal proving effective doubtless by reason of the psychological law that to conceive strongly is XXIII. The time following the Dionysian tyranny was at Syracuse a time full of the most stirring local and personal interest, under her two deliverers Dion and Timoleon. Sentences Crisp, Sassy, Stirring. Add yogurt, wine and beef stock to bowl and mix thoroughly; continue to simmer sauce, stirring until thickened and heated through, about five minutes. The ordinary method of adding resin consists in stirring it in small fragments into the fatty soap in the stage of clear-boiling; but a better result is obtained by separately preparing a fatty soap and the resin soap, and combining the two in the pan after the underlye has been salted out and removed from the fatty soap. Boil coconut milk with spices and star anises. does not require a crystallizer in movement to prepare it for purging in the centrifugals, but it is convenient to run the strike into the crystallizer and so empty the pan at once and leave it ready to commence another strike, while the second sugars will be better for twenty-four hours' stirring and the third sugars for forty-eight hours' stirring before going to the centrifugals. Lemon tea - Stabilize your blood sugar by stirring a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey into a warm glass of water, and sipping on it. John of Gaunt having departed to Spain, where he was stirring up civil strife in the name of his wife, the heiress of Peter the Cruel, Gloucester put himself at the head of the opposition. Start off slowly, and keep stirring until you reach the right consistency. ‘stirring songs’. Slowly add the Champagne while stirring gently. Most people chose this as the best definition of stir-fry: To fry quickly in a small... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Let cook, covered, for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. What does stirring mean? A violent gale shot upwards, lifting clots of mud into the air. Cook over low heat, stirring. Zifre 1 1141166 Tom stirred the soup. CK 1 1662981 Tom is stirring his coffee. 3- Even signing and guaranteed bonuses are stirring. Amastan 1503064 Stir the paint with a stick. Which of the statements below is true about the sentence “It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”. stir definition is - to cause an especially slight movement or change of position of. Supersaturation may also be overcome in many cases by … 8. 6. The Hevea product is obtained annually by tapping the trees and coagulating the sap over a smoky fire, but the caucho is procured by felling the tree and collecting the sap in a hollow in the ground where it is coagulated by stirring in a mixture of soap and the juice of a plant called vetilla. Architecture and art generally were making rapid strides during this stirring time. slaked cornflour to the boiling juices in the pan, stirring well to give a smooth gravy. Thus, in this particular context, resistant against stirring doesn't mean difficult to stir - it means not adversely affected by stirring. The Rate Of Stirring Adopted Was So Slow That The Heat Generated By It Could Be Neglected. Amastan 1 2288932 Don't forget to stir the stew. BUT, per @Kris's answer and various comments, starch formulations may be degraded by stirring. Morthoe, Luton Hoo, the Hoe at Plymouth, &c.; this is the same as Northern English "heugh" and is connected with "hang"), an agricultural and gardening implement used for extirpating weeds, for stirring the surface-soil in order to break the capillary channels and so prevent the evaporation of moisture, for singling out turnips and other root-crops and similar purposes. - My… 5. ), limestone and coal is roughly mixed and put upon the back-bed; when the front bed has become empty it is drawn forward and exposed to the full heat of the fire, with frequent stirring. Reduce the heat to low and add the ground peanuts Continue to cook, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes. From Cambridge English Corpus He stirred his colleagues to hand down a sentence "worthy of the seventeenth century" in which they forced the public prosecutor 22 to concur. When completely melted, remove from heat and add in the whipping cream, Swap the whisk for a wooden spoon as it thickens, and continue. Pour into eight clean plastic soft drink bottles, The prominent string section combined with Laronge's, Irradiation was carried out under permanent, Add the Stilton, milk and cream and heat gently, Meanwhile, cream the yeast in a bowl with the water and milk, then stir in the butter and keep. A half-century ago, Southern Democrats campaigned by opposing color-blind laws, An attempt to revitalize industrially zoned areas on the waterfront is. By Constance Hale May 28, 2012 9:06 pm May 28, 2012 9:06 pm. melt the tallow with gentle heat and add the other ingredients, stirring until cold. Cook over a low heat, stirring occasionally, until heated through. long, with an upright board and a reservoir at one end, from which they obtained as much as 200 barrels per year by stirring the sands with a pole.". B: Do you want to fight? : Just watch the color and the smell and stir a few times at the right moments. This pathetic attempt at stirring up sectarian hatred is the purest evidence yet of your desperation - Anyway, I thought you'd won? 1 Causing excitement or strong emotion; rousing. The pretender, in4eed, disclaimed any intention of stirring up civil war in Spain; his mission would be to restore order when the country fhould have wearied of the republican rgime whose speedy advent he foresaw. Like this video? It was almost December, and Jonas was beginning to be frightened. Jonny isn't quite ready yet to deal with the Others who have been stirring up trouble within the vamp ranks. This Huguenot rising, in stirring up which Spanish diplomacy had its share, was a revolt of discontented and ambitious individuals who trusted for success to their compact organization and the ultimate assistance of England. Find words for stirring in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. You'd better stir your coffee; I put some honey in it, and it all sank to the bottom. Stan spent several minutes stirring his hot coffee with a metal spoon until it was mixed with the creamer. Silent Hill seems to have done what the Matrix did for movies back in the day, stirring up a harem of wild theories as to what the hell is going on. Be sure you stir the sauce regularly so that it doesn't burn. Heat the pan until the mixture comes to a boil, stirring regularly. About 1831 both she and her husband began to identify themselves with the anti-slavery cause, and in 1833 she published An Appeal for that Class of Americans called Africans, a stirring portrayal of the evils of slavery, and an argument for immediate abolition, which had a powerful influence in winning recruits to the anti-slavery cause. Be sure you stir the sauce regularly so that it doesn't burn. 148. Stirring sentence examples. Pronunciation of stirring with 2 audio pronunciations, 21 synonyms, 3 meanings, 15 translations, 11 sentences and more for stirring. Add the spiralized zucchini noodles to the pot and cook, You don't actually stomp since that'd be splashy and potentially dangerous, but give 'em a good, Stephen Lewis used his unmatched vocabulary and, The gearbox has a squidgy consistency that makes gear shifts feel like. He was a member of the Aepytid family, the son of Nicomedes (or, according to another version, of Pyrrhus) and Nicoteleia, and took a prominent part in stirring up the revolt against Sparta and securing the co-operation of Argos and Arcadia. In the north one great Visigoth family not only accepted Islam, but founded a dynasty, with its capital at Saragossa, which played a stirring part in the 8th and 9th centuries, the Beni-Casi, or Beni-Lope. By rapidly stirring molten iron oxide into molten pig iron in a furnace shaped like a saucer, slightly inclined and turning around its axis, at a temperature but little above the melting-point of the metal itself, the phosphorus and silicon are removed rapidly, without removing much of the carbon, and by this means an extremely pure cast iron is made. 1- The plate has been twisted to increase stirring action. Newspapers, as the term is understood in the West, did not exist in old Japan, though block-printed leaflets were occasionally issued to describe some specially stirring event. 3. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "stir" You'd better stir your coffee; I put some honey in it, and it all sank to the bottomLet the soup simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

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