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Turn right to continue on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. You’ll pass Sexton Glacier and parallel Baring Creek as it cascades down gorgeous red and green rock formations along the way. The trail suddenly turns … Little Chief Mountain (9,541-ft.) and Mahtotopa Mountain (8,672-ft.) tower above the south side of the lake. Remember that grizzlies would just as soon avoid humans. The scenic Siyeh Pass trail ascends beautiful Preston Park on easy grades, passing through stands of subalpine larch, dwarf firs and stunted pines interspersed with pretty meadows dotted with wildflower. Follow the road for 32.8 miles to Siyeh Bend, a prominent hairpin curve on the road, 2.8 miles down the east side of the divide from Logan Pass. The trail opens up a bit as you near the Siyeh Pass Trail junction, which is 2.4 miles from the trailhead. Hang a left and continue another 1.5 miles until you reach, and see a sign to Siyeh Pass Trail. This is always a bonus because you get to see new sites and scenery all day long! Glacier National Park employees responded from Going-to-the-Sun Road on foot. For the best views continue over the divide for a short distance. The trail ends at the Sunrift Gorge trailhead on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, 10.1 miles from the Piegan Pass/Siyeh Bend trailhead. Two logs facilitate the first crossing during high water. Siyeh Pass Trail is a trail in Montana and has an elevation of 7477 feet. A vantage point a short distance down the south side of the Divide offers fine views of the Sexton Glacier on the southeastern flanks of Matahpi Peak. LIke many of the trails found throughout Glacier National Park, Siyeh Pass trail takes hikers through beautiful meadows and forests, complete with top-of-the-world views. https://www.glacier-national-park-travel-guide.com/siyeh-pass.html At 1.4 miles the trail traverses a small meadow sprinkled with wildflowers. The Boulder Creek Valley extends northeast below the Divide. [July 28, 2020] – On Monday, July 27 at 4:45 pm Glacier National Park received a report that a man had collapsed and was unresponsive on the Siyeh Pass trail, approximately one mile from the trailhead at Siyeh Bend. Glacier National Park Travel Guide: An Insider's View of Glacier. Hiking Siyeh Pass in Glacier National Park. Another popular option is to continue over the Divide on a trail that drops steeply down the Baring Creek Valley to the Sunrift Gorge trailhead on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, losing 3,340-ft. Reach the junction with the Piegan Pass trail at 1.1 miles. Soon views open to Siyeh Pass, the saddle on the ridge at the east end of the valley. It’s a breathtaking valley carved out by glaciers, with lush alpine meadows strewn with wildflowers in summer. Snow may linger on the slopes of Matahpi Peak well into the summer, requiring the use of crampons to safely traverse the steep slopes leading to the Baring/Bounder Creek Divide. Take the switchbacks to the top of the pass along the slopes of Matahpi Peak. Siyeh Pass: 9.4 miles round trip The trail is one of the highest maintained trails in Glacier Park (and my favorite! As you climb, views open to the Boulder Creek Valley to the east of Siyeh Pass. The trail starts out at a gentle incline through dense forest. The trail for Siyeh Pass begins at Siyeh Bend 1, about three miles east of Logan Pass on the Going-to-the-Sun Road.There are a couple of wide shoulders along either side of the road for parking, which can collectively accommodate maybe a couple dozen cars. It can be tough going if you’re not in great shape, but it’s well worth the trek. Siyeh Pass Hiking Detail - Hiking Trail in St. Mary, Glacier National Park, MT - A scenic ascent of beautiful Preston Park and then a steep climb up pretty meadows and talus slopes leads to Siyeh Pass and the Baring/Boulder Divide, where stunning views unfold to the Sexton Glacier, Matahpi Peak, the Baring and Boulder Creek Valleys and beyond. The trail to the left takes you to Piegan Pass, and the trail to the right takes you to Siyeh Pass (see photo below). Another popular option is to continue over the Divide and descend steeply down the eastern side of the Baring Creek Valley, losing 3,440-ft. as the trail drops to and passes along the eastern rim of Sundrift Gorge. Further up the trail, you’ll witness the impressive sight of Matahpi Peak looming at an elevation of 9365 feet toward the south. Soon the thick forest gives way to intermittent meadows with partially obscured views of Piegan Mountain across the valley. The beginning of the trail takes you alongside Siyeh Creek for about 200 yards. 11.9 km black diamond singletrack trail. Siyeh, Going-to-the-Sun Mountain, Matahpi Peak, and St. Mary Lake. The pass enjoys terrific views of the jagged peaks along the Continental Divide and the Many Glaciers area. Reach the Divide (8,110-ft.), marked by a large rock cairn, at 4.6 miles. On the west side the buses run from Apgar Visitor Center to Logan Pass. Siyeh (10,014-ft.) and Piegan Mountain (9,220-ft.). Continue following the trail as it ascends switchbacks up steep talus slopes toward the Baring/Boulder Creek Divide. Continue roughly one mile until the trail runs into the Continental Divide Trail (Piegan Pass Trail). Siyeh Pass in Glacier National Park features 10 strenuous miles of alpine meadows, glaciers, and impressive vistas of three separate valleys. You’ll pass through some breathtaking country, with abundant wildflowers, red and green rock outcroppings, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and grizzlies. Outside of visitor contributions, he writes every single article based off of his unique experiences and knowledge of Glacier. Most hikers turn around at the Divide, retracing their steps to the trailhead or, if time and weather permit, return to the trail junction and hike to Piegan Pass. It is grizzly country, so you have to be respectful of them. From this vantage point vistas extend south down the Baring Creek Valley to the west end of St. Mary Lake. Check the current trail conditions before starting the hike. At the head of the valley a steep trail ascends the northern slopes of Matahpi Peak (9,365-ft.) toward Siyeh Pass, a grassy saddle on the ridge running between Mt. The meadows afford great views of Mt. Glacier National Park, near St Mary in Glacier Natl Park, MT. The trail ends Sunrift Gorge parking, and a park shuttle can take hikers back to their cars at Siyeh Bend. Rock hop across the next creek, located a short distance beyond. You start out at the Piegan Pass trailhead. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités et sa meilleure utilisation est de mars à octobre. This is a beautiful high elevation day hike with mind-blowing views of Mt. At last the trail passes over Siyeh Pass (mile 5.0) and heads down toward Sunrift Gorge in very steep switchbacks. Reach a wide, rushing stream at 3.3 miles. A short ways in it disappears into the forest and begins ascending. St Mary / Lake McDonald, Region Information: The Piegan/Siyeh Pass trailhead is located on the northeast side of the curve to the east of where Siyeh Creek flow under the road. The east side shuttle runs from the St. Mary Visitor Center to Logan Pass. A 43-year-old Wisconsin man hiking with his family collapsed and died on the Siyeh Pass Trail in Glacier National Park on Monday afternoon. Siyeh Pass Trail: The Ascent. If you’re one of the first on the trail, be sure to make noise to let the bears know you’re coming! To the left (west) Piegan Mountain (9,220-ft.) looms above the trail. Piegan Pass: Class 2 and 3 with care in route finding. Soon views open to Sexton Glacier cradled in a bowl along the southeastern flanks of Matahpi Peak. Glacier National Park Shuttle Bus: The Glacier National Park Shuttle bus, which operates from the beginning of July through the first week of September (check current schedule on the park’s website: http://www.nps.gov/glac/planyourvisit/shuttles.htm), runs in two sections. Limited parking is available at pullouts on the east and west sides of the road on either side of the sharp curve. All Rights Reserved. Shoutout to Mother Nature for providing this sunset at the end of this hike. As the forest thins out, the views only get better. Siyeh rising above the north side of the valley and Matahpi Peak to the south. He started the site in 2008 after spending 2 summers working in Glacier. It’s a gorgeous spot and is a destination in itself. The Piegan Pass trail to the right (south) drops downs to the Going-to-the-Sun Road. With stunning views of waterfalls, glaciers, and peaks plus a trail through meadows and forests, this is definitely a worthwhile hike in Glacier National Park. Turn right at this juncture onto the Siyeh Pass Trail. Basecamp(s) Information: To the west, Reynolds (9,125-ft.), Piegan and Pollack Mountains form a stunning backdrop for Preston Park’s gorgeous meadows and krummholz. Globe Trekkers is all about giving you The VIP and attention you deserve! Siyeh Pass Hiking Trail in St. Mary, Glacier National Park, MT - A scenic ascent of beautiful Preston Park and then a steep climb up pretty meadows and talus slopes leads to Siyeh Pass and the Baring/Boulder Divide, where stunning views unfold to the Sexton Glacier, Matahpi Peak, the Baring and Boulder Creek Valleys and beyond. About 1 mile from the trailhead, you’ll arrive at a split in the trail… Behind you, to the west, Piegan Mountain fills the skyline. The bells were removed during World War II, so sorry, you missed your chance to hear them echoing across the vast mountain peaks and valleys! Matahpi Peak soars overhead. A few switchbacks facilitate the ascent. This route is a favorite grizzly hangout, especially in August when the berries are ripe, so be sure to loudly make your presence known along the trail so they can move out of the way. Past the stream crossing the trail starts a steep climb up the northern slopes of Matahpi Peak toward Siyeh Pass, traversing meadows and talus slopes along the way. Siyeh Bend is stop 6 on the east side shuttle going up from St. Mary and the first stop going down from Logan Pass. Return home toGlacier National Park Travel Guide. I have hiked the Siyeh Pass trail in Glacier a couple of times, the second of which (1988) was to propose to my girlfriend (unfortunately, now ex-wife) at the highest altitude along that trail. Along the way enjoy wonderful views of Mt. From the trailhead at 5850', hike a short distance north along Siyeh Creek. Siyeh and Matahpi Peak. If you want to return via the Baring Creek Valley to Sunrift Gorge at Going-to-the-Sun Road, this is a spectacular hike that I highly recommend. From West Glacier, MT: From the junction of US-2 and the Going-to-the-Sun Road, turn northwest on the Going-to-the-Sun Road and follow the road 2.0 miles to a junction with the Camas Road leading to the Apgar Visitor Center. This could be a one way trail, starting at Siyeh Bend and ending at Sunrift Gorge, but we made it a round trip hike, turning back somewhere near the highest point. Glacier Natl Park, MT. Siyeh Pass is 7.6 miles and will dump you back on Going-To-The-Sun Road where you can catch a shuttle. Siyeh Pass, Glacier NP I have hiked the Siyeh Pass trail in Glacier a couple of times, the second of which (1988) was to propose to my girlfriend (unfortunately, now ex-wife) at the highest altitude along that trail. Siyeh, one of six peaks in Glacier that is over 10,000 feet high, dominates the view to the north. Two logs span a wide creek crossing at 1.0 mile. Siyeh Pass is also one of the four passes in Glacier Park where large locomotive bells were placed in the 1920s so hikers could participate in the Swiss custom of bell ringing on high alpine peaks. Beyond the crossing the grade abates as the trail passes through stands of stunted trees and pretty meadows with fine views of Mt Siyeh (10,014-ft.) rising to the north, Piegan Mountain (9,220-ft.) to the west and Pollack Mountain (9,190-ft.) to the northwest. Siyeh rising above the north side of the valley. At 4.2 miles the trail travels above and to the south of Siyeh Pass (7,750-ft.), the grassy saddle on the ridge between Mt. After about a mile this stub trail connects with the Piegan Pass Trail which leads to the Siyeh Pass Trail. The open area provides your first views of the Going-to-the-Sun Mountain (9,642-ft.) rising above the trees to the right (east/southeast). Both are great destinations and can be combined for a long, memorable day hike. The next mile or so is the most strenuous stretch of the hike as you ascend 700 feet over a series of switchbacks to the saddle that cradles Siyeh Pass. Once you get to Going-to-the-Sun Road, you can take the shuttle to your vehicle at the Siyeh Bend trailhead (or just hitchhike, which is my favorite form of transportation through the park!). Date: July 29, 2020 Contact: Gina Kerzman, 406-888-5838 WEST GLACIER, Mont. Congratulations, you’ve arrived at one of the most spectacular spots in Glacier National Park! The trail begins at Siyeh Bend, where hikers can park their cars and head out onto the trail. See the Siyeh Bend to Sunrift Gorge trail description for more information. Once you get there, you’ll be rewarded with a mind-blowing panorama of Siyeh Peak, Goat Mountain to the east and the Boulder Creek drainage to the northeast.

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