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Also Best Buy? You may also also be interested in these: Samsung NX30 Lenses with Image Stabilization Samsung NX30 Lenses with Weather Sealings. 7 of these lenses already comes with optical image stabilization. I agree since a6000 is clearly a better camera for the same price. But look at TVs and smartphones, and in TV Sony used to be the leader. I owned the NX20 for a week, I don't think the EVF on the NX20 any bigger than the EVF on the NX30. Greynard is British and chillgreg is Australian, in both cultures ironic language is very common. Also DXO-mark rates the sony higher. (Or one can use the very very audible Sony A7/r. ANd one thing more - compare the brightness of images.Some cameras presents ISO 1600 which is similar to ISO 800 other camera - I think it is marketing trick! Aiming to save photographers carrying a cable and a charger for every battery they use, this device handles up to four batteries at the same time and can charge at home, in the car and via a USB power bank. Samsung NX30 doesn't have a sensor based image stabilization system but 7 of these lenses already comes with optical image stabilization.. The 'guts' of the camera are considerably different, with Samsung leveraging other divisions of the company. With a Samsung NX body and a Sony Nex/A body shoot the same scenes at the same settings with that lens, in raw. Having the viewfinder at a slight upward angle is actually much more comfortable to use compared to viewing straight ahead. There are a lot of photo/video cameras that have found a role as B-cameras on professional productions or A-camera for amateur and independent productions. Yup, jpg in nx is terrible even at iso 800+. The 16-50 s really enhances the shooting experience on nx. It also features a tilting electronic viewfinder and a fully articulated 3-inch AMOLED display, along with Samsung's familiar suite of connectivity features. As the compact camera market continues to decline, Samsung has focused its efforts on mirrorless cameras, and recent models such as the NX300 show that the Company's products are quite competitive. at the lens mount). I love compact lightweight lenses with outstanding IQ and ergonomic camera bodys... :-). This camera is close but the moire in video is very distracting. We threw one onto the Sony a7R IV and went out shooting. As I understand it the evf is smaller than on the 20 and you still cant link AEB to the self timer, so, for me, I gave it a "meh" award. Instead of a better zoom, Samsung could do a fast 135mm telephoto. The camera sports a mic input, and manual audio level adjustment. Unless Nikon wanted to build a mirrorless APSC system with a very deep body--like the Pentax K01. Btw, it's a good thing you can't open up that iPad because if you could, you'd see a bunch of Samsung logos in there - including the A7 cpu at the heart of the entire system. With legacy it's limited to 1/6000. If you are totally convinced about something,there is not much to discuss - isn't it?No room for diplomacy, for pacifism? The war Apple is having with its supplier Samsung is more about Apple's annoyance with Google than anything to do with Samsung, hence Apple still using Samsung parts. That's a disaster in many situations. Sony showed that's possible to have this, in a small body with ultra fast af and great iq. Your implication that I was somehow missing Sony's other products, like camera lenses, is vastly misleading. Since its release in late 2019, users have been unable to recalibrate or fine-tune their Apple Pro Display XDR. I'm sending them back ASAP! So if they'd thrown in an iPhone, that would have actually come top. I am more interested in how they would compare at between 100-800. Raw: I really do not like to use high ISOs. Anyway I'm happy to see here on the 'neutral ground' that so many share my own opinion, while there are always the few same ones in favour of samsung's strategy. Have a look at our initial sample gallery taken on a full-frame Sony body. It will create artifacts with fast moving parts. Samsung Support UK Best Mid-Range Full Frame Mirrorless: Canon R6, Sony a7 III, Nikon Z6 II, Panasonic S5. So get adapters for say Nikon F mount to both Sony and Samsung and get a hold of some Zeiss lens for Nikon. The NX30 is overpriced and has lower quality photos. I'd be glad to exchange 50-200 with a 50-150 (or even 70-150) f2.8, at the same level of the 16-50. Add AF, and Ricoh gets the credit, courtesy of their GXR system. Enter the Ulanzi ST-09, an adjustable mount that allows you to turn an Apple Watch into a live viewfinder on the rear of your iPhone. Then there are very very good Panasonic and Olympus lenses for the GX7. Both x-t1 and oly are a bit different story. I agree with the first part. Do your eyes polarize light? And, within that purview I view Samsung in terms of what quality and forward thinking is manifest in their NX line - despite some undeniable misteps, I am left largely feeling positive about existing products and future trajectory of Samsung. Yes I am pretty sure that there will be a time that Samsung will face the same thing in consumer products. (Source: Samsung.) So using these lenses can mitigate the fact that the NX30 body has a full front branding saying: SAMSUNG. That also means-- obviously--please don't bring up DXO sensor scoring in general. Review: Does the Canon Rebel T8i DSLR make sense in an increasingly mirrorless world? Samsung needs to outclass the others to get attention, IMO. Why would you need 2 bodies out of the sudden? Screw a small ball tripod head into the base of the NX1000, and you'll get better handling. I'm convinced, if you start with a Nikon or Canon DSLR, for the same price, you have a better camera and more possibilities in the future. Man... even Pentax is better!Now I know why DPR snubs these things -- they deserve to be snubbed! The Samsung NX30 features a DSLR-like design, 3-inch swivelling AMOLED screen, tiltable electronic viewfinder, 1080p video recording at 60/50fps, built-in wi-fi and NFC connectivity, 9fps burst shooting, and a large APS-C CMOS sensor with 20.3 megapixels. Or that Olympus m4/3s cameras have a reputation for good jpegs. I understand what you mean by MFT lacking in results but I love using my Panasonic GX7 and find the image quality better than most APS-C sensors. (And I rarely defend the buffer on Samsung NX cameras or 200mm Samsung NX zooms.). Handled without brand prejudice the NX300 is a superior product (an opinion of course, but an informed one). However they have failed to maintain their position in consumer goods. The new Samsung NX30 with the premium quality 16-50mm 2-2.8 S ED OIS lens. A lot of people are talking about this camera. And this camera, the a6000, has many heads turned towards it! Fuji's X rangefinders have had some deficiencies, the XE2 with no EVF switch, the XPro1 and XE1 with bad video and bad auto focus, various X100 problems. I tested it and put my nx300 to shame even with the best performing lenses. Many, many ppl choosing a camera of this level know about DxO mark. If ppl wanted such a big camera, they would go dslr (at a lesser cost and wider lens choice). It's easy to get rid of those stupid bubbles explaining the features. I must agree ; I had the same thought when the first impressions review of the Sony RX100 III was released the other day - superb quality and a similar look to the Medium Format products/studio photography that I dearly love. that is why I hinted at that point, which is crucial, if someone is thinking about FF lenses - like you did. But also more practically in terms of less-than inspiring current offerings. I want to upgrade to a better body, but if I do buy a body that I want, I have to buy it with another kit zoom. (The Touits aren't great, and the Sony Zeiss can't keep up with Samsung, or PanaLeica for that matter. But there are many Oly and Pana mirrorless without a rangefinder-like VF at the left side of the back. I just wanted to acknowledge Sony's new sensors.). maybe or maybe not. I assume the sensor in the Pentax K3 is basically the same as the sensor in the Sony A6000, and above ISO 6400 neither the A6000 nor the Pentax really keep up with the NX30--it's close. I'm ill-informed?? Of course at some point Samsung will introduce a new APSC sensor, but today in June 2014, that sensor in the NX30 challenges both the A5000 and A6000 for image quality and higher ISOs. Samsung is a rising star in the tech markets, get over it. I figured it out with the Google, in 2006, '07, '08, Samsung shipped some TVs with problematic capacitors. The "handful of nice wide-angle-primes" mentioned here en passant are the unique selling point for Samsung NX, IMO: incredibly small, great optical quality, and very affordable (10mm Fisheye, 16mm, 20mm, 30mm, 45mm). As a result, once you mount a lens, DSLR ends up being so much larger than comparable mirrorless. After yusuing NX300 for a while I see how viefinder would have been useful. (Of course Fuji can fix these things, and the XT1 is a good start, but not a rangefinder.). Manufacturer description: The Samsung NX30 is a midrange mirrorless camera that features a 20.3MP CMOS sensor and the company's latest DRIMeIV processor. If you're looking for a high-quality camera, you don't need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. This is a good example of the Samsung NX30 image quality at its best. Monogram's Creative Console allows you to build out a customized set of physical controls to speed up your editing workflow. I'm stating this since I bought my nx300 over the nx200 I already owned: samsung now needs to become #1 in sensor performance, if they want to get some attention by the masses. The nx1 is really nice but a little out of price range. The NX30 is certainly better at high ISOs than the NX20. Or are you trolling? Hands-on: Samsung NX30 Interchangeable Lens Camera At CES 2014 this week, Samsung revealed more of its latest NX30 digital camera's features and we were there to check them out. If they make a professional camera that is overpriced then give us professional results, not toy like results. But I think the RX100 still has it's place, and will happily coexist with the G1Xii, depending on whether you want more zoom, or a brighter lens with a bigger sensor. But I didn't say anything about weight or handling. NX30 with 18-55mm lens. However I know I'd take 45 not 30mm pancake, as zoom is still bright at 30mm so not much difference to not so fast focusing 30mm pancake. Somebody IS NOT fed up with their junk yet? The NXmini probably has a somewhat better sensor than the Sony RX100III, though I'm only looking at the high ISO capacity. Sony only makes sensors. Of course SL1 has tiny junky pentamirror viewfinder, a couple control dials are missing and no articulated screen, not even tilting, and its grip is too small to grip it while too big to let you cradle the camera in the base of your palm as you would do with compacts and compact-sized mirrorless (like OM-D E-M5/E-M10 etc). Now who's laughing? Some of the biggest changes from the NX20 that came before it include a pull-out, tilting EVF, higher quality Super AMOLED display, improved video capabilities, and even more Wi-Fi features. It's pretty much a guaranty that IQ should be improved on new camera models these days if that is the goal. You read like a person who can't let go of being a fan of one particular camera maker (Sony here), it's not a position that's good to claim as your own. D1N0 - A6000 is slightly better, maybe 1/3 of a stop. Lens Reviews - Samsung NX : Please note that the tests results are not comparable across the different systems! (This comment is here because the page for the NX500 doesn't allow for it.). Also how is the NX system a copy of whatever? I maybe be wrong, but the NX300 seems to pack more sharpness. Most ppl look at bodies, before looking at lenses and nx30 simply is not appealing enough. I think this is reason why Samsung can afford to lower price easily compare to other camera manufacturer because they have resources. You are right, but that proves my theory. A new Remote Viewfinder Pro app offers further control over exposure and camera settings compared to previous versions of the software. I think good copy of 18-55 OIS 3 is much better but it is larger.Every kit lens is slow I do not accept slow lens - no DOF control and high ISO needed.If you want to use NX500 I think 3 pancakes 16/F2,4; /30/F2; 45/F1,8 are the best and the cheapest option because 16-50/F2-F2,8 is much more expensive and you will get tele end F2,8 only. But I digress, focus here should be on the potential of Samsung cameras - ones I can support in terms of the practical performance I've enjoyed and the spirit embodied. http://www.camerastuffreview.com/images/rolling-shutter.jpg. All this Samsung bashing reminds me of how US car makers would make fun of the Japanese auto industry. The review could also make the following conclusion: The NX 30 can everything the competitors can and a tad more... ...especially in conjunction with the Samsung lenses. Built-in Wi-Fi is available, as is NFC to mediate faster connections with compatible smart devices. This one is pretty decent from what I hear though. Go to your local Best Buy and ask the folks there, or Google "Samsung TV power supply" or "Samsung bad capacitors" Hint: if you buy a Samsung TV, get as long of an extended warranty as you can, you'll need it. Is Pentax shipping an APSC mirrorless? So when a source is in favour of Sony it must be wrong obviously. Okay, didn't say much about GE except that it has an huge presence in aerospace. So why not offer a version w/o lr for 100 less? The price drop is not a right advantage. If there is less then 1 stop difference no one should say anything about blowing out of water. It allows you to tap the devices together to share photos. Would probably be my #1 choice now, if I hadn't so many (good) nx lenses. Look at the green grass and BW fine pattern next to it. The a6000 is a monster when it comes to continuous af while shooting. E.g., I'm interested in the Samsung NX500 - mainly the kit lens (the 16-50mm 3,5-5,6/16-50 PZ ED OIS). That's a huge difference. Additionally, the creeping perception of Samsung being competent in all areas but not top-running in any in their class (a perception supported by DPR, all respect extended) - that is demonstratively untrue. That DR however looks still a bit challenged. This makes much more sense than the tilting EVF on the Panasonic GX7. Unless they are happy with mediocre camera sales of course, then they really aren't doing anything wrong here. The 35mm F2 DG DN is the standard prime in the group of new Sigma I-series lenses. Competition was Canon 70D, Sony A6000, Leica C and Nikon D5300. So for some people these do make sense even with those annoying tiny peekholes. some Samsung lenses aren't that good as well (as for many makers). I seldom use my (via Canon - NX adaptor mounted) third party lenses, simply because of their weight and size, which is unsuited (unbalanced), for the slim NX 1000 body... ...you would need at least the body of a NX20, or NX30, to use them properly. If I can't choose the exact new body that I want, without a kit zoom, then I think there is a problem. Since feb 2014 it costs about 350€. A friend of mine, on the market for a smaller camera than his dslr, after seeing my nx300 and a nx30 in a shop, decided to go for the a6000, since it's as small and light as the nx300, has the evf, much faster operations and higher mp count. "Canon SL1 /100D DSLR is 8% narrower, 5% shorter, (20% thicker), and weighs 7% less than the Samsung NX30.". Samsung does not understand customers' needs. I depends, I've paid below 400$ (from shop exposition but no remarks. The NX30 was announced in Jan 2014, and has been in stores, and on display, for months. Perhaps my perception is just a bit more enhanced than average? Pana gh3 is not doing so well as, say, pana gx7, at least judging on the enthusiasm raised by the latter. The best cameras for under $1000 should have good ergonomics and controls, great image quality and be capture high-quality video.

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