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It can rot, curl off the wall, bend out of shape and generally begins to look terrible very quickly. The problem is that along with being really awesome they are really freaking expensive. When milled, the knots create that special rustic effect. 2x8" Log Cabin siding allows you to integrate the rustic charm of a log home with conventional frame construction. For homeowners who want the look of a rustic home, but with lower maintenance and better durability, there is another option that can give you the same look - fiber cement. from WRCLA How to Install Western Red Cedar Siding, We interviewed Brandon Stendal- owner of Stone Valley Painting, LLC. Farmhouse-style homes are frequently overlooked in the rustic style category, but they are a beautiful option for creating a semi-rustic look for your home. The Primer coat will be evenly applied on all 4 sides. Jul 7, 2019 - Explore britzen mcguinness's board "Metal sided cabins" on Pinterest. Purchased the quarter log cabin siding to past existing damaged siding, company did a fantastic job! We have had a great experience dealing with Buffalo Lumber while building a new home. 2x8" Log Siding is the most popular size but 2x6" log can be milled. Factory Pre-Finished Olympic semi-trans 700 "Sierra"  (OM 4205). Cabin style house plans are designed for lakefront, beachside, and mountain getaways. Rustic Cedar Log Cabin Siding Delivered Mill Direct To You! Another huge advantage of quarter log siding is the ability to pre-finish at the mill sealing all sides except end cuts. Siding and wall systems have long been in the realm of wood or vinyl with the same boring finishes that require constant attention. To get a truly authentic rustic look, you can also use individual cedar-look shingles in a variety of sizes to get the kind of authentic appearance you desire. All Buffalo Lumber orders are delivered MILL DIRECT to your JOB SITE. Ordinary lap siding in fiber cement is combined with natural wood and stone to lower the maintenance of the facade, while still achieving the chateau look. When you are constructing your wooden tiny house or small cabin and are finished with the wall framework, wall siding is another step. The risk of a major failure is much greater because the species carries no natural resistance to moisture and insects. This means that in addition to traditional horizontal lap siding, you can also get a variety of other looks for your home. So you have a meeting with the homeowner and decide the best way to handle this is to install the wood with no finish and then finish the face after installation in order to save money. We use a log siding that is 2 x 8 and a grade of custom knotty and better. The result is a home that has texture, interest, and clean lines at the same time. Our orders are custom milled and factory finished. Making mistakes - Fixing something that goes wrong costs 10 times more than it does to do the job right in the first place. Here's your opportunity to create an Authentic Log Cabin Look at a fraction of the price of actual log homes. You can specify Kiln Dried or Get out your saw and cut around that knot hole and save a buck or two. Rustic Log Cabin Siding. This is a great example of how you can create a rustic design without needing to go overboard with texture and shape. Welcome to Rustic Lumber Company where we work directly with the mills to save you money. Once your cedar log siding is installed we advise keeping up on your maintenance but if you are on the fence one year and let it go- the worst that usually happens is it will turn grey or darken. For some applications kiln-dried to meet specifications when required. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get quality materials for their project. It can go both ways rotting your house wrap and getting into the studs behind the walls causing entire wall sections that need to be cut out and replaced. If there are any delays you will be the first to know. In your lifetime how many people have actually taken the time to do a job exactly right? The 8" Round Log Corners mimic the look of "Swedish Cope" and "Saddle Notch" Full Logs profiles. There is no margin for error if you select a lesser species due to upfront costs. You don’t need to use a natural wood stain to get a rustic … We recommend factory prime plus one top coat with a 2nd coat after installation in field. What are the pros and cons of wood log cabin siding? It's not rocket science but it has to be done right. The mixture of the fieldstone with the board and batten adds a lot of charm to the property, without making it look overdone. The material that we received was excellent quality and makes for a beautiful exterior to our home. Skip to content. Fiber cement siding is made of a unique mixture of sand, cellulose fiber, and Portland cement. Buffalo Lumber Log Cabin Siding - no Reveal "no chink" - milling diagram, Buffalo Lumber Log Siding - Quarter Log with Reveal "with chink" - milling diagram. It looks exactly like log but requires 75% less wood AND will cost you at least 50% less than actual log construction. These corners are the most real looking corner system available. Vertical rustic siding gives a classic lodge feel and adds interest … Timberline has simplified the design lately which you can check out on Lance's new log corner installation video. If you want a more original and offbeat appearance for your rustic home, consider installing your siding in a vertical shiplap design. Sitting in my chair I have spoken to people directly who have had improper installation techniques cost 10 times more to fix than if they had used proper methods in the first place. If you think I am trying to scare the living daylights out of you, you are exactly right. Rough estimates of 2x8 or 3x8 log siding require about 3600 lineal feet to cover 2000 square feet of space. Submit. For some homes, a board and batten installation can add rustic charm that can give your home a farmhouse or rustic-modern style. The Question Is - Can You afford Not to Factory Finish? There’s something charming and romantic about the idea of a rustic cabin or home that often drives the imagination and inspires homeowners to want to create a cozier atmosphere for their home. Once your order is placed we stay in email and phone contact with you throughout the course of your order. If you are planning to stain instead of paint- the number of gallons needed per square foot virtually doubles. This chateau-style home has a charming rustic exterior done in Mahogany. It has been tried and true for many years. After the Rustic Cabin Manufactured Home Remodel. MILL SELECT : STK (Select Tight Knot) cedar log siding has been visually inspected at the mill for an appearance grade that allows proportional distribution of knots, burls and naturally occurring markings which add to the decorative character of the piece. Consult with a Buffalo Lumber Milling Expert today. Wood log siding attached to the outside of the house provides an authentic look and the house will blend with the natural surrounding. This property captures the farmhouse style perfectly by blending lap siding with board and batten accents, both in a rich burgundy color. Log Cabin Vinyl Siding Stained American Cedar. Everyone who has ever called us with problems in the field has realized that their wood was not properly sealed on the backside. Cedar Log Cabin Siding. Faux wood siding. We have just what you need. Imagine you are an installer at a job site with 2000sq feet of hewn log siding that has not been finished and you have to finish all 6 sides before installation. It's not Bull it's Buffalo ;-). RusticSeries™ wood fiber siding, which captures the natural warmth and beauty of wood on durable fiber cement and engineered wood products. This home features three different types of siding - a fieldstone covering the lower half, a light-colored board and batten accent on the front, and a dark gray lap siding. Ease of installation is one. View our sitemap. Our DIY... DON'T RUN SHORT! If you're looking for a rustic style -- or maybe even a cabin feel for your own bedroom -- here's a project from host Fuad Reveiz to make that happen. If you have the same experience as we do you will realize that most people (including installers) take shortcuts. Channeling the sought-after beauty and warmth of real wood, with the technology of durable fibre cement or composite Siding products such as James Hardie and Allura Siding.This two-tone factory applied stain coating system not only improves the … Cedar-look shingles made of fiber cement can also give you lots of possibilities to work with as well. Planning and starting to get the live edge siding up on the rustic cabin. Chances are you are not going to have the proper equipment (or space) to do the job right and if you try the expenses are going to mount up. Tools. It can work but you have to be DILIGENT about your maintenance and upkeep. We feel the risk is too great for our customers. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. Made from Western red cedar (details above), it offers a look that's truly distinct. 2200 SQFT 2x8 QTR LOG NO REVEAL (1/2 LAP, NO REVEAL) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILLSELECT), PAD, StainEXT, S1S, Smooth Use. Cabin Log Siding Log Stack Siding is the use of sleepers or hand hewn timbers from 18th century colonial America to create the look of a log cabin, but with the ability to have the insulation and construction of a modern building. Designers are also using metal siding to break up long spans of logs around … Rustic-style facades are popular nearly everywhere, with many people enjoying the images that they can evoke. You will need a place to store 1.4 miles of wood and you will need to dry 1.4 miles of wood without dirt or bugs or anything getting into the finish during this process. Fake wood siding includes vinyl, concrete and steel log siding. Rustic or Aged Steel. Log Cabin - American Cedar. 2x8" Cedar Log siding allows you to integrate the rustic charm of a log home with conventional frame construction. The nice thing about log siding is that we can factory finish - stain or prime it - BEFORE you get it. To achieve the look, traditional horizontal lap siding is combined with cedar-look shingles on the upper story of the home. Our quarter log siding overlaps the next board forming a tight seal. Cedar on the other hand gives you SOME margin for error. PAD cedar is still considered green and moisture content is 20% or higher. If you don’t keep up your maintenance lesser species will IMMEDIATELY EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS. Browse 139 Rustic Vinyl Siding on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning rustic vinyl siding or are building designer rustic vinyl siding from scratch, Houzz has 139 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Natural Creations Pools and Navy Flooring. We are both a wood wholesaler and wood retailer. If you want to create the ultimate rustic man cave that feels solid and welcoming, then you won’t find a better architectural material than interior log siding panels. The wider planks and the texture of the battens makes for a visually appealing effect that can elongate the appearance of the home, while calling to mind old farmhouses, barns, and ski resorts – all rustic-style buildings that can add interest to your home’s façade. This home uses a Sterling Gray finish on the irregular cedar-look shingles to match the color of the fieldstone. We pride ourselves on carrying a wide range of products for virtually any … Water damage- the number one cause of water damage in the field? This video also includes important tips about installing the quarter log siding so even if you do not spring for the fancy corners its a good DIY source. After much searching and comparisons, the initial discussion with Jason at Buffalo Lumber helped make the decision to use them in providing the material for the outside of our new home. These log corners are actually a "system" of separate pieces that are assembled on the job site. The truth may not be what you "want" to hear but remember if it's worthwhile to do: Using vinyl log siding or log cabin vinyl siding can give you the rustic, maintenance free, and cost effective log look. Combine with HardieTrim® boards for a rustic board-and-batten look. As you browse log siding (or log cabin siding) options, you’ll find real wood siding and a range of faux log siding choices. His credentials are "Been there done that thousands of times". If you can afford a flaw or two to save a buck or two this is the grade for you. Our Price is meant to include an idea of final cost if you order at least 1500 square feet. It is a non-load bearing external level of the building. The value of factory finished log siding vs. the risk and cost of problems in the field after installation. Quarter Log Siding is the perfect fit for your cabin or country home. Buffalo Lumber specializes in Milled to Order Pre-Finished - Primed, Painted, or Stained - Cedar Siding, Redwood Siding and Knotty Pine Paneling shipped direct from the mill located closest to You. The first thing that wood experts like the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association will tell you is that all wood siding - even cedar log siding - needs to be sealed on all six sides prior to installation and then re coated as needed on the face for the lifetime of the wood. Jan 24, 2020 - Outside or exterior of rustic cabins. SEASONING refers to how lumber has been dried to reduce moisture content before it is milled to pattern. It costs 3 times as much and takes 3 times as long as you originally thought it would. Vertical Siding. If we are more expensive than the guys down the road it is because doing a job exactly right usually costs more up front than the cheapest option. You can select "reveal" or "no reveal" log siding profile for the same price. During the milling of green logs there will be some blown knots but our mills say less than 10% board loss. If you are going to do the job right- you can't do it better (or cheaper) than the machines. Reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. This will minimize the paint that gets on the backside and under laps. The RIGHT WAY is to apply finish to all 6 sides of the wood prior to installation in order to protect it from moisture damage. This property does a beautiful job of completing its exterior to capture this popular style. If you want the best chance at long term success - Cedar is the only way to go! We will get your order in the queue so it is ready when you are. This puts an emphasis on the shape and texture of the siding, rather than on the color or the architecture of the house, creating a more dynamic and rustic-inspired design. They are notched on the bottom and extend beyond the wall approximately 1 foot. Log cabin siding materials and options – wood. Shake in the gables with craftsman brackets give it a true rustic … We have documented cases of wood siding that has begun to rot and has taken out the walls behind it as well as the siding in front. Due to COVID-19 we are currently experiencing longer lead times of 4 to 6 weeks. Its inexpensive, easy to install and looks great. Improper field finishing and installation. This makes the windows and doors pop against the lighter colored siding, and helps create a slightly more rustic look for the property. and a customer of ours and asked- Rustic house design with shake, stone and vertical siding. Many homeowners feel that risk is worth the savings however we disagree. Log Cabin Vinyl Siding – Continental Siding Want the log cabin look on your home. All wood needs to be protected from the elements in order to perform and continue to look beautiful. Rustic metal siding offers a unique look that will make your cabin stand out from your neighbors, and it comes in many different looks. Our DIY Customers sometimes do a better job than professionals because they take the time to read the instructions and do the job exactly right. "What is the value of factory finish?". It holds up better, experiences less changes in size and just works. It takes 4 unique pieces to make one vertical linear foot of 8" round log corner. More durable than vinyl siding, vailable in lap, shakes, and panels in 18 color choices with a 20-year coating warranty. Kiln Dried log siding has 14% maximum moisture content. Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Siding Materials, How Allura Fiber Cement Compares to James Hardie. When this happens the log siding WILL ROT. If you know your square footage you can multiply it by the price below and have an idea what your T&G cedar siding will cost you. In these uncertain times we can help you plan. Lance makes them for us on special order basis. Delivery to and around the following US Cities and Zips: Read our handy list of abbreivations for our patterns, Common Sense Wood Siding Seasoning, Storage and Installation Tips for Do It Yourself Homeowner and Builder. All of this occurs out of sight- you will have no way of knowing there is a rot problem until it is too late. This means you must use patterns like SHIPLAP CHANNEL RUSTIC or LOG SIDING that allow more room for wood expansion and contraction in their design - patterns that allow movement without compromising the overall appearance. See more ideas about rustic cabin, house exterior, exterior. Rustic cabin designs make perfect vacation home plans, but can also work as year round homes. When its time for top paint coat, the machine's bottom jets are turned down to make sure the top coat is even thickness with no splash back. The fact is that all wood no matter how it is dried (seasoned) it will expand and contract during the year due to moisture changes in the air. Kiln drying speeds up wood seasoning in closed chambers by heating and controlling air circulation. Create the “feel” of traditional log homes inside and out. ROT IS INSIDIOUS. Many people love the rustic look of a log home but the investment for building one is quite considerable. It costs 10 times as much to fix a screw up as to do things right in the first place! Or, go for the more minimalist look of simple vertical lines. All communication is handled personally - by phone and email. Rapid River Rustic Cedar Log Homes national sales headquarters and plant is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula which is one of only a few states in which Northern White Cedar is native. 2x6 TRIM BOARD $3.39 STAINED PER VERTICAL FOOT To put it in Buffalo Terms: CEDAR LOG SIDING HAS SEVERELY REDUCED PAIN IN BUTT FACTOR! 2x4 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE - SURFACED) CEDAR-WRC TRIM, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, S4S, Smooth Use. When you apply chink you are sealing any gaps between logs that allow air, moisture or critters to flow through. This blend is formed into siding inside of a mold, which means that it can take on the appearance and shape of many different types of siding, including rustic styles. Faux wood siding. Close search. With rustic looking siding, you get the look and feel of a rustic wood home without the downsides of installing wood siding. Shortcuts cause worst case scenarios to occur. TruLog siding comes in many colors and can easily be installed on the exterior of your home. Matched the existing stain for us, have to look extremely close to tell where the new siding was installed. ; Prior to placing an order, please ensure you’ve approved … To put this into perspective in order to stain both sides you are going to be finishing 1.4 miles of wood. Add 45¢ per SQFT for ECO FRIENDLY OIL BASED STAIN  for Exterior Wood Siding - (Rough Face Only - not available at all mill locations), Pricing based on 1500 SQFT order â€¢ Volume discounts on orders larger than 1500 SQFT, SELECT TIGHT KNOT (STK) Partially Air Dried (PAD) There are countless ways that you can create a rustic design for your home using fiber cement siding. Rustic modern is a fairly new style that combines some rustic attributes with sleeker, more modern designs. Depending on your location, you may want to create a rustic-style home with a chateau vibe. We want you to know what they cost up front here on the site so we don't have to break as many hearts when we quote you on the phone. We can only quote full 20 and 40 foot containers - smaller shipments would be customer arranged. The same color is used everywhere, on both types of siding as well as on the trim. This can be easily accomplished on the exterior of the home by mixing some shiplap planks with architectural panels. Log Cabin Built Vinyl Siding Rustic Exterior Log Cabin Built Vinyl Siding Rustic Exterior 15. The worst thing you can possibly do is to slap your log siding up and then just stain the face after installation. Vinyl log cabin siding is durable and lasts longer than the real deal with virtually no maintenance. Many of our Log siding customers install the siding themselves saving the cost of custom professional installation. Pine Ridge Rustic is a family-owned business that has been building with natural and rustic materials since 2001. The risk is that water will get trapped behind the wood at some point during the home's lifespan. There is no “Settling” to account for nor the costs that are associated with managing it. Combining materials and styles is always a great way to achieve a more rustic look. Most of our customers finish out their log siding with 2x6" or 2x8" Trim boards. Factory finishing coats 4 of six sides - You get the face, the back and both side edges, the butt ends need to be sealed when installed on the jobsite. Our location allows us to offer our customers a high quality Northern White Cedar log home or log home products at an affordable price. When does it make sense to Factory Finish? Shingles and Stone. During the siding remodel. | US Store, Lower 48 & DC. After that the rest of the team stayed in constant contact with us and always stayed on schedule, which was a big help in coordinating the rest of the home project. At the end of the day how much is your peace of mind really worth? Log Cabin Vinyl Siding Stained American Cedar. Quarter Log Cabin siding offers many other advantages over round log besides just price. If your home is ready for a makeover, consider using fiber cement lap siding to help achieve a rustic style for your home that can give it a fresh new look. In those cases the entire wall has to be replaced not just the siding itself. On the other hand we have the AWESOME log tail corner system developed by Lance Clymer at Timberline Log Exteriors. Log Siding is usually milled Green (unseasoned) or Partially Air Dried (PAD). If you plan to PAINT your cedar log siding, to be safe the log should be kiln dried which adds a cost to the wood. Buffalo Lumber offers full 20 and 40 foot container quotes internationally. SMOOTH LOG CORNERS $200 STAINED PER VERTICAL FOOT.

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