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If your email program does not pick up the "drgavva" email link, his address is "drgavva" followed The vest was... Russian Army Vest 6Sh117 is used in infantry combat system "Ratnik". According to Russian military traditions, the belt is an inseparable part of military equipment. Jacket - with an adjustable hood.Removable mosquito net insert with zipper.Patch pockets with flap buttons.Folds-traps on the chest and sleeves.Sleeves with knitted wristlets.The bottom of the jacket is elasticated with a retainer.Pants - straight with elastic tape in the stitched belt with loops.Upper internal... Standard uniform of the Russian army Carbolite forms with ferrite inside of for input filter coils. Russian Army surplus uniforms, hats and equipment - Soviet-Power.com. $60 . Click & Collect. In our shop you can found all spectre of Russian gears from top Russian manufacturers like SSO / SPOSN, ANA, BTK Group, Magellan and others. Eltek SMPS 1000SI 24V, 25x23.5x6.5cm, 11-26V out voltage ajusting, no air cooler, Ready for use 750W 48VDC@15A power supply.PDS48/15, 30x24x7cm, no air cooler, REN34 Relay, OK for 300-400W, Coil 24V@40mA, RPPW-11 Compact kW RF relay 6A on 1.5MHz, 2.5A on 30MHz, 24-30VDC coil, 50 ohm REW-14 connector for 3-5mm diam cables (RG-58), 50 ohm connector with 3 female ends 50-50-50, REW15 Jumpers with 75ohm cable and 2 connectors, Its description with schematics and mods made by Thomas ,OZ1JTE, 24ohm 60W , pair of them are close to 50ohm 120W, no problem up to 500W shortly, 40 microFarad, 5KV Oil-filled, K75-40a type, 20 microFarad, 5KV Oil-filled, K75-40a type, 100 microFarad, 3KV Oil-filled, K75-40a type, 100 microFarad, 3KV Oil-filled,K75-28 type, Russian VV 20-1000pF 10kV Capacitor in Magnetic Loop Antenna, Compact VVC KP1-8(КП1-8)model 4-100 pF 5 KV 35A, Mounting Hardware for 4-100pF 5kV VVC ( see above), KP1-12(КП1-12)model 10-1200pF 4KV 75A, Motors (220/127/110VAC) with reducer for Vac Var Capacitor. Among the many items included in the VKBO All-Season Field Gear Set, an important place is occupied by such a headdress as the Balaklava ( hat-mask ). Shop today! GU48 kW glass triode. 6Sh117 Vest is an modernized version of 6Sh116. Manufacturer: SSO OK for 1000W and more, Variometer with motor and reducer #1. Made of durable rip-stop material. It is exact copy of Svetlana 833a Triode. Russomilitare is a supplier of Soviet and Russian army, military surplus. Includes five 1N25 RF diodes (JBQV-1N25, Kemtron). The new generation of Russian summer uniform. Modern polycarbonate material of construction of single-layer lens (thickness - 3 mm), provides protection from ultraviolet and blue radiation hard, and complies with the optical... An oversized flap attaches to the backpack with buckle straps.In the upper part of the volumetric flap there is a volumetric pocket with a zipper, on the inner surface of the flap there is a flat patch pocket closed with a zipper The flap, equipped with a lightweight belt made of 50 mm slings with a fastex buckle, can be used as a separate belt bag.The... Official patches used by the Russian army.They are most often worn with a VKBO uniform. Air Var Capacitor with 1:50 reducer 3X12-390pF: NOTE: GU34B is able to work without any air cooling up to 350mA with plate voltage 2kV. Anchor Supplies are a British Army and Military Surplus Store in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire selling genuine Army Surplus Electronic Equipment. per page . Soviet Propaganda Speaker, Rotating, Surplus 290.99 USD Now available. Military surplus. (2-120pF)+(2-120 pF)+(2-75pF), Small Air Var Capacitor 3-44pF with long shaft, Air Var Capacitor 15-220 pF with good plates distance, HQ 5 sections Air Var Capacitor 9-266pF and 4x8-165pF , 360deg rotation, HQ Air Var Capacitor 5-127pF+3x(15-345pF) from R104 station, Air Var Capacitor 2X12-550pF from vintage radio Menge, Air Var Capacitor 9-240pF+14-245pF with ceramic shaft, 3 sections Air Var Capacitor 9-45pF +10-200pF with ceramic shaft, Compact Air Var Capacitor 10-270 and 9-260pF, Compact Air Var Capacitor 4-495 and 9-495pF, Air Var Capacitor 25-600pF with 1:30 quality reducer, Reared Air Var Capacitor 3x7-58pF with reducer, 5-325pF and 5-390pF Very compact Air Var Capacitor with reducer, 30-220pF Wide Spaced Air Var Capacitor with long shaft, Compact OIL FILLED Var capacitor 33-650pF, Compact OIL FILLED Var capacitor 34-2100pF, Compact widely spaced air Var capacitor 2-45pF, Hi-quality (ceramic, bearings) 4X500pF with reducer, 2 x 8-110pF air variable with 127/220 VAC motor, Compact Air Variable capacitor 3x10-430pF, 21-209 pF Air Variable Widespaced Capacitor, 3x8-430pF small size air var with reducer, 3x6-520pF small size air var with reducer, 2x8-430pF small size air var with reducer, 3 Section Air variable with reducer and top cover 3x7-490 pF, Elegant Tuning Knobs (lower part 44mm,33mm,27mm diam) for 6mm shaft, Tuning knobs for 11 position ceramic switch, Compact 4 positions ceramic switch for 1-2kW, Tuning knobs, are OK for 11 position ceramic switch, High quality 51 turns roller coil( 15cm length,8cm diam),88uH,2100g, Huge 16 turns Roller Coil for 5-10kW and more, Roller coil with integrated turns counter, 49 uH, High quality 22 turns roller coil, OK up to 1 kW, High quality 20 turns roller coil, OK up to 1.5 kW, 4.5kW Variometer from R-140 station (1-30MHz).

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