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Percy kept on running, his heart so high and chest it felt like nausea. While the seven wreck Ozai with water manipulation and lightning. Comments: 56 Kudos: 112 Bookmarks: 7 Hits: 10066 . Eragon is not only an elf but peak elf, since he was able to beat the best elven swordsman. Annabeth seemed confused, as Percy confidently walked up to the monster, and raised his hand. Every since Percy and Annabeth returned from Tartarus, some things have changed. He heard Annabeth's voice call for him. "You're just afraid for me. Round 1: Current Percy, basic gear, in-character vs DCEU Aquaman, basic gear, in-character 10 meters apart Fight in a empty city. The Amagi Recommended for you. Hell no, Percy didn't knew where was Kronos's weak point. They were now a hundred feet above the Argo 2, and little did they know Frank was watching the entire thing, trying to get them to stop horsing around. "I hate you!" Étant un demi-dieu, il se rend à la colonie des Sang-Mêlé, où tous les demi-dieux peuvent s'entraîner à survivre. True, Nico shouldn't have taken that much weight, but he was only trying to protect us and he thought quickly. See more ideas about Percy jackson, Percy, Jackson. At first I was afraid. He turned around, and Piper thought she saw his eyes a shade darker than they usually are, but they returned to normal. He had gotten everybody, and they ran outside. This is a collaboration with @Katniss Jean Grace Prior special thanks to her. Another tentacle was wrapped around the ship, and bring the ship back to the octopus. Frank tried not to look uneasy. Aang was the only person in the Avatar World who could use all four bending disciplines: airbending, waterbending, earthbending, and firebending. Jason grinned and went higher. Annabeth rolled her eyes. Percy never actually bloodbent. While Percy stood unresponsive, Annabeth addressed the armies. AVatar duo uses air bending and fire- bending to win. She planted a soft kiss on Percy's cheek before walking away, leaving Percy alone with just his thoughts. Percy and Annabeth had been flown on board via Jason and Frank, Percy still muttering 'I'm sorry' and Annabeth still sobbing her eyes out. Everyone instantly stopped moving and shouting at once. dark!percabeth . "You promised you wouldn't do it again!" Firstly, Percy Jackson is the love of her life. My eyes followed the movement. Percy's sea green eyes swivelled towards the sound, his windswept ebony locks falling over his forehead in the torrential rain. Piper looked a little nauseous at the prospect of literally walking on something's heart, but she swallowed any comments she might have made. Healing is a sub-skill of waterbending that allows the bender to heal wounds; by using water as a catalyst, they can redirect energy paths around the body, concentrating more energy into a wounded area and allowing that area to heal at an accelerated rate. Percy was still leaning against the railing when Annabeth finally left to go to bed. When he came back, it became a whole lot better. "What are you doing?" Jul 13, 2017 - DARK BLOODBENDING PERCY (art: Indigonite on tumblr and Ig) / omg he could... just.. soak the blood out of his enemies... no. He felt like lying down and guzzling down some blue coke, but he had more pressing problems to deal with. Il rencontre à la colonie Annabeth Chase, fille d'Athéna, et retrouve son ami Grover Underwood, un Satyre (créature mi homme mi bouc). Even Coach Hedge. After a few seconds nothing happened, and even the monster was like: 'really?' Percy sends a little blast of water towards Jason, who reflects it. "Look around you!" I don't want to come off too strong. Percy got a new kind of look. We didn't go to Tartarus and back for you to destroy each other. it would hide us from the army of monsters that stood on his heart by the doors." Percy was also able to survive Tartarus which is an excellent feat considering that he and Annabeth faced dozens of terrors down there like Akhlys, Nyx and all of her children, the Arai and even Tartarus himself who outclasses even the gods and titans and giants. At least, they tried to. I'm the son of Poseidon, and we're on a ship." "Percy! she stood slowly and left the room to stand guard for Percy. Dans le but de protéger son fils, Sally se maria avec Gaby Uggliano, surnommé Gaby-Pue-Grave ou Boule-puante par P… He has developed a darker new side, but he keeps it under control for the most part, while the seven nico try to keep their cool about what's to come. In order to stop the war brewing between camps, Percy uses bloodbending, a power he discovered in Tartarus. Wiki Points . Our enemy is Gaea! I loathed Ron. Whenever one slept, the other kept guard, and Percy had a habit of crouching over Annabeth's sleeping body. Perseus \"Percy\" Jackson was born on August 18, to Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas, and Sally Jackson, a mortal who could see through the mist. Jason lifted himself off the ground a couple of feet. "Percy!" Annabeth removed her hand from his shoulder and hugged him. He changed the tide and tortured her relentlessly. ... Bloodbending. "We came upon Akhlys, goddess of misery. Who do you ... the rest of the body would fight against the control, so no bloodbending is possible unless you are can control ALL of the blood. So I say Percy 8/10. You know, with pillows and blankets and mattresses. He nodded at Leo, and then ran towards the monster. The seven froze and looked at her, and in this short moment the monster threw all of them off, injuring most of them. Percy enveloped his bottom half in a light, barely visible sheet of water, and raised the water, so he was in the air too, head to head with Jason. "We were wandering alone, Bob and Small Bob had gone diagonally." "Come on, you guys go inside and get cleaned up. "You, Leo, can go in the fire room, the furnace." Not. "And then there was this time where Leo tried to cook, but he ended up getting frustrated and almost burned down the entire kitchen." Because Percy wasn't asleep. Leo was starting to feel sick. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Percy had a really, really rough childhood. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan (10) Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types (8) ... Bloodbending (Avatar) (261) Waterbending & Waterbenders (52) Angst (51) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (46) Firebending & Firebenders (32) Earthbending & Earthbenders (28) Slow Burn (24) Bending (Avatar) (24) Hurt/Comfort (23) Airbending & Airbenders … "Some things aren't meant to be controlled, remember?" Then Percy rushed over to Jason. So now, Percy and Jason were just sitting on the railing of the ship, talking about life, the girls, basically everything possible. The waters instantly calmed. she shouted. Annabeth wanted to run to him, but knew she had to deal with the monster. The two must have been exhausted. Betrayed by his family and friends Percy is banished to an unknown world and left for dead. "I thought the Pit had stolen what made Percy, Percy.". The two camps were preparing to fight, and the seven hoped to make it back in time to prevent seven themselves had just defeated the giants (with some last minute help from the gods), and were not anxious to fight again. "I'm sorry," he whispered, his voice shaking. 13 days ago. A chill crept over Jason as he realized that whatever Percy was doing, it wasn't natural. Game by: Alisa Christopher and Doll Divine Dress up and style your favorite characters from the Nickelodeon cartoon ATLA, then arrange them however you like! If he was being honest, Percy scared Jason quite a bit. Posted by. by icanthelpbutsmile Follow. At this moment he looked far older than seventeen years old. Percy Jackson would undoubtedly win in a fight against harry potter because of the simple fact that water is almost everywhere and so Percy could just take harry's wand away without even touching him with his hands. Annabeth asked as she stood next to him. The Bloodbender (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) The One Taken Hostage. When had Percy discovered this power? If he let any of them get up close, he’d most certainly be toast. They put up a good fight, and almost overpowered the monster, until one of the tentacles threw Annabeth into the ship, right next to Percy, getting her badly hurt but still conscious. "You should've seen his face when Piper walked in." Jason's eyes widened at the word 'again'. "He discovered how to do it in... the Pit." The author would like to thank you for your continued support. By: that-queer-nerd. When she had stopped crying long enough to talk, Annabeth promised to tell them what had happened. This is a 5 way Harry Potter crossover with Avatar the Last Airbender, Shadowhunters, Percy Jackson, and Assassin’s creed. Her body was coated with horrendous wounds, she barely looked like Annabeth anymore. Percy Jackson. Leo appreciated the gesture. It was Annabeth. Jul 13, 2017 - DARK BLOODBENDING PERCY (art: Indigonite on tumblr and Ig) / omg he could... just.. soak the blood out of his enemies... no .. Percy Jackson ... Percy Jackson Fan Art Percy Jackson Memes Percy Jackson Books Percy Jackson Fandom Percy Jackson Comics Solangelo Percabeth Rick Riordan Series Rick Riordan Books. He rolled his eyes. How will the other demigods react to this display of power? Percy looked down. "HEY! I was petrified. "There's a monster." She can even go further to control her opponents ’ movements, like some creepy puppet master. If you wish to proceed, do so at your own risk! I've always loved the Percy Jackson Series.When my brother or I were sick, our dad would read us a bit of The Lightning Thief, and it never failed to make us laugh.And that's the least funny book in the series (so that's saying a lot). Percy Jackson meets the Avengers. "Percy!" Of course, since they came back from Tartarus, the scent of the son of Poseidon at sea attracted a whole lot more monsters, and they had to fight off every single one. Trigger warnings for mentions of suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence. "Now," Percy practically hissed. I had caught her kissing Mario next to Zeus's Fist. Secondly, she has to keep their friends safe from him. How would these couple fare against each other? Just then, Annabeth had come to check up on Frank, and she saw both Percy and Jason fall onto the ground. So in conclusion Percy Jackson … There was a huge octopus kind of monster, its tentacles hitting the ship and sending it a few waves back. Jason shrugs. Leo thought that torturing a goddess was totally cruel, but Percy and Annabeth had been in hell! Bloodbending. No one knew who Bob was, but none of them dared to ask. B/c Percy's bloodbending isn't canon. Percy stood at the front of the ship, looking out over the water. Apr 25, 2019 - It's another Dam Percy Jackson board. Q #2) What would Percy Jackson be like if the series was written by George R.R. Jason: the Last Airbender by bbandittt on DeviantArt. You have no idea how tempting it is to control it. ... (Up to 4): Armless waterbending, bloodbending, Cloud manipulation, healing "Is everybody ok?" "If anything comes, I'll hold it off until you guys run up here. Before Katara could stand up again and try Bloodbending once more, Percy grabbed the ocean currents around him, and started to spin them around. She swallowed a sob and took a shaky breath. Given that Percy is the western equivalent of a shounen protagonist, he's got willpower in spades. She is surprised to see him again, but doesn't seem interested. "He used her poison against her. I was so, so, so scared in that instant." the one where annabeth tries to stop kronos with her j. crew coupons feat. Currently, Percy was sleeping in his cabin, and the rest of the seven were in the stables, because it had the most room. Jason looked a bit uncomfortable. Not again.' Discussion/Theory. "Percy!" Annabeth shook her head. This story is not based off of any true story and non of the acts in here were ever committed, obviously. He didn't even have a weapon out! I would say yes, Percy should be able to control blood. Jason was snapped out of his musings when Camp Half Blood came into view. Katara "Bloodbending" - #Katara #quotBloodbendingquot. Maybe a friend can help him... #banished #chaos #percyjackson #pjo. Champion of Hestia. Just thinking about those two made Jason sad. Your review has been posted. It fell into the water, nothing left of it. ᴢᴀᴘ . "That's something you don't do often." In order to stop the war brewing between camps, Percy uses bloodbending, a power he discovered in Tartarus. 6. "Percy?" When evil awakens the Gods realize they need their hero back, but after 50 years of banishment Percy may not be so eager to help. Death Mist basically appears when you are close to death. ... can break free of bloodbending. A/N: This will be a little bit different that the rest of the fanfictions around, it may ruin your entire view on this fandom. "I'll check on ALL-" She looked at Percy. No one ever tried to sneak up on them after the time Leo had almost been decapitated by Riptide. When Percy and Annabeth were in Tartarus, the spirits of the team had gone down, because Percy was the one who cheered them all up and kept them together. Because Percy wasn't asleep. Everybody snorted at this, but then returned their focus to the task at hand. Percy was gleaming with happiness. ... Percy Jackson Serie Percy Jackson Memes Percy Jackson Fandom Percy Jackson Head Canon Percy Jackson Books Magnus Chase Percabeth Solangelo Fandoms Unite. Percy beat Kronos? I had never broken up with Annabeth. Percy Jackson meets the Avengers. Percy snorted. Percy grinned. "Watching out for-" "We both know you aren't." Is water mentioned anywhere in his résumé? But I couldn't think of Nico's wrongs right now, all I felt was the absolute loathing and rage towards Ron. "I had my own fun too. When evil awakens the Gods realize they need their hero back, but after 50 years of banishment Percy may not be so eager to help. The power to manipulate water. Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, resident badass, and king of the whole entire series tbh.

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