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It has been heavily revamped with the new syllabus and is now more of a skills-based module. Each paper reflects the latest Bagrut format, containing Access to Information from Written Texts (Reading) and Presentation (Writing). Module C: The Craft of Writing How to write a creative writing piece So, the first thing I’d like to look at is: what is it that makes some short stories more interesting than others. Namely, the task can be one paragraph or more. How to Write a Band 6 Discursive Writing Piece for HSC English Module C. DISCURSIVE WRITING ART OF SMART. This sample unit models how Module C can be run as a discrete module for 30 hours. Unlike the requirements of the Module G writing task, the students writing the Module C task should not be penalized for not “paragraphing”. An Indefinite Guide to Module C: The Craft of Writing Just like any section of the English Advanced HSC Exam, Module C accounts for 20 marks. I’d like to give you guys a few pointers about what I think is important in the crafting of a good short story. faq: nesa: MODULE c: craft of WRITING. They will reflect and comment upon how writing craft grows from the rigorous processes of reflection and refinement. No longer is Module C another Module analysing texts and writing essays. The aim is to provide students with a little extra support in their preparation for trial and all HSC examinations. One of the biggest changes in the new HSC English syllabus is the introduction of a new writing-focused module, aptly named ‘The Craft of Writing’ and the introduction of a new form of writing which may be unfamiliar for many students, called discursive writing.. Common to both Advanced and Standard English, this module assesses a student’s ability to craft effective pieces of writing … If you have a task like Example C above that asks you to “include at least ONE literary device or stylistic feature that you have explored during your study of a prescribed text in Module C… art of smart:mod c: how TO WRITE A REFLECTIVE STATEMENT. What is the purpose of Module C: The Craft of Writing? To do this, they’ve developed a Module that requires you to write in a variety of different modes: Imaginative: Imaginative writing is creative writing. The activities in this resource will help you develop your skills in answering questions in the examination for Module C. Year 12 English Advanced. As a student, it's important that you do not see this resource as a substitute for the coursework you have been completing with your teacher and peers. In this way, close reading is companion to the craft of writing. ART OF SMART: MOD C: PRACTICE QUESTIONS. The module encourages students to engage in varied writing experiences for a range of audiences and purposes. Instead, the new Module C: The Craft of Writing is aimed at helping you become a better writer. English standard-setting and symbolism in imaginative writing. MODULE C: CRAFT OF writing. ... Unpacking sample questions and discursive writing samples. The craft of writing. Standard Module C: The Craft of Writing This blog post offers an overview of the Prescribed Texts for Standard English Module C, 'The Craft of Writing'. This is the module that relies heavily on improvisation and your ability to think on the spot, more so than others. The Module C Checklist: How to write a Craft of Writing creative in the HSC. This resource focuses on English-Standard Module C, The Craft of Writing. NSW Department of Education. For example, if the student is required to describe "a nice thing that someone did for him" but he only describes "a nice thing" such as a car. EXAM PRACTICE FOR MODULE C contains 10 test papers. Through engagement with the module students will be provided with opportunities to strengthen and extend their knowledge, skills and confidence in writing. Module C – Ideas for The Craft of Writing – Discursive, Imaginative, Informative and Persuasive 2Jun, 2019 Although we have written our HSC blog post on Module C, we have noticed that it has heaps of hits to our site and many students have contact us for more information and guidance.

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