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Telephone: +91 11-45538925 Patola Silk or popularly known as 'Queen of all silks' forms a major part of traditional Gujarati attire. The decorative end, or the pallu, is draped over the right shoulder, brought from back to the front in a pleated fashion. SUGGESTED RESOURCES. Women dress up in colorful and elaborately embroidered Ghaghra, cholis, anklets, bracelets etc. Male also wear special outfit called kediya dress during the navratri season. The majority of Miao women wear a very full pleated skirt of varying lengths, depending on the area, which swings sensuously as they walk. The Mekhela Chadors are mostly made from Muga Silk, Paat Silk or Eri Silk. Kediyu/Angarakhu, a short, embellished coat cladding the body’s upper portion. Ghagra/Chaniya Choli: It goes without saying that this particular piece of traditional Gujarati clothing is probably one of the most popular ethnic wear. Women’s traditional dress Traditional attire for Rajasthani women is ghagra, choli (also called kanchli or kurti) and odhni. People from all over the world admire Ghagra for its lively and charming outlook which can also be worn with an Odhni which is a Dupatta or a Chunri. It represents the age-old culture and the modern changes coexisting in unison with each other. Read on to acquaint yourself with all the aspects of multifaceted Guajarati culture. This clothing wear is referred to as a Chorn that can also be found easily anywhere in one of the many market places here. Clothing for festivals in Gujarat There are many festivals celebrated throughout Gujarat. It is worn by wrapping this piece of clothing around the waist and through the legs and finally tucking it in. Ltd. Handicrafts Culture in Gujarat – Arts and Crafts. Today many modifications are prevalent to the basic pattern and even men are free to join in. Clothing in India is dependent upon the different ethnicity, geography, climate, and cultural traditions of the people of each region of India. Women dawn this traditional attire which is made out of colorful patterns, mirror work, and interesting ethnic designs, during some festival or a traditional occasion. On this occasion, Gujaraties buy new clothing and accessories. Garbi Copyright © Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. Odisha Traditional Dress: Odisha is an Eastern Indian state of India, by the beautiful Bay of Bengal and enclosed by the West Bengal. The traditional attires often incorporate tie-dye or traditional block prints. Traditionally, no garments were worn under the jacket, which is usually fastened with a pair of simple narrow ties at the waist. A Chaniyo can be paired up with a beautiful top or a tunic which goes well with the bottom wear. The attire for Dandiya consists of chaniya-choli with bandhani dupattas for women and traditional kedias for men. Traditional Dresses Of Gujarat Biography Like the land of Gujarat the costumes of Gujarat also show huge variety in color and form. Phento: While going through the pictures of the local Gujarati men you will find a stunning resemblance with the local men of Rajasthan which is due to the adorning of a traditional colorful hat. It has an ancient culture and popular for classical dance. The women wear Chaniyo choli, Chaniyo is a colored petticoat embroidered with glass pieces while choli is a colored piece of coarse cloth covering the upper body. The traditional dress of Gujarat is unique in its own way. Chaniyo: One may easily confuse a Chaniyo with a Lehenga since they both look almost similar to each other. The Punjabi ghagra was the traditional apparel for women before the advent of the Punjabi suit.It is still worn in parts of the Punjab region and the outfit comprises the head scarf, kurta/kurti, suthan/salwar and the ghagra. The origin and history of these saris can be traced back to the 12th century when Salvi weavers hailing from Maharashtra and Karnataka came to Gujarat. 604 SPANISH MUSTANG DR CEDAR PARK TX- 78613 – 7837, Wz-25 A, Nangli Jalib, B1 – Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058, India London. The basic Miao female dress consists of a jacket and skirt. Manipuris are setting new trends with their ancient and original attires. The area of Kutch has an unique traditional attire adorned by ladies called Abhas. Gujarati brides are adorned with silk and zari woven sarees of Gharchola and Panetar. Patola saris from Gujarat are one of the most popular kinds that are available in the market. https://indiathedestiny.com/india-society/costumes/gujarat-traditional-costumes The local women use a Chunri to wear it diagonally or to cover their heads as seen among the local village residents in and around the region of Gujarat. Originated in Gujarat, it holds a significant place in Navratri celebrations. They have separate category of costumes for daily wear and occasional wear as well. Having birthed with the Garba dance, the Kediyu and Kafni Pajama duo is meant to offer freedom of movement to the limbs and torso. Available in a range of different shades of colors this is a petticoat like clothing wear which also sort of looks like a traditional skirt. The Chaniyo is filled with various unique thread works and even mirror works which makes it all the more pretty to wear and look at. Though Gujarat is one of the most industrialized states in India, yet it has quite efficiently preserved its rich cultural and traditional inheritances since distant past.

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