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The sugar thus produced, by constant stirring and evaporation almost to dryness, forms a species of small-grained concrete. Amastan 1 2288932 Don't forget to stir the stew. The charge of salt-cake (generally 3 cwt. What I hear at night is the creaking of stairs, when I know that nobody ought to be stirring. Soul-stirring definition: arousing excitement and enthusiasm; uplifting | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples With a hand mixer, you no longer need to spend time stirring and whisking everything by hand, leaving you more time in the kitchen. Which of the statements below is true about the sentence “It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”. In the corporal's changed face, in the sound of his voice, in the stirring and deafening noise of the drums, he recognized that mysterious, callous force which compelled people against their will to kill their fellow men--that force the effect of which he had witnessed during the executions. It probably dates from about the beginning of the first century B.c .2 As it supplies a detailed and accurate record of the forty years from the accession of Antiochus Epiphanes to the death of Simon (175-135 B.C. My ringworm worried her more than the swarms of rumors the local gossips were stirring. She shook her head, emotions stirring one more. How to say stirring in English? A violent gale shot upwards, lifting clots of mud into the air. Allow the cream to sit and melt the chocolate for about 5 minutes before stirring. 🔊 It is the artist who uses technique not as an end but as a means to the end of communicating an idea, challenging paradigms. This stirring memorial is dedicated to Marine Corps personnel who have perished since the Corps was formed in 1775. 5. Continue adding stock one ladleful at a time and stirring constantly until the rice is al dente. melt the tallow with gentle heat and add the other ingredients, stirring until cold. Slowly add the Champagne while stirring gently. MommyNiri.com, another independent review site also gave the product a stirring review, saying "I have been impressed with every result. Strange how such a placid moment could stir up such emotional turmoil. : Just watch the color and the smell and stir a few times at the right moments. Stir in sugar and continue cooking at a hard boil, stirring to keep mixture from sticking to bottom of pan. She glared at him, the blue fire in her eyes stirring his blood. The launch of the York City Supporters' Trust was packed with memories, And then there's a beautifully realised song which contains a, Cuvette temperature was controlled by a circulating water bath, and the contents were continuously agitated by a magnetic, The French socialists, on the other hand, were intent on, They were agitators, fomenting revolution and, Pretty soon this all-purpose waste will have its appalling effect on insects. The stranger sat without stirring, either resting or, as it seemed to Pierre, sunk in profound and calm meditation. A: Yeah! He reached past her, his heat and scent stirring her senses once more. AND hereby mayest thou see that we should direct all our beholding unto this meek stirring of love in our will. 50. Continue to cook, stirring until mushrooms are well browned and any moisture released from the mushrooms has evaporated. and of his wife Eleanor of Albuquerque, born on the 29th of June 1 397, was one of the most stirring and most unscrupulous kings of the 15th century. Slowly add in cheese, stirring until it is completely melted. - My… How To Use Stirring In A Sentence? Something was boiling in a small cauldron at the edge of the fire and a soldier in a peaked cap and blue overcoat, lit up by the fire, was kneeling beside it stirring its contents with a ramrod. 1. agitating a liquid with an implement 2. arousing to a particular emotion or action. handfuls finely chopped mushrooms to the pan; sear without stirring for 3 minutes, then stir and cook until liquid evaporates. When completely melted, remove from heat and add in the whipping cream, Swap the whisk for a wooden spoon as it thickens, and continue. In the north one great Visigoth family not only accepted Islam, but founded a dynasty, with its capital at Saragossa, which played a stirring part in the 8th and 9th centuries, the Beni-Casi, or Beni-Lope. Charles had no difficulty in stirring up the commercial jealousy of England so as to bring about a second Dutch war (1672). Supersaturation may also be overcome in many cases by … Stirring your drink will not result in the coolness provided by the microscopic chips of ice floating in your drink after a good turn in the cocktail shaker. I woke to Jade stirring. The stirring is therefore discontinued and the clay cylinder is either left embedded in the glass, or by the exercise of considerable force it may be gradually withdrawn. 3- Even signing and guaranteed bonuses are stirring. … CK 2267773 Stir the soup until it boils. To use stir fry sauce to make stir fry: Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large skillet or wok. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Stirring. The custom of delivering expositions or comments more or less extemporaneous on the lessons of the day at all events passed over soon and readily into the Christian Church, as may be gathered from the first Apology (c. 67) of Justin Martyr, where we read that, in connexion with the practice of reading portions from the collected writings of the prophets and from the memoirs of the apostles, it had by that time become usual for the presiding minister to deliver a discourse in which "he admonishes the people, stirring them up to an imitation of the good works which have been brought before their notice.". Definition of Stirring. It was a large, sprawling home on an acre. Bring up to the boil, stirring constantly with a wire whisk, until the sauce blends and thickens. Lower the heat to medium-low flame and cook the vegetables, stirring frequently, until they start to soften. Add the red wine, allow to bubble for a few minutes, Conn put the parchment down as he heard the woman, Around the little valley, other families are, Economic development, then, is not simply about adding a cornucopia of talent or cool, then shaking and, Add the cocoa nibs and 5-spice powder while, Although the university has not made a final decision regarding the alcohol ban, the mere mention of alcohol-free residences is already, Such photos generally blur into the sameness of routine, but this particular one is unexpectedly. 103. Some units speed composting with aerators, stirring the compost, while others use heat to move the process along. Traducir stirring de Inglés a español. The population of Washington increased from 61,122 to 109,199 or 78.6% in the decade from 1860 to 1870, and the stirring effects of the Civil War were far-reaching. 1. capable of arousing enthusiasm or excitement 2. exciting strong but not unpleasant emotions. glug of red wine or cold water and carry on stirring. Stir sentence examples. Translations of the phrase IS STIRRING from english to spanish and examples of the use of "IS STIRRING" in a sentence with their translations: The bad dream is stirring … Morthoe, Luton Hoo, the Hoe at Plymouth, &c.; this is the same as Northern English "heugh" and is connected with "hang"), an agricultural and gardening implement used for extirpating weeds, for stirring the surface-soil in order to break the capillary channels and so prevent the evaporation of moisture, for singling out turnips and other root-crops and similar purposes. Cook over low heat, stirring. The Hevea product is obtained annually by tapping the trees and coagulating the sap over a smoky fire, but the caucho is procured by felling the tree and collecting the sap in a hollow in the ground where it is coagulated by stirring in a mixture of soap and the juice of a plant called vetilla. Stan spent several minutes stirring his hot coffee with a metal spoon until it was mixed with the creamer. This bracing of the vital feeling takes place by means of imaginative appeal to the great forces man perceives stirring within him and about him, such appeal proving effective doubtless by reason of the psychological law that to conceive strongly is XXIII. long, with an upright board and a reservoir at one end, from which they obtained as much as 200 barrels per year by stirring the sands with a pole.". stir. Polenta is made by stirring the maize flour into boiling water, traditionally in a heavy copper saucepan. It features a beautiful angel along with glitter and sparkly snowflakes which can be viewed as you listen to a stirring Jazz rendition of "Christmas All Year Long.". 52- We need some more pot- stirring to get us through the slow news period. See the striking lines, the stirring verse and the reflection like the last embers of a dying winter fire! Stirring vigorously could introduce air bubbles. He told it to me not because it was dazzling or fancy in any way, but because it was gnawing at him. At he same time he brought forward another determination bas ° d on the heating effects observable when water is forced through capillary tubes; the number obtained in this way was 77 o A third method, depending on the observation of the heat evo ved by the mechanical compression of air, was employed a yea or two later, and yielded the number 798; and a fourth - the wel -known frictional one of stirring water with a sort of paddlewh:el - yielded the result 890 (see Brit. My mind stirred with the stirring times, and the characters round which the life of two contending nations centred seemed to move right before me. 1 She felt a stirring of anger. You can dry your rice on a hot skillet over an oven flame, carefully stirring the flour so that it doesn't overheat or become stuck to the pan and burn. Once liquid has been absorbed, add another ladleful of stock, stirring constantly until the liquid has once again been absorbed. Add the chopped aubergine (eggplant) and fry, stirring frequently, for 5 minutes. Definition of Stir. Not a soul was stirring. This pathetic attempt at stirring up sectarian hatred is the purest evidence yet of your desperation - Anyway, I thought you'd won? Add in the carrots, parsnips and potatoes, season with salt, pepper and cumin, and cook for five minutes, But they threw away a number of scoring opportunities in the penalty box area and wasted a number of. One stirring social incident at least marked this part of his life, for, during the revolutionary insurrection in March 1848, the young mathematician, as a member of a company of student volunteers, kept guard in the royal palace from 9 o'clock on the morning of the 24th of March till 1 o'clock on the afternoon of the following day. CK 1 2966105 Tom stirred the soup with a spoon. Add the yogurt and cook, stirring, for two minutes. Sentence examples for stirring dissent from inspiring English sources. 3. Stir the paint before you use it. Lemon tea - Stabilize your blood sugar by stirring a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey into a warm glass of water, and sipping on it. I am trying to understand this sentence, but just using a dictionary is not helpful: Prepared by treating starch with acetic acid anhydride and adipinic acid anhydride. Did it not stir you? Indeed, many prominent French and German divines still denied papal infallibility altogether; and Louis Napoleon had regularly fallen back on Richelieu's old device of stirring up the embers of Gallicanism, whenever the French clergy grew restive about his alliance with Victor Emmanuel. Add some sugar and stir.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” cauldron stirring the caldron, not the melting pot, said some. The examination of small test-pieces of the glass withdrawn from the crucible by means of an iron rod having shown that the molten mass is free from bubbles, the stirring process may be begun, the object of this manipulation being to render the glass as homogeneous as possible and to secure the absence of veins or striae in the product. Check it every fifteen to twenty minutes. Continue stirring until the rice is transparent - about 7-10 minutes. Place the maple syrup, cream and butter into a small pan and simmer over a medium heat till slightly thickened. Melt the tallow with gentle heat and add the other ingredients, stirring until cold. Stir to combine and cover with fresh whipped cream. Maybe it was the slight stirring of a breeze, maybe the temperature drop as another glorious sunset glowed yellow behind Slioch. a. Let this roux cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally for about four minutes. Translate stirring into Spanish. She took his hand but didn't look at him, the odd melancholy stirring his instincts once more. Boil coconut milk with spices and star anises. Add meat to skillet and cook over high heat, stirring with a Over the voices came a light little chuckle, stirring the grasses around me. Remove the saucepot from the heat and add the paprika, To the cold syrup add the extracted juice and mix by. Italian Translation of “stirring” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. The administrator of public safety is specially charged with the administration of the law in regard to aliens, and this law is applied to persons stirring up sedition. 1 Causing excitement or strong emotion; rousing. Use ‘stirring’ in a sentence | ‘stirring’ example sentences . Gently warm the gin or brandy in a large ladle or small pan and ignite, pouring over pan juices and stirring gently. 208+6 sentence examples: 1. Begin stirring while adding one teaspoon of lukewarm water. Then add lemon juice and the rest of the ingredients, stirring well. Cook until the rice has absorbed the stock and then add more hot stock. The government's military interventions really just stirred up a hornet's nest in the region. Combine the toffees and milk in a small heavy saucepan and cook over a low heat, The kitchen's been abuzz with everybody chopping, nibbling and, A sharp metallic clang could be heard, echoing throughout the whole forest, Critics have been falling over themselves to heap praise on the musician after she brought fans to their feet with, Yet in Iowa over the last few days, he has begun to appear more shopworn than, Alfred is a simon-pure Republican, rocked in his cradle to the, When people are unafraid to refuse a government thug's demands, something is. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. It was almost December, and Jonas was beginning to be frightened. stir up 1. Reduce heat to a simmer; add soy milk along with the arrowroot starch, stirring constantly until mixture is evenly blended. ), without doubt the most stirring chapter in Jewish history, the book is one of the most precious historical sources we possess. Cook, stirring constantly, for seven minutes. Translate stirring into Spanish. Each microwave behaves differently, so start at half power and heat for two to four minutes at a time, stirring between stages. When this happens (which could take an hour or more stirring by hand), add any fragrance, color, dried herbs or any other additives mentioned in your recipe. Beth was stirring next to me. The most stirring episode in the history of the Peiraeus is the seizure of Munychia by Thrasybulus and the exiles from Phyle, and the consequent destruction of the "30 tyrants" in 404 B.C. 2. the beginning of…. the earl of Derby was active in stirring up feeling in the county against the king, and in 1266 assembled a considerable force, which was defeated by the king's party at Chesterfield. In this water the cocoons are kept stirring by small brushes rotated by mechanical means, and as the silk softens the brushes gradually rise out of the water, bringing entangled with them the loose floss, and thereby revealing the main filament of each cocoon. Put water in the bottom, soap base in the top and heat on medium, stirring occasionally to help the base melt. 704725 Stir the soup. 3 The Prime Minister made a … Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Examples of Stirring in a sentence. Combine the mayonnaise, mustard, lemon zest, lemon juice, sea salt and pepper, All three have a natural, unforced chemistry on screen that never needs, British trade union mythology is full of wonderfully, The addition of phosphor copper or the use of a phosphate or borate slag flux cover and thorough, Gradually add the remaining hot liquid in large slurps, again. Synonyms for soul-stirring include emotional, moving, touching, affecting, poignant, stirring, emotive, heart-rending, heart-warming and powerful. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Stirring but also gives extensive definition in English language. Examples of Stir in a sentence. Can evolution explain the earthworm's activities of loosening. 7. Thicken up runny low-fat yogurt by stirring in a spoonful of lard. How to use stir up in a sentence. scald the milk then pour over the eggs stirring well. B: What?! The imaginative depiction of the North Pole and Father Christmas are magnificent, stirring wonder in young audiences. Examples of stirring in a Sentence. There is little sound except for the breeze stirring in the churchyard yew trees. 4. Add wine and a ladleful of hot stock and cook, The thin lauter mash is quickly transferred to the tun, given a last thorough, From the remarkable dynamic tensions of the compact body of the sculpture rise the figures of two athletes at the. Pour into eight clean plastic soft drink bottles, The prominent string section combined with Laronge's, Irradiation was carried out under permanent, Add the Stilton, milk and cream and heat gently, Meanwhile, cream the yeast in a bowl with the water and milk, then stir in the butter and keep. His gaze was penetrating and direct, stirring desire and fear within her. Add the milk and Parmesan cheese and simmer for one to two minutes. John of Gaunt having departed to Spain, where he was stirring up civil strife in the name of his wife, the heiress of Peter the Cruel, Gloucester put himself at the head of the opposition. 1818), who was more than any other man both the representative of an epoch fast vanishing and the harbinger of the new spirit that was stirring young Rumania. Combine the instant dashi or vegetable bouillon powder and boiling water in a saucepan. Sprinkle on the flour and cook for 30 seconds, Add the chicken and a little salt and leave to simmer for 8 minutes before, To this suspension equimolar quantities of an aldehyde and a chiral amine are added successively, while. The Word "Stir" in Example Sentences Page 1. On the other hand, they were threatened by an ominous stirring of the subject races in Hungary itself. The stirring melody of the Marseillaise and its ingenious adaptation to the words serve to disguise the alternate poverty and bombast of the words themselves.

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