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The Ibanez RGA Axion Label Series takes the sleek metal design we all know and love and adds a little more character and spice for the more adventurous guitar player. Search. The Ibanez AEG Acoustic guitar is a high-comfort acoustic guitar with slim body design, spruce top, and mahogany body as well as Fishman electronics and a balanced tone. Certain characteristics are commonly found among all Ibanez RG (Roadstar Guitar) models. Add to Cart. The Ibanez S Series Guitar has a signature slim body design which gives the guitar a lightweight and comfortable feel. Guitars! Ibanez guitars keep their tone. In Stock. Ibanez has always had its finger on the pulse of the guitar … These bass guitars use select timbers and high-end electronics and hardware with 4-string, 5-string and 6-string models available. IBANEZ. Popular models include; Ibanez AE1 guitar, Ibanez AE900 guitar, and Ibanez AE245 guitar. As we can see from the products mentioned above, the Ibanez range of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, hollow-body guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and pedals covers many different styles and tastes. 1974 Ibanez Artist Series. The Ibanez AM guitar range consists of the Ibanez AM53 Artcore guitar, Ibanez AM93ME guitar, and the Ibanez AM200 guitar. The Ibanez RG Iron Label series offers a range of guitars with quality timbers, pickups and hardware, and the Ibanez RG Premium guitars raise the bar yet again with a range of stunning select tonewoods, high-profile electronics, high-end hardware and a tone like no other. The Ibanez AE Acoustic guitar range offers a higher level of quality and tone and is Ibanez’s flagship acoustic-electric guitar line. Ibanez offers electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, effect and pedals, amps, plus guitar accessories like tuners, straps and picks. The Ibanez AFC Hollowbody guitar range includes the AFC Contemporary Archtop guitar series which is a modern take on a classic design. Definitely worth the drive. The Ibanez AS Artcore Expressionist range offers a higher quality instrument with finer appointments and timbers. The neck still feels fast and sleek for lead work and the added body contours give the guitar player a comfortable feel whether standing or sitting. The double-cutaway Ibanez Talman model is a comfortable acoustic guitar designed with the electric guitarist in mind. Guitar World Australia Guitar World 1/22 New Street Nerang, Gold Coast Queensland 4211 Australia … "Staff are awesome, very competitive pricing and a great range. Ibanez is one of the most popular guitar brands around and is the choice of Guitar Gods like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and many others. The Ibanez RG is perhaps one of the most familiar and recognized guitar within the Ibanez line. Top Guitars from Ibanez. The Ibanez Acoustic Bass guitar range offers a modern take on acoustic guitar-making traditions with a variety of models to suit every acoustic bassist. Other series in the Ibanez hollow-body range include the Ibanez AS hollow-body guitar, Ibanez AF guitar, Ibanez AFC guitar, Ibanez AG guitar, Ibanez AM guitar, Ibanez AKJ guitar Ibanez AFS guitar and the Ibanez AGS hollow-body guitar. Ibanez offers electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, effect and pedals, amps, plus guitar accessories like tuners, straps and picks By 1976, the Ibanez copy era officially came to an end when one of the major American guitar manufacturers--no longer amused by the copiers–successfully sued the highest profile copier, Ibanez. The Ibanez Talman Standard bass guitar has a unique look and feels only associated with the historic Talman design. The Ibanez SR Prestige Series adds Japanese-made craftsmanship with the SR5000, SR5005 5-string and the SR5006 6-string models leading the charge. The range consists of the Ibanez SR Bass, Talman Bass, BTB Bass as well as the AGB, AFB, AFR, SR Mezzo, and Upright Bass models. A long history of metal guitarists has cast this superior instrument, molding it for both speed and power. Haworth Guitars are a family owned and operated musical instrument retail business specialising in guitars, drums, keyboards, amplifiers, accessories and all things guitar related. Guitar World Australia Guitar … The Ibanez Troubadour Amplifier range is another compact offering by Ibanez and has proven to be very popular with traveling acoustic guitarists who want that crisp-acoustic tone without having to break their back lugging a PA system. Popular models include the Ibanez TCM50 guitar and the Ibanez TCY10E guitar. Sold Out - Contact Us $459.00 $529.00. The Ibanez Troubadour Amplifier range is compact, versatile and at a price-point that won't break the bank. The Ibanez B50 Banjo and Ibanez B200 Banjo models are among some of the most popular beginners to intermediate banjos on the market. The quality of the Ibanez nylon-string guitar is far beyond what many would expect. Popular models include the Ibanez AG75G guitar and the Ibanez AG95QA. For proof, all you have to do is look at this catalog and you'll notice that Ibanez electric guitars come in a variety of styles and shapes. Working with artists such as Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert allowed Ibanez … The Ibanez PF Acoustic guitar series is designed for performance with modern features and great tone while at an affordable price-point. for your peace of mind when shopping online. IBANEZ GUITARS | SUPPORT | Contact We uses cookies to … Ibanez also makes an array of awesome Mini-Pedals including the Big-Mini Tuner Pedal, Super Metal Mini Pedal, Mini Chorus Pedal, 850 Fuzz Mini Pedal, and Analogue Delay Mini Pedal. At Port Mac Guitars, we are truly committed to being the very best place Online and In-store where you can buy an Ibanez Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar or Bass Guitar. The Ibanez AM Hollowbody guitar was first released in the early 1980s and has a smaller body shape than most archtop guitars which provides increased playing comfort and minimal feedback. 22 Durgadin Drive,Albion Park Rail NSW 2527Trading Hours: 1B, 135-143 Princes Highway,Fairy Meadow NSW 2519Trading Hours: and a strong history of Ibanez pushing the boundaries to support that belief. Next in the Ibanez S guitar range is the Ibanez Axion Label S Series which includes the brutal-sounding Fishman Fluence pickups. With a huge range in our online store, we have something to suit every budget. As far as the eye can see! The Ibanez SR Premium Bass Series is even more impressive with a big focus on playability and performance. They're well known for designing guitars to suit heavier, more technical styles of … The Ibanez Signature Guitar Range are some of the most popular Ibanez guitar models available and are some of the coolest guitars on the planet. The Ibanez FR Series comes in both the Iron Label Series as well as the highly-spec'd Ibanez Prestige Series.

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