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This chart is to approximate the weight and age of your striper. Yellow bass are yellow in color, with distinct broken stripes, while white bass lack stripes or a tooth patch in the middle of the tongue. Because yellow perch are among the finest flavored pan fish, they are occasionally misrepresented on menus within the restaurant industry. The photo at the right here was taken from the Department of Game and Fish website. However, the record rock bass is 3.74 pounds/1.7 kilograms and 17 inches/43 cm long. Yellow Bass will spawn when water temps are between 60-65 degrees and will use rock, gravel, and sand bottoms. Adults usually weigh from 1-4 pounds, but they can grow to 20 lbs. The maximum life span is estimated to be six years (Priegel, 1975). Yellow bass feed mainly on insect larvae and small fishes, including minnows, silversides, and small threadfin shad. Another rung down the ladder, Yellow Bass are one of the smallest members of the Temperate Bass family. Both sexes mature around 3 years of age. Even complete beginners will have an easy time reeling one in. To be fair, people catch them more for their meat than their might. Smallmouth Bass are especially strong for their size. Bass - Pike - sunfish - walleye length to weight formula is on page bottom. They only weigh 1/2 … Bass grow continually; the larger the fish, the older it usually is. They don’t put up much of a fight, and rarely weigh more than a pound. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: Jordan and Eigenmann described yellow bass in 1887. Yellow perch are a popular sport fish, prized by both recreational anglers and commercial fishermen for their delicious, mild flavor. Striped Bass … Adult size: 10–18 inches. In the many years of fishing, we at BassFishing-Gurus.com have never seen a rock bass larger than 1.5 pounds. The average adult size of a smallmouth is 15-20 inches. Rock Bass is not a very large fish and does not fight much. They tend to average between half a pound up to one pound in most lake settings. The last several weeks, when I read the fishing reports for the Fairmount area in the outdoor news, it says people are catching yellow bass on several of the lakes. and two feet long. Age - Weight - length chart . Scientific Name: Morone chrysops. A = length and B = girth. Distribution: Native to the Tennessee River basin; introduced to rivers and lakes throughout the state, but scarce on the coastal plain. Striped Bass length to weight to Age Chart. The state record is 1# 9 oz. White perch, rock bass, and many species of sunfish (genus Lepomis) are sometimes referred to as "perch" on menus. Other Species . During this time, the male will build a nest in shallow water above a gravel or rock bottom. First I'll give you the particulars on the catch, and then I'll go into my search for the present location of the mount. Examples of Local Size Laws In most fishing spots in Illinois the size limit for small and large mouth bass ranges from 14 … Bass must also be immediately released between April 1st and June 15. Yellow Bass. Spawning occurs in the early spring, when water temperature begins to rise above 60 degrees. The previous state record was 22 pounds. The answers to the usual questions are: 27 pounds, 5 ounces. but there are several fish every year caught off the IGL that are over a pound. Length X length X length / 1,950. Yellow bass grow very fast and few adults live past 4-5 years of age.

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