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We’re excited that the first Grado to be built from the cocobolo tree is our Heritage Series GH2. They are wireless and offer more freedom to move, and are slightly more comfortable and more stable. An Introduction to one of the world's best open headphone brands I already own the Grado SR80i and SR60i headphones. Invariably there comes a time in a product’s lifespan when it has to bow down to newer, better competition. So how does it sound? So when I was asked to review the newly released update to the Prestige Series leader, the SR325e, I jumped on it! Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. Honestly, the only real way to improve over the GH3 would be to aim higher in Grado’s lineup; no other manufacturer offers a headphone with this level of clarity and soundstage. Carroll is a headphone junkie residing in Brooklyn. Add at least two items to compare. The SR225e and SR325e will come with what Grado calls the L Cushion pad. In general, I think Grado has the most comfortable fit of all open-back headphones in this echelon. Advertiser Disclosure. The GH4 makes you feel as if you’re resting against a cloud. Displaying a fair amount of depth and placement, the GH3 shines in this department, offering greater clarity and space than other headphones at this price range. We built our GH1 out of maple wood from a fallen tree just a few blocks from where Grado … Despite feeling a little less robust, this does keep the headphones a bit lighter. The real upgrade is in their sound: clearer and weightier than the SR325ises, they are as musical as they come. GRADO SR325e. They also have a microphone and pack a bit more bass. Why is Grado SR325e better than Grado SR80e? Grado SR325e. Nominal Impedance:  32 ohms The Grado 325e certainly does deliver, but is it worth the asking price? Minor compression may be present in the upper mids, but this is far from a deal breaker; the GH3 seems to do most things right in the midrange, and I’ll take a bit of compression in exchange for the level of detail at this price. Print Email. And how does this Heritage Grado stack up against its competition? From the minute this headphone touches my ears, I’m pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and airy it feels. We start with Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel and the Grados burst into life, lapping up the song’s rhythmic energy. 2Hz lower low-frequency? This achievement is even further exacerbated by the clean sound and tonal accuracy that comes with a wood housing. Thanks to the acoustic nature of the pine housing, alongside the use of the Grado S-Cush pads, this headphone rises above my expectations as to just how good a low end can sound. Compared to the plastic-housing SR225e or the aluminum-housing SR325e, the GH3 stands apart with cleaner, more accurate headroom. You could do a lot worse, but not a whole lot better; snag this baby before it’s out of stock. If you want a more neutral-sounding headphone without the natural warmth of the GH3, check out the SR225e at $200. Energetic and driving at times, the sound here comes across and powerful and solid. The Grado GW100 Wireless are better headphones than the Grado SR325e/SR325. Unfortunately, this padding design is too small to fully encompass … With the metal housing, padded leather headband, and a 1960s look to them, they are considered more stylish than other Grado … The Heritage Series dynamic open-back GH3 … the "bowl" pad. However, this slightly rolled high end easily compliments the low-end-heavy nature of the GH3. At $325, the GH3 marks the first Grado Heritage model with on-ear padding, and the first wood-housing Grado to retail below $495. Frequency Range: 17-24,000 Hz Nominal Impedance: 32 ohms Sound Pressure Level: 99.8 As evidenced by these specs, the GH3 rocks a fairly standard frequency range which should translate to a little extension in the lows and highs. is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Buy only from the approved sources I use myself for th… They just added some extra pepper to that low end. This also allows the GH3 to be used with a low output device, making it perfect for those listening to music on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Best … For this new model, Grado… Have done so for many years. © With GRADO SR325e you will be able to hear an absolutely staggering amount of detail. Bass and lows seem impressively intense. And that’s probably the big takeaway regarding the design of the GH3 – low weight. Because this headphone doesn’t just sport a more intense low end, with good bass at the expense of the mids and highs. Back to Product List. Grado GH3 Heritage Series Headphone (Followup review by Dale - new ... SR225e, SR325e) - Duration: 6:03. Here we have the typical Grado sound: Sparkle at the top, plenty of air, and a somewhat Sibilant sound when … Cabling includes the thinner 6 ft wire found on models like the RS60e. Soundstage remains as light and airy as the headphone itself. soundtrack. Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amp Review, Cyrus Audio Announces the New XR Series Amplifiers, Cambridge Audio to Release Melomania Touch True Wireless In Ear Headphone.

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