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What makes their site an essential stop is that both are fine aesthetic observers as well as scholars, and they write the equivalent of full-fledged publishable essays, usually with plentiful and carefully placed frame enlargements. 1 2020. Think: Endings Explained, Character Studies, Hidden Messages and Symbols Revealed, Actor and Director Profiles, and more. The website quickly expanded into much more. It … The Film Education Website. © 2020 Film Analysis - WordPress Theme by Kadence Themes, Yale University Library research guide on film studies. If only real film schools were as informative and passionate as Strictly Film School.—Cullen Gallagher, Diagonal ThoughtsIn the distant future—when we are nothing more than incorporeal abstractions coded into the algorithmic consciousness of a virtual singularity, or blue-skinned, loin-clothed cybersexing flora and fauna with our FireWire pony tails, or whatever!—I sincerely hope that our post-organic nervous systems will occasionally light up to the archived index of Diagonal Thoughts. The site sets itself apart through its assemblage of talented contributors, many of whom are able up-and-comers in New York’s criticism and repertory programming scenes. Since AICN operates on the principle that creators of cultural products are beholden on principle to their most rabid fans, it’s unclear how many of the site’s 300,000-plus monthly audience is there for the coverage and reviews themselves and how many are merely gawking at the reader-forums sideshow.—Violet Lucca, The Man Who Viewed Too MuchThose bemoaning the death of print criticism might just have Mike D’Angelo to blame. These major divisions are further broken down into sections, subsections and definitions for terms. For such reasons, Beaver is both a major advocate of owning a multi-region player and a consumer-reports resource for sorting through the various models. It’s where you come to understand more about your favorite movies, shows and culture. Unapologetically auteurist in design, Strictly Film School’s biggest draw is its jaw-droppingly extensive Director’s Database that boasts over 500 names, from canonical faves like Chantal Akerman and Pedro Almodóvar to the less known (but no less worthy) Joaquim Pedro de Andrade and Lisandro Alonso—and that’s just scratching the surface of the As. Whether re-evaluating old masters like Ozu and Bresson, championing contemporary favorites like Andrew Bujalski and the Dardenne Brothers, highlighting under-praised work in niche periodicals, or getting into the weeds of film festival politics, Cummings continually breaks new ground. In an information environment more and more beholden to the speed of the daily news cycle, there’s something to be said for the value of long-range insight that a little magazine such as Rouge brings to film culture.—Paul Fileri, Supposed Aura Mubarak Ali’s Supposed Aura is screen-grab epistemology, a philosophically inflected attempt to get to the bottom of images, their internal logic and their ability to instruct us about the external world. In addition to top-notch criticism, the sleekly designed website features an exhaustive but easily navigable list of online resources for cinema-related research, a calendar highlighting the most significant film events around the world, and an audio treasure trove of MOMI’s Pinewood Dialogues with film … Jim Emerson is here to show us a better way. If you are unfamiliar with navigating this sort of site, more detailed instructions can be found in the menu item labeled About this Guide. 4 3 customer reviews. As no active threats were reported recently by users, filmfactor.website is SAFE to browse. But this is a place where “American movies” tend to mean Bush Mama and Los Angeles Plays Itself rather than Avatar and its ilk. New York remains a persistent locus of attention, but current online editor David Velasco says he aims to keep “multiple venues and topics in the mix.” Recent reports have been filed on screenings of Pancho Villa-centered documentaries by Gregorio Rocha and Félix and Edmundo Padilla at L.A.’s REDCAT experimental film theater, and an exhibition of works by Ryan Trecartin, Peter Campus, Sharon Lockhart, and Joachim Koester at The Power Plant contemporary art gallery in Toronto. For hire for university chapter writer website for college. As the next-generation heir to Tim Lucas of Video Watchdog (see separate entry), Tooze has maintained pressure on home-video distributors to keep raising the bar of image and audio quality. For those who wish to read the Guide straight through without skipping around, the complete site can be navigated using the forward and backward arrows visible at the top of each page. . There are few film-focused sites that exist on the internet that pay their writers and … Letterboxd is a social network for sharing your taste in film. Tracing subterranean trajectories between non-mainstream narrative and documentary filmmakers (e.g. Sifting through the several thousand articles on the site, a reader can’t help but feel nostalgic for the days when Rosenbaum was producing his lucid, erudite prose on a regular basis. And if you’re still waiting for the definitive appraisal of oddball icon Clint Howard, your day has arrived.—Jesse P. Finnegan, Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly RuleIn a media environment that rewards snark, however joyless, Dennis Cozzalio is an affable and refreshing voice. If you are looking for the daddy of all film review websites, Roger Ebert’s has to be it. A recent piece analyzed the rogue cinephilia of underground video mixtapes, most of which are of questionable legal status. Shambu’s blog is less a formal collection of essays than a locus of fresh and energetic debate about seriously cinephilic matters. A labor of love founded by Chris Fujiwara in 2006, Undercurrent is a quintessential small magazine, posting only one or two issues a year yet greatly enriching the world of film criticism. filmfactor.website Step 1. The loading … Issue two broached the hardly obvious theme of the “Obvious,” while the third considered the slippery issue of “Happiness.” Between the three, you’ll find long interviews with Olivier Assayas and Emmanuel Bourdieu, trenchant essays on Bamako and Adorno, and a charming piece of fiction by Sam Lipsyte called “A Pimple on the Ass of Drew Barrymore Speaks.” Their current issue boasts a bevy of interesting articles wrapped in yet another intriguing title: “Arousal.”—Paul Fileri, Ain’t It Cool News The rise of Harry Knowles’s Ain’t It Cool News parallels the film industry’s increased involvement with San Diego Comic-Con and the rise of Austin’s film scene, from its alternative exhibition circuit (highlighted by SXSW and Knowles’s own Fantastic Fest) to its thriving independent productions. On Film, in Games, and on Websites, Pop Culture Tackles Nuclear Issues This post was written by Kathryn Sohm , an intern with NTI's Communications team. Rate, review and tag films as you add them. Paul Brunick The PU Films Market analysis by Marketresearch.biz is a thorough study of the current trends leading to this vertical trend in various regions globally. While online platforms offer practically limitless writing space, Acquarello’s economical and precise prose is something to treasure. etc.) Most impressive, as any dedicated digi-critic will tell you, is the community of commenters and fellow bloggers that have responded to Cozzalio’s work: their robust and insightful engagement lives up to Wired magazine’s Web utopianism.—Violet Lucca, Some Came RunningGlenn Kenny was once a respected critic and editor for Premiere until he became a casualty of capitalism’s war on journalism. myfilmwebsite.com Here are three popular filmmaking and video production sites you may already know and are certainly worth checking out: NoFilmSchool covers filmmaking for the indie/student filmmaker. Speculating as to why the incubators of Avatar seemed so compelled to weigh down a would-be romp with the cement shoes of a “message movie,” Sconce hypothesizes: “Perhaps this stems from a sense of guilt—if someone is going to spend this much money on a film, it should do more than simply grind Cool Ranch Doritos into the spectator’s eyes for two hours.” Dusting off all manner off sub-pop pap and B-grade tawdriness from decades past, Ludic also offers analytical treatises on contemporary concerns: a memorandum on our growing fascination with mall cops; a fiery deflation of the “Balloon Boy” media circus; a dialectical account of the death of “the teenager,” prompted by England’s adoption of the anti-loitering gizmo “the mosquito.” No matter the moving-image netherworlds Sconce navigates, the self-evident absurdity (which would be enough for most cultural commentators) is only the starting point—Sconce’s explications may be funny, but they’re far from a joke. In this Ultima IV example in-plane pole figures were collected on both the Pt substrate and (Pb,La)TiO 3 /Pt/MgO PLT thin layer. The founding editor-in-chief of RogerEbert.com maintains an addictively enjoyable side project in Scanners, a blog that should appeal to all four of the above demographics and everyone in between. Do the Right Thing Example Analysis. Srinivasan’s expansive view doesn’t ignore U.S. cinema; the blog’s coverage of Inglourious Basterds remains among the most densely packed and satisfying on the Web. You will always have the latest trends in web … Roger Ebert | Movie Reviews and Ratings by Film Critic Roger Ebert. He sent her his college-paper movie reviews (written 1965-67 and also included on the site), and she helped him get a gig with the Los Angeles Free Press. Films take command of more of our senses to create special atmospher… He posts recent observations, thoughts, or concerns, and then prompts his commenters to respond with a related query. The earliest artistic criticism of film emerged in the early 1900s. Loading... Save for later. This website contains a large number of public data on films such as the title of the film, ... To do my analysis on the data from the IMDb website, I hesitated between Python and R. Please integrate feedback from us into your film report. In a defense of Lindsay Lohan, for instance, Kuersten (who has written about his struggles with alcohol) both calls out the public’s gender bias and then offers the oft-soused starlet some AA-inspired solidarity. Created: May 20, 2011 | Updated: Jun 30, 2019. a lesson showing how to analyse a website as part of the cross-media study assignment. List three concepts or ideas that you might expect to see based on the title of the film or what you already know about this film. Media and culture aficionado Stoffel Debuysere, a member of Belgium’s Courtisane collective and co-programmer of its film and video festival, maintains a dense and diligently curated collection of “notes on seeing and being, sound and image, media and memory.” The site presents fresh, often mind-bending findings drawn from the worlds of neuroscience, philosophy, sociology, computer science, cultural studies, and (of course) the cinema. In 2006, he embarked on a project to exalt what he thought was a misunderstood and unappreciated film, Terrence Malick’s The New World. Whether dusting off forgotten gems and industry players or providing fresh analysis on the already canonical, the Siren speaks with the grit, gumption, and savvy of the pre-Code ladies she so admires. If you’re specifically interested in great web resources for post production check out my previous post here.. This website contains a large number of public data on films such as the title of the film… The Film Analysis Guide was developed to meet the needs of faculty and students at Yale who are interested in becoming familiar with the vocabulary of film studies and the techniques of cinema. This helped me to write more comprehensive and plausible analysis of a further sixteen films. The blog’s backbone is formed by entries linking to his weekly column, but the real action occurs in the comments section, where discussions are sparked by Kehr’s remarks on everything from the state of film criticism to the careers of Nagisa Oshima and Sydney Pollack. After all, isn’t the pinnacle of intellectual exchange a fluid, continuous opening-up of ideas rather than a rigid, parochial closing-down?—Evan Davis, CineMetrics Film academics too rarely get involved in the online game (with the obvious exception of David Bordwell) but University of Chicago professor Yuri Tsivian has entered the Internet exchange with a wonderfully unique contribution. At its best, Artforum.com reports and reflects the ways in which the world of cinema and the contemporary art scene increasingly commingle and cross-fertilize.—Paul Fileri, Film-PhilosophyIn the world of online film publications, Film-Philosophy qualifies as a firmly entrenched fixture. Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Film. Though reviews can get lost in the sea of advertising necessary to support the independently owned and operated site, once a user gains a little familiarity with the layout, staying updated is easy (and addictive): from the “What’s New” and “Release Calendar” sections to the conversely complementary “Criterions Going Out of Print” alerts. The window of time immediately following the viewing is critical. The forum is an ideal place for independent filmmakers to seek knowledge from their peers.… The first film analysis essay example we will take a look at it for Do the Right Thing. Kehr observes that the culture of cinephilia “used to be about, for instance, hanging out in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art and starting a discussion or argument.” But now, he adds, these encounters largely take place “home alone”—usually spurred by a DVD, TCM, or something online. Check out the eminently useful worldwide DVD release calendar posted on the sharply designed home page and explore five years’ worth of DVD of the Year readers’ polls. Watch game, team & player highlights, Fantasy football videos, NFL event coverage & more We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. it tended to produce.” They hope to “cultivate a space [for] more speculative and porous ways of thinking that can cut across the typical genres, styles, and media of thought.” The first issue was entitled “Jargon” and approached, in a manner both critically acute and slyly ruminative, the ways that epithet gets bandied about. Here is our list, in alphabetical order, of the 37 best websites for filmmakers. Andy Rector’s selections of text and image capture the moments when history seeps through moving pictures in spite of themselves, revealing for a trembling instant the politics underlying their representation. Recognizing that home media would be the dominant mode of movie-viewing in the future, Lucas’s quietly revolutionary writing is in part responsible for setting the high standards home media must meet today, as well as the emergence of boutique labels, whether they aim to release the definitive edition of a world-cinema classic or reintroduce the public to a forgotten cult gem. His short-form reviews waste not a word; as the father of a young child, he doesn’t have the time to spare. the arrangement of people or things in a painting, photograph, film scene, etc. Stuyck, meanwhile, takes the time to handle any rights issues that may arise in reprinting previously published material. As no active threats were reported recently by users, asianfilmswebsite.com is SAFE to browse. That a stinging pan of Cameron’s blockbuster gets roughly half the space of an appreciative look back at Lav Diaz’s filmography is enough to give the most despairing cinephile reason to hope.—Matthew Connolly, The House Next DoorSalon writer Matt Zoller Seitz has been in the game a long time. Since 2004, the site’s team has collaborated with the British DVD company Eureka to produce a Masters of Cinema curated collection, notable for the sterling care taken with each disc and the inclusion of top-notch book-length liner notes. Film Criticism is a peer-reviewed, online publication bringing together scholarship in the field of cinema and media studies since 1975. Badass Digest, specifically I've read a number of articles by Film … Free. 1 Ms Patrizia M. 5th y Ss 2014/2015 Film Analysis Worksheet - V “Cinema is an art and a way of communication whose purpose is to narrate a story in movement.” An “Anecdote of the Week” feature showcases her extensive bibliographic endeavors. And for those looking to venture beyond auteurism, Strictly Film School offers the option to browse reviews by genres (of the academic sort: “Neo-Expressionism,” “Cinema Verité”), themes (“Generational Conflict,” “Aging/Obsolescence/Death”), and images (“Chromatic Shifts – State of Consciousness, Existential Realm” being my personal favorite). Though Cummings’s prosaic, analytical voice has little in common with the freewheeling wordsmithery and bumper-car collisions of ideas that were the signature of his critical idol Manny Farber, it shares with the latter an ability to burrow deep into fine-grained detail and a restless dissatisfaction with intellectual shorthand and orthodox wisdom. In its acts of resurrection and commitment, Mubarak Ali’s blog embeds itself in the truths and beauties of the cinema it chronicles. Members of the site can post on the forums and exchange information on filmmaking as well as their own projects. ComingSoon. Later, for the short-lived Cinema Magazine, he wrote at length about Boetticher and Rossellini, two filmmakers who almost made the grade (alongside the holy trinity of Ozu, Bresson, and Dreyer) in Schrader’s 1972 book Transcendental Style in Film.—Paul Fileri, Observations on Film ArtFilm scholar David Bordwell is a one-man institution—not only a font of productivity (staple volumes Film Art and Film History, co-written with wife Kristin Thompson, are now in their ninth and third editions, respectively) but a kind of eager, plainspoken ambassador for the field. The user can either read the complete document or search out a particular topic of interest. . Sicinski specializes in avant-garde film—there’s no other critic I know of who can make some of cinema’s most challenging works sound downright inviting—but he writes about Hollywood and art cinema with equal passion, humor, and clarity. Back in January of 2009, it launched a “re-imagining” of its website to coincide with the Sundance Film Festival’s kickoff, and announced its increasing integration with its new owner, SnagFilms, an online documentary-focused video distribution platform. While the filmography and collection of images are predictable fare, the real action goes down in the archives containing his film criticism. A witty, working mother of three (the blog originated during afternoon naptime), the Siren is a unique and refreshing voice in a field often prone to nostalgic vacuity or esoteric one-upmanship. As no active threats were reported recently by users, windowfilm.website is SAFE to browse. Concepts/Ideas. Filmsite.org is an award-winning website for classic film buffs, students, moviegoers and anyone else interested in the great movies of the last century. Farran Smith Nehme of The Self-Styled Siren turns the articulation of cliché and convention into a sport—no surprise she’s chosen melodrama as her champion underdog and counts Max Ophüls and Douglas Sirk among her favorite directors. So we asked our film school students to share with us their favorite filmmaking websites. For the most part, JonathanRosenbaum.com showcases the most productive period of his career—his two decades at the Reader—as each month J.R. dredges up a piece from the vaults and generously pads it with a selection of stills. A “Talkies” series of video interviews with filmmakers continues a string of ambitious digital and real-world experiments: a stint providing indieWIRE with reviews, guest-programming movie series, and even arranging for distribution of the documentary A Lion in the House in 10 cities in 2006.—Violet Lucca, Senses of Cinema A veritable institution in the world of online film journals, the 10-and-a-half-year-old Senses of Cinema continues to be one of the most vigorously diverse sources of scholarly research and commentary on the Web. This site, which began as a lark, has become a prime Web destination.—Paul Fileri, Thanks for the Use of the Hall Thanks for the Use of the Hall is the personal blog of Dan Sallitt, a critic and filmmaker whose work includes the independent features Honeymoon (98) and All the Ships at Sea (04). The content for each of the major divisions (e.g., cinematography) is clustered in a single web page. Yale University’s Film Study Center houses a large collection of films on a variety of formats. Cross-links within the Guide are offered to direct the user to related concepts or to provide a more detailed discussion of a particular topic. For Cakarel, the value of their growing online catalogue (roughly 1,000 on offer globally) rests on the diversity and quality of its holdings and the thoughtfulness of the programming. The site, which began in 1996 as an e-newsletter co-founded by current editor-in-chief Eugene Hernandez, has grown exponentially. This means publishing the words of filmmakers (Mark Rappaport, Victor Erice, Pedro Costa), lengthy translations (of Raymond Bellour and Serge Daney), and terrific image-by-image analyses of film sequences. Preview. 4 3 customer reviews. asianfilmswebsite.com The directory doesn’t offer bios but instead concise capsules whose brevity is belied by their insights. Read more. Taylor’s prowess as an editor lies in an innate ability to skirt both irreverent fan-boy pitfalls and highfalutin postgrad navel-gazing; the writing remains doggedly non-academic while retaining a sharp populism and simple elegance often lacking in similar niche sites. The film report asks you to compare two films shown in class with a specific analytical angle and a persuasive argumentation.

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