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Possible Answers: A.Netherlands B.United Kingdom C.Denmark D.United States Question 3 What does NATO stand for? To me, the purpose of the two classifications is to differentiate between what the border is vs. how it developed. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... Geog Ch 12. The 49th parallel separating the US and Canada. Boundary. An antecedent boundary is a political boundary that preceded the development of most of the features of the cultural landscape. Hartshorn, Richard. populated, often drawn with no recognition of the populations living there. the boundary … Start studying AP Human Geography || Chapter 8. This is an example of a fortified boundary. Himalayan Mts between China and India Pyrenees Mts between Spain and France Subsequent? ... Antecedent Boundaries Boundary lines that existed before human AP Human Geography Vocabulary 1. “Geographic and Political Boundaries in Upper Silesia.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 23, no. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It seems to be his largest attempt at showing how borders evolve over time, but it doesn’t include the term explanations I was looking for. The Andes Mountains form the eastern boundary of Chile, separating it from neighboring Argentina and Bolivia. Example Question #271 : Ap Human Geography During the conflicts between Brazil and Argentina in the nineteenth century, the country of Uruguay served as a __________ between the two great powers. In geography, boundaries separate different regions of the Earth. New York, NY: Routledge, 2016. Our online AP geogrAPhy trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top AP geogrAPhy quizzes. Can someone help me differentiate between consequent and subsequent boundaries? An antecedent boundary is a political boundary that preceded the development of most of the features of the cultural landscape. So, I tried my best to make sense of it all and this was the way that I’ve taught it for a long time…. My suggestion to College Board is that we are linked (URL) to the direct academic journal articles where the concepts originate (think Hartshorne, Malthus, von Thunen, and Ravenstein) to cut down on some of these confusions. I have found an article that involves trump cutting legal immigration in half.docx, Wharton County Junior College • HUMA 50019, Robbinsdale Armstrong Senior High • ENGLISH 1844-1, Suncoast Community High School • APHG APHG, Mater Academy Charter High • HUMAN GEOG 235. Critical Geopolitics-Used to dissect the ways state boundaries are perceived. These are often based on landforms, such as mountains. An antecedent boundary which has been abandoned for political purposes but is still evident in the cultural landscape may be called a relict boundary. Example of an antecedent boundary. The Mississippi River is the defining boundary between many of the states it winds through, including Iowa and Illinois, Arkansas and Tenne… Operational Boundary Dispute 6. This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 4 pages. And thankfully, Colleen S. jumped head-on into the rabbit hole and directed me to the Annals of the Association of American Geographers: Titles and Abstracts of Papers: St. Louis, 1935. A border is either a GEOMETRIC (lines) boundary, or CONSEQUENT (natural elements or static space) to describe a political boundary. 15. war or cultural differences between groups. This consists of Roman Takeovers, Muslim conquests, and the crusades. Though there is no reason that the cause for political boundaries should exclude economic, political, and other social difference. 5/11/2012 115 Comments FRQ 2 Boundaries have evolved over time in numerous ways around the world. City-state-A system of small, city-centered states where political organization, revolved around the city itself. Borderscaping: Imaginations and Practices of Border Making. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 27 terms. A boundary line established before the area in question is well populated. These include mountains, rivers, deserts, valleys, jungles. 40 terms. I see the consequent boundary as just another type of boundary that is used to describe a political border that runs along a physical feature. Here is a quick list of words pertaining to border types that you will encounter with any given text: ANTECEDENT, SUBSEQUENT, SUPERIMPOSED, RELICT, CULTURAL-POLITICAL, PHYSICAL-POLITICAL, GEOMETRIC-POLITICAL, MILITARIZED, FORTIFIED, OPEN, NATURAL, PHYSICAL, FRONTIER, GENETIC, & ETHNOGRAPHIC. In the study of Upper Silesia and subsequent discussion with Professors Whittlesey and Stephen Jones, a number of terms have been developed. Perhaps these complex associations come in the form of current boundary disagreements or the increasing pressure to recognize the shrinking space between two groups. In this article, this is where Hartshorne goes on to write about the consideration of another type of border, CONSEQUENT. Examples would be helpful. AP Human Geography … natural boundaries that existed before human involvement, i.e. We may distinguish : naturally marked boundaries, where some natural feature marks a line used for a boundary; natural defense boundaries, natural barriers to trade, and natural communication divides, differentiated further as to degrees of hindrance. The study of human political ... of a boundary. ... AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY … A state in which the distance from the center to any boundary doesn’t vary significantly. Scale of Analysis vs. borders that use a constructed barrier to prevent the flow of people or things; the border between North and South Korea would also work here, but any border that includes a wall, fence, net, or wire. From what I understand from the above (and please comment if you have a critique), he acknowledges the original 4 genetic boundaries (antecedent, subsequent, superimposed, and relict), but then discusses how natural borders can act as the “natural” barrier between 2+ groups consequently (physical feature runs along the lines of the political border). Reunificatoin. Other examples of fortified boundaries are the US and Mexico border and the Palestine and Israel border. AP Human Geography AP Review Questions (Unit 4: Political Organization of Space) Mr. Stepek 1. A border that is divided by physical features or space, and acts as a natural divide between two or more different cultural groups. Nov. 21, 2020. An antecedent boundary is the name of a boundary between two states that is created before the area is populated with human society. Antecedent Boundary refers to the political boundary developed, mostly in a virtually unpopulated area defined before any distinctions of culture, language, settlement type etc. Decolonization-A trend in which colonies became independent from the. Examples include the U.S.-Canada border and the borders of some African states that evolved from colonial holdings. AP Human Geography : Territorial Dimensions of Politics Study concepts, example questions & explanations for AP Human Geography CREATE AN ACCOUNT Create Tests & Flashcards AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY. 2. Thus, later developed patterns of culture may now be marked by such a boundary and superimposed boundaries drawn after the development of cultural pattern of the landscape that may cause conflicts and result in minorities. Ex. A.Consequent B.Subsequent C.Antecedent D.Geometric Question 2 What country controls Greenland? An antecedent boundary may come to be more relevant in the future if people begin to settle in the area; this is what happened with the boundary between the United States and Canada in Oregon. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Unit 5: Agricultural Patterns & Processes, Unit 6: Urbanization Patterns & Processes, Unit 7: Industrialization & Development; Patterns & Processes, Geographic and Political Boundaries in Upper Silesia, Borderscaping: Imaginations and Practices of Border Making, Professional Development (Click for more). Antecedent boundaries existed before the present settlement. Antecedent Boundary Origin: A political boundary that existed before the cultural landscape emerged and stayed in place while people moved in to occupy the surrounding area. 42 terms. A comprehensive database of AP geogrAPhy quizzes online, test your knowledge with AP geogrAPhy quiz questions. boundaries that are created after human settlement and interaction with the landscape, i.e. State A place where its is organized politically, has a steady population, whith a bordered territory, and some sort of sub-government Example: Georgia Sovereignity- Overuling, powerful, holds final authority over social, Hartshorne, Richard. Such naturally separating features have a static aspect, due to a zone of relatively unpopulated area between populated regions, and a kinetic, or hindrance, aspect that makes difficult the connections between regions on either side. Those terms are: Over 15 years and many sources later, some textbook threw in CONSEQUENT into the list and messed up my whole world order. boundary that separates different language speakers, i.e., traditionally many countries in Europe such as England, France, Spain, and Portugal. You get the idea. Antecedent boundary origin. The person we credit this to is Richard Hartshorne. A line seporating one political unit from another. The other border terms not yet addressed can be types of borders that fall under both the standard classifications (physical, cultural, or geometric) or under Hartshorn’s. But I don’t read it as one of his four genetic boundaries. Example: Japan and Russia have not agreed to the definition of the ... Antecedent Boundary 5. Melatonin. When I first started teaching human geography, I quickly realized that there are about 50 vocabulary concepts with synonyms that are NOT in my textbook. If the power that be said, “Use that river as the border.”. lollyourfacee. Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. A geometric boundary, or geometric border, is one that is formed by arcs or straight lines irrespective of the physical and cultural features of the land it passes through. So I put out a call to the AP Human Geography Reader page where I knew there would be some quality people to help me out. This helped give me some validation that I was teaching the whole “evolution” of boundary concept in the right way. These typically include language, religion, & ethnic homogeneities. AP Human Geography - Political Chapter 8 DRAFT 9th - University grade If the physical boundary doesn’t act as a political border anymore. Introducing Textbook Solutions. AP Human Geography Review Video Unit 3 --- Part 2 Search » All » Geography » AP Human Geography » CH 8 political ... A boundary that existed before the cultural landscape emerged and stayed in place while people moved in to surround the surrounding area. Median Line Principle 8. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Consequent or Subsequent? Thank you very much to Colleen and Jennifer who helped me dig for information. The 38th is also highly patrolled by military forces on both sides. The boundary passes through a mountainous, sparsely inhabited rain forest where there is a break in settlement. Why not? Colonies-Parts of an empire that are subordinate and have very little right to, 10. Antecedent Boundary. 13. Antecedent? Boundary Types (Antecedent, Subsequent, etc. ) Posted on December 9, 2019 by humanimprint@hotmail.com in PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Resources: Political Geography. Start studying AP Human Types of Boundaries. People not engaged with agriculture lived in, the city, while farmers resided in the surrounding, Civic nations- Nations based on shared principles, in contrast to ethnic. 1. Terms in this set (29) antecedent boundary. Irredentism 7. Terms in this set (29). time were less likely to demarcate rigid boundaries. a political boundary that existed before the cultural landscape emerged and stayed in a place while people moved. Once accepted by the states and people on either side such a line tends, in time, to become intrenched in the cultural structure of the area. Organic Theory e. Antecedent: existed before human cultures developed (example: a river) Examples: .Malaysia/Indonesia on the island of Borneo. borders that are guarded by military forces; i.e. the merging of the two Germanys. On page 56, Hartshorne titles his abstract, Suggestions on the Terminology of political Boundaries. This would be different from subsequent borders in that Hartshorne seemingly suggests that subsequent are purposefully drawn after a series of complex intimate associations (Hartshorne, 222), but that subsequent boundaries don’t necessarily have to be drawn using physical features. states that colonized them after the United States declared its independence. the militarized border between North and South Korea. AP Human Geography Help » Political Organization of Space » Territorial Dimensions of Politics » Function of Boundaries Example Question #161 : Ap Human Geography The Great Wall of China is an example of which kind of boundary? 12. Gravity. A subsequent boundary notably lacking in conformity to a particular set of features may be said to have been superimposed on those features. Flashcards. Antecedent Boundary- a boundary created before an area is known or populated, often drawn with no recognition of the populations living there. Spell. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Writing Stimulus-Based, Multiple Choice Questions. And I wasn’t the only one with questions…, “Are subsequent and consequent boundaries the same?”. A boundary is a real or imaginary line that separates two things. I can’t seem to draw a line between them. Genetic Boundary : how boundaries evolve over time. If anyone has any suggestions or comments about my interpretation of this topic, please help add to the conversation. The moral of the story (at least for me), is that a border can be classified in MANY different ways. In turn, consequent borders could potentially be classified under each of Hartshorne’s genetic boundaries; Therefore, I interpret a consequent border as one that evolved into a political border either because it grew out of a “natural” dividing line (antecedent), and/or because a political decision was made to use natural features subsequently.

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