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$149.95. Just got it installed few hours ago, and this one still have the same issue. Elite Atlas Aero. To show you how to tap into and maximize the customizable audio features of the Aero, we created these super handy and (hopefully) helpful videos to get you started. From what I've read it shouldn't need drivers, and when I try installing the Turtle Beach control program, it tells me I need my drivers updated. Close. Atlas aero mic not working, please help. compatibility. Visit Control Studio. After my headphones broke I decided to do some research into the newer models of turtle beach, I mainly looked into the gen 2 700s and I found a lot of mixed reviews on these headphones. Atlas Edge. CONTROL STUDIO. Many of the guides suggest going to enhancement tab in the sound control panel, but I don’t have that tab for some reason. Elite Atlas Aero no war zone footsteps. PC. 3. Stealth 700 PS4 ™ Elite 800X (Android only) Elite 800 (Android only) Visit Audio Hub. I hope you enjoy your controller as much as I do. So I just bought myself Elite Atlas headset, and the mic is making sudden, loud, static noises people can hear while in a call (on pc). The Turtle Beach Control Studio lets you keep your gaming headset up to date with the latest software and firmware. Elite Atlas - Audio Issues (No Sound One Side, Microphone Issues, Audio Distortion) November 07, 2018 20:09 If your headset is experiencing any of the following symptoms, please try the instructions below. - Headphone Reviews. If not successful, more details and data will help us give more precise troubleshooting and repair suggestions. Posted by 2 months ago. The Mission Our sole mission is to help gamers play their best — … Elite Atlas Aero question. Congratulations, you’re the proud new owner of an Elite Atlas Aero, the ultimate wireless gaming headset for PC!. Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp PS4 ™ Stealth 700 Xbox One. Elite Atlas Aero not pairing with usb transmitter. ... these problems tended to be more around the build than the sound. "If you’re a PC gamer, then the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is an excellent choice." In the meantime i got a email from Turtle Beach support, saying they may have fixed the issue with my Elite Atlas Aero, so i gave it another shot, and got a new fresh Elite Atlas Aero. I’ve tried googling the problem, but haven’t found a solution yet. It even works great with other non-Xbox games and my phone! The Turtle Beach ® Elite Atlas Aero is the ultimate high-performance wireless headset for PC gamers and streamers with customizable audio and unmatched comfort. I'm trying to use it wirelessly, should I just return it and get something else? Control Studio also unlocks a multitude of features including Waves Nx ® 3D Audio, Superhuman Hearing ®, Variable Mic Monitoring and more so you can customize your audio.Download the Turtle Beach Control Studio for your PC below. Hi guys, not sure if this is the place to post this but i have a troubleshooting question regarding the elite atlas aero. I bought an Elite Atlas Aero, but I tried to use it with my PC and the microphone isn't working. I haven't done much except troubleshoot it because I can't find much online. Whenever I go into a discord call on my PC the audio is drastically quietened.

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