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How exactly do restaurant kitchens operate? Chef Training Documents, Free SOP Chefs Document. Sample Employee Code of Conduct Policy. Restaurants are two completely different worlds: In the front of house, where guests are dining, it’s a controlled, peaceful environment that’s relaxed and comfortable. This Employee Code of Conduct Company Policy template is ready to be tailored to your company’s needs and should be considered a starting point for setting up your employment policies. Surpass what was accomplished yesterday. But in the back of house, out of view of the guests, it’s hot, chaotic, dangerous, and a mad rush to get the customers their food. The code of ethics usually contains wording that clearly demonstrates the integrity of the company. Formal codes of ethics do exist in the industry, but are more typically found at the corporate level. Code of Conduct, Page 2 same clarity of what is right and what is wrong. Bar staff Code of Conducts Serving Alcohol Think 25 – If the person you are serving, you believe to be under 25, ask for I.D Underage drinking – If you see who you believe is drinking under age, challenge for ID and notify the Bar Manager. Dress Code When working behind the … Hotel Kitchen Hygiene Rules and Regulations 1) Kitchen staff and Chefs should wear clean uniforms, aprons and hats when handling food. 2) Uniforms and hats must not be worn outside the premises as this might cause contamination. Purpose The purpose of a Code of Conduct is to provide a framework for decisions and actions in relation to conduct in employment. . Failure to do so may The code of ethics for the Atlanta branch of the American Culinary Foundation mirrors West Point's strict honor code, stating simply that members " . Put on the show of our lives, there's no room for mediocrity! Code of Conduct Policy Governance Policies 1 Code of Conduct policy 1. Words like: honesty, respect, fairness, integrity and honor are used to describe the desired behavior of company employees. Code of Ethics. One of the most important lessons, though, is how to work well in the kitchen: with your coworkers, your staff, your boss, your vendors, and even the customers Whether it is part of your culinary school curriculum or not, ethics in the kitchen is a large part of being a successful chef. An employee code of conduct policy may also be referred to as a conduct in the workplace policy. To ensure clarity and consistency, we have written this “Code”. All employees of Ignite Restaurant Group are expected to know and follow the Code of Business Conduct. Chef Ricky's Kitchen Code of Conduct. It underpins our commitment to a duty of care to all Staff, stakeholders and clients receiving our services. Never compromise on quality, at any cost. Pursue excellence every day, all day. This Code of Ethics (“Code”) of the Specialty Food Association is a statement of the Association’s common values and of our common commitment to promote the highest possible standards of professional business conduct for the mutual benefit of the industry and for the ultimate benefit of the consumer. These rules govern situations for high-level executives such as gift giving, conflicts of interest and insider trading. Aim high, think big and do whatever it takes to exceed expectations…blow away our audience every time. In the absence of a formal code, a few general rules of conduct … .will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do."

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