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Callaway Erc Fusion Driver, Callaway Golf Drivers, Callaway Golf Driver Shafts, Callaway Fti Driver, Callaway X460 Driver, Callaway Stiff Golf Drivers, Callaway Driver Golf Club Heads, Callaway Men Driver Golf Clubs, Callaway Driver Left-Handed Golf Clubs, Callaway Driver 9 Loft Golf Clubs You either love or hate the looks and I love them especially how easy it is to align. We took it into a Golfsmith or something and asked for them to check the specs on it and they said they had never seen a legal driver head like that and I found it on the internet that it was like 540cc. That's debatable. Those who didn't can't expect much by way of exchange. The combination of Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology and forged titanium enabled Callaway Golf to make the clubface remarkably thin without sacrificing durability. Ps3 eye driver for pc free download. In fact, some 436 drivers are on the non-confirming list, which can be viewed at www.randa.org/index.cfm?action=rules.equipment.nonConfDriversMain, which supplies a full list and photo images of drivers which will be banned in less than three months. From Callaway Golf: 'A revolutionary breakthrough in golf club technology,' the ERCII features, 'a. If you prefer a duller sound to the usual titanium 'ping' then you will like the Callaway ERC Fusion driver. Thus, compared to the all-titanium clubs, this driver is 75% lighter and has more discretionary weight. The 360cc head features a forged titanium cup-face … I took the ERC to the range and I couldn't believe … Callaway ERC Driver 8.5 Degree. So, if, for instance, you have a Wilson Deep Red Forged Ti 400 with 10.5 degree loft or a Callaway ERC II Forged Titanium driver with lofts of 7 to 12.5 degrees, or a MacGregor MACTEC NV2 ix400 in your bag, time is running out on using them legally. Since then, manufacturers have only put conforming drivers on sale to the general public, although Nike were left somewhat red-faced earlier this year when some of their new and vaunted Sumo Square (version one) drivers were found to be slightly over regulations for what is known as 'characteristic time', which measures in microseconds how long the ball stays on the club during impact. i think you can still find a cleveland hi-bore non conforming on ebay. When we first saw them we thought it was just another insert iron, but the unique construction of the head made for effortless hitting on a mid range trajectory. Driver: 8.5 XXIO-X Black w/Miyazaki Kusala Black. 650cc obviously. The 360cc head features a forged titanium cup-face construction for greater strength. now these are bombs! C $78.95 +C $25.67 shipping. Any driver marketed prior to January 1st, 1999, is considered to be conforming and on the list unless specifically ruled otherwise. The Callaway ERC Fusion Driver, is a great golf club which many professionals swear by as the best of Callaway's drivers. The term came into the popular lexicon as ultra-thin-faced drivers began to proliferate. Callaway ERC Driver. After then, you will not be able to use it in club competitions but can, of course, use it for recreational play. But the onus is on players themselves to check that drivers are legal and conforming. I would hit the occassional straight, solid drive maybe about 230 or so. They were noticebly longer. Condition is Used, there are some marks which includes a scratch on the crown, but this doesn’t detract from the use of the club as it is cosmetic only The 'ERC' in Callaway's ERC Forged Titanium driver are the initials of Callaways founder - Ely Reeves Callaway. I used to work for a big Japanese company. CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA 3-PW-SW Golf Clubs w CALLAWAY DRIVER WOODS PUTTER & CALLAWAY … I have had problems for years finding a driver I felt comfortable with and got the results. Could it be that they intend to use them in competition, ie, cheat? THERE IS NO VALUE INFORMATION AVAILABLE FOR THIS CLUB AT THIS TIME. I once had a John Daly driver when I was about 10 and didn't realize it was illegal and played a few tournaments with it. Callaway Golf says its new ERC II driver produces the longest and straightest drives of any club ever designed. Pick up a Callaway driver, a high-performance club that makes shooting balls down the fairway easy. Please let us know in the comments below. Very long........... how about this thing? Im pretty sure it's nonconforming as well. Callaway Big Bertha fusion driver 10.5 44.5 inchUS . The introduction of this rule was announced in August 2002 and it has been applied at the elite level, via a Condition of Competition, since January 1st, 2003. $200. The face of the driver depresses as the ball is struck, then rebounds. Nevertheless, the GUI - which have banned non-conforming drivers in their championships since 2003 - is encouraging all club players to check their driver, and any driver they may buy in the future, in preparation for the new regulations. dispatched with express delivery a great performing driver. It is the longest of the non-conforming drivers I've hit. Sole has brush marks, light wear and a few l Mild marks; a few scr The ERC Fusion Driver already is one of the most popular drivers across the world’s major professional tours, where Callaway Golf has been testing the driver … Waterford, WA. Best Driver of 2019 | Full Article _HERE_ | Discussion Thread _HERE_. I always thought the TM XR range was pretty long. Currently unavailable. I think the COR is well over .83 too, what about the ERC II? Amazon.com : Callaway ERC Fusion Driver 12 Graphite Ladies Right Handed 43.75 in : Sports & Outdoors Might … In the experience of retailers in the Irish golf industry, most club golfers have been changing to conforming drivers in recent years. There was a Bridgestone that I played a few years back that I rented, the thing would launch high as a **** but would go long, seriously long. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. To this end, the R and A website has lists not only of non-conforming drivers, but also one - updated weekly - of conforming drivers, which can be accessed on www.randa.org/index.cfm?action=rules.equipment.confdrivers and that firmly puts the ball into the court of the player to know what is and isn't legal. my goodness. 1800 652 211. Testing was done using a stock Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver with UST Recoil 450|F4 stiff flex shaft. The Big Bertha ERC II Forged Titanium Driver features an innovative clubhead with a hot-forged cup-face design and a head size of 335cc depending on the loft. You can often find various TaylorMade XR on fleeBay for decent prices. Callaway Golf's New ERC Fusion Driver and HX Tour Golf Ball Continue Hot Start by Recording Two More Tour Wins CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 6, 2003--Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) unveiled its new ERC(R) Fusion(R) Driver and HX(R) Tour Golf Ball last week just days after Staff Professionals Annika … Expect more accurate and straighter ball hits from a more stable driver like the Callaway ERC Fusion Driver. What Non-Conforming driver head do you recommend? The 360cc head features a forged titanium cup-face construction for greater strength. The executives like to bring their own sticks to the US to play with. Callaway Erc Fusion … Jollyjeweller This baby is magic! What is the best looking driver you have ever seen in your life? The response of the R and A - and the USGA, who have also gone along with the change and so making it one that affects every player around the world - came about after concerns over the trampoline effect of new drivers. Callaway ERC Fusion Drivers If you feel that any of the product is missing then please mention in the comments section or inform me through the contact page. Hit a good drive and you get more of a crack then the normal ping of a titanium driver. Callaway ERC Fusion Driver (Manhattan Beach) $45. The Callaway ERC Fusion Driver, is a great golf club which many professionals swear by as the best of Callaway's drivers. He mentioned the face had a trampoline effect and the COR was too high. The 11° and 12° drivers have more weight positioned in the heel and have a slightly closed face angle to help square the clubface at impact and reduce the chance of a slice. IF you can find one, the Adams 4250 is supposed to be nasty long. Testing was done with drivers in the neutral (9°) loft position. I heard that it is a Par 5 killer. The fact is, for rule-abiding club players all around the world, and that includes this green isle of ours, the law will change in 105 days, by which time every man, woman and child who swings a driver in any club competition will have to use one that conforms to Royal and Ancient rules of golf that will ban certain drivers. I think golfsmith has 1000cc head or something. This is made possible through the fusion technology. The Table has all the Callaway clubs/irons till 1996. £619.99 + P&P . The Callaway Fusion's explosive distance is the result of Fusion Technology, which combines titanium and carbon composite. The Callaway ERC Fusion + driver is non-coforming. It is made by Callaway? I was always wondring why, until I tried some non conforming drivers that they brought over. Super Driver, i love using the Callaway ERC Fusion driver. The problem was immediately rectified, with anyone who purchased the original model getting a one-for-one trade-in. Very long. The Callaway ERC Fusion is the longest club I have ever hit bar maybe the Taylormade XR-03. This fits your . https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/280779/what-is-the-longest-non-conforming-driver-head-available, /discussion/comment/1822452/#Comment_1822452, /discussion/comment/1835747/#Comment_1835747, /discussion/comment/1846774/#Comment_1846774, /discussion/comment/1846973/#Comment_1846973, /discussion/comment/1847288/#Comment_1847288, /discussion/comment/1847313/#Comment_1847313, /discussion/comment/1847339/#Comment_1847339, /discussion/comment/1847935/#Comment_1847935, /discussion/comment/1848687/#Comment_1848687, /discussion/comment/1849419/#Comment_1849419, /discussion/comment/1849426/#Comment_1849426, /discussion/comment/1849530/#Comment_1849530, /discussion/comment/1849611/#Comment_1849611, /discussion/comment/1850900/#Comment_1850900, /discussion/comment/1969324/#Comment_1969324, /discussion/comment/1969659/#Comment_1969659, /discussion/comment/1970381/#Comment_1970381, /discussion/comment/2016558/#Comment_2016558, /discussion/comment/2017768/#Comment_2017768, /discussion/comment/2017776/#Comment_2017776, /discussion/comment/2027152/#Comment_2027152, /discussion/comment/2027370/#Comment_2027370, /discussion/comment/2037897/#Comment_2037897, /discussion/comment/2037987/#Comment_2037987, /discussion/comment/2038692/#Comment_2038692, /discussion/comment/2060380/#Comment_2060380, /discussion/comment/2079508/#Comment_2079508. Shop callaway-erc-fusion-driver Can anyone tell me if they know the drivers that were very illegal (read had more trampoline than others)? Callaway Big Bertha fusion driver 10.5 44.5 inch see photos to get the condition and all - good with scuffs as per any. Callaway ERC Fusion Driver 9 RCH System 55 Graphite Regular Right Handed 44. The list of Conforming Driver Heads identifies the models and lofts of all post-1998 driver heads that have been submitted for evaluation to the R and A and/or the United States Golf Association (USGA) and been determined to conform to the Rules of Golf. Callaway Edge mens 10 Piece Golf clubs set Right handed Brand New. Too bad these monsters were never released in the US. This driver’s explosive distance is the result of Fusion Technology which combines titanium and carbon composite. Callaway ERC Fusion Driver. Head weights were changed with shafts to make testing, more or less, swing weight neutral. The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion irons were a pleasant surprise. Someone could probably talk me out of it.. A driver that exhibits this property will have a very high COR, a limit on which has now been set at 0.830 COR. However, 'ordinary' club players were given a buffer zone to be made aware of the change and that period of leniency will run out on December 31st.

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