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Distribution: Eastern North America. Its strong wood and fluted … The hard wood of American hornbeam is used to make golf clubs, tool handles and mallets. The hornbeam hedge is considered particularly sturdy and low-maintenance, but this does not diminish its beauty. Filed Under: Landscape Design, Woody Plants Tagged With: columnar green beech, columnar hornbeam, columnar trees, fastigiate beech, fastigiate hornbeam. American hornbeam has a smooth trunk with a muscular or sinewy appearance, which divides into slender and slightly pendulous branches. The European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is a deciduous tree that can be clipped into hedge size. Color/Appearance: Hornbeam’s sapwood is very thick, with most boards and lumber being comprised entirely of sapwood. Noteworthy Characteristics. Scientific Name: Ostrya virginiana. Determining a plant count has much to do with spacing. Average Dried Weight: 49 lbs/ft 3 (785 kg/m 3) Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC):.63, .79. Common Name(s): Hophornbeam, American Ironwood. This fastigiate form was introduced in 1883. It has been in cultivation for so long there is no date of introduction. Ostrya virginiana, commonly called American hop hornbeam, is a deciduous, Missouri native tree which usually occurs in dry soils on rocky slopes, upland woods and bluffs throughout the State.A small to medium-sized, understory tree with a generally rounded crown. A member of the Birch family, it produces buds, catkins, and seeds that many birds relish. Typically grows 20-35 feet tall. Typically grows 25-40' tall with a slightly smaller spread. Pale yellowish brown heartwood isn’t clearly demarcated from sapwood. It should be transplanted balled-and- burlapped in the spring. Some Thoughts on Spacing. European hornbeams can grow up to a height of 32 metres, classifying them as small to medium-sized. Once there is a landscape plan in place, there is the matter of the plant count. American hornbeam (carpinus caroliniana) is a wonderful little understory tree, short enough to tuck into small spaces. The European hornbeam is native to Europe eastward to central Asia. It is pyramidal in shape, especially when young. Spacing: 20 feet. It was introduced into North America during colonial times. This small to medium sized ornamental tree lends a sense of quiet strength to the landscape and will bring to your garden the much-needed "structure" that landscape designers talk so much about. Color is nearly white. A subtle beauty often overlooked. In autumn, the hornbeam hedge shines bright yellow and its fresh green colour will add cheer to your garden during the spring and summer. Size. It is typically found in rich moist woods, valleys, ravine bottoms and rocky slopes along streams. Grain/Texture: Grain is straight, with a fine, even texture. Description. American Hornbeam, a.k.a. American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana) is a slow-growing, deciduous, small to medium-sized understory tree with an attractive globular form. In backyard gardens, you may find warblers, nuthatches, and finches coming to dine. "Musclewood," has smooth-barked limbs as taut and rippled as an elite athlete's, and you'll find yourself wanting to touch them! Spacing: 20-25' Exposure: Sun or Shade ... American Hornbeam is a modestly-sized tree that’s big in benefits. Tree Size: 40-60 ft (12-18 m) tall, 1-2 ft (.3-.6 m) trunk diameter. American hornbeam is a wonderful addition to small yards, and is also perfect for a natural landscape or as a specimen tree. American hornbeam is more difficult to transplant than European hornbeam. Hornbeam sizes could vary depending on the region. A small to medium multi-stemmed tree forming wide spreading rounded tops. Simple toothed leaves are dark green and have variable yellow, orange, red or reddish […]

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