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France For a night with friends, we like going to Zero Gravity, a no-frills beach bar near the SkyDive Dubai, or Pier 7 in Dubai Marina for a gorgeous view over the boats for a drink out with friends. A free one-month licence can now be obtained by all non-Muslim visitors over the age of 21 to purchase their own alcohol and consume it. Learn the history of the region and of the city's recent boom at this popular museum. Las Vegas, Despite what some people might think, Dubai isn't totally a dry emirate, like Sharjah is. Portugal Reykjavik Dubai has loosened its liquor laws to allow tourists to purchase alcohol in state-controlled stores, as the United Arab Emirates saw the first drop in alcohol sales by volume in a decade. Taipei Retail gold rates in Dubai today are: 24K 216.50 AED, 22K 203.50 AED, 21K 194.25 AED, and 18K 166.50 AED. Tokyo Kyoto, Melbourne, Martinique Brazil Happy hours usually run between 4-7, with half prices or complimentary food served. Slovenia Dubai, Canada Virgin Islands, British Morocco Manila Rotorua, Anguilla Saint Petersburg Estonia Puerto Vallarta. Vancouver All of the food products in the UAE are imported, so it is relatively expensive. Sweden Bermuda Brisbane, If you're traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid's tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared. Dubai hotels are at their most expensive during the Christmas and New Year’s weeks, with the general high season lasting from September through May. Duty-free sales, while limited, never require an alcohol license. Valencia Nice, Krakow, Guilin, Drinking alcohol in Dubai is allowed at any bar or restaurant owning a license. Lisbon, Miami Beach, The amended federal traffic law came into effect on July 1, 2017. Granada (Nicaragua) Egypt Santa Ana Drinking alcohol in Dubai is allowed at any bar or restaurant owning a license. Tortola This indoor slope is one of Dubai's most famous attractions. Lima Dubai has a reputation for being very expensive, and it’s still mostly deserved, but new hotels and affordable restaurants keep opening so it’s now within the budget of many backpacker-types. Galway Shawarmas are everywhere and usually cheap, and many Western fast food options are there as well. Zagreb El Salvador Delhi, During December and January the Dubai hotels charge their highest rates so this is a time to avoid for those on a budget. It's not cheap and children pay the same rate as adults. Los Angeles, Go Dubai Pass review. Laos Updated 14:23, 19 JUL 2019; Travel (Image: EyeEm) ... FCO advice on alcohol in Dubai "Non-Muslim residents can get a liquor licence to drink alcohol at home and in … Los Cabos, Queenstown, Lithuania The Cellars is conveniently located in the Tennis Club of Fujairah, only a little more than an hour from Dubai. Zurich Prices of alcohol has risen in Dubai although there’s still some deals to be had . Emirates Alcohol People enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages at a restaurant overlooking the Marina district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019. New Orleans, Low season is the warmest months, from June through August, and during this period it’s possible to get some very good deals at hotels, especially near the top of the price range, as long as you can stand the heat. Nassau Italy Monaco Marrakech St Kitts Virgin Islands, U.s. Finland Kampala, Australia Valletta Paris A majority of bars and alcohol-serving restaurants are part of a hotel, as the alcohol license is only worth it for them as it costs so much to obtain. Antalya, In order to have alcohol at home, bought from duty-free or an off-license shop, you need to have an alcohol license. Faro, Our personal favourites places to unwind are the Jetty Lounge at the One and Only on the Palm Jumeirah to bring friends over and family, as the view is breathtaking and the cocktails delicious. Sri Lanka Cusco, If you just want to get straight to it without reading further, check out the best rooftop bars in Dubai to enjoy those stunning Dubai sunset views now! Delta Hotels Dubai Marina: DEAL ALERT crazy low prices 4-bed suite 1000 AED! Alcohol and drinking in Dubai is more common that you may think! Turks and Caicos Islands Aruba Happy hours, ladies night with free flowing beverages and even men's nights are common in Dubai. San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) Duty Free prices in Dubai – United Arab Emirates A list of all airports in Dubai – United Arab Emirates with information on shopping, dining and duty free. Otherwise you can often find very good hotel rates at some of the newer and nicer places. These issued to resident non-Muslims and, from summer 2019, non-Muslim tourists. Ibiza, These local sandwiches are hard to miss and make a great budget meal or snack. Florence, Did you know? Nha Trang, Dubrovnik, The UAE’s economy already stood on shaky ground amid a global slump in oil prices and collapsing real-estate prices in Dubai. Stockholm More info about the best brunches in Dubai here. Saint Barthélemy Dakar, South Africa Jeita is a mid-range restaurant ( no street food or cafeteria) and you can have 3 courses for approx 100 AED; same with several desi/arab restaurants in Deira That while drinking may be legal in the UAE, any accident or injury will NOT be covered under travel insurance if it is the result of, or happens while, you’re drunk? Rates were last updated on Monday 30th of November 2020 at 1:01 am GMT. Beirut Sofia Istanbul, Cairo, Indonesia Only licensed night clubs and hotel bars serve alcohol in Dubai, and it's always expensive. The Tour Dubai 4 star Dinner Cruise is the perfect way to spend an evening in Dubai admiring the sights and treating yourself to a delicious buffet dinner. Trinidad and Tobago Dubai Duty Free, which is also government owned, sold 9 million cans of beer, 3.1 million whiskey bottles and 1.5 million bottles of wine to those passing through airport terminals in 2019. Panama Budapest Drink with moderation, and be safe! It reminds visitors that it is illegal to be under the influence of alcohol while in Dubai, even if you drank it where it was legal to do so, for example on your flight over. Bolivia Review of eating out prices in Dubai Cape Town Mar del Plata, Porto Bonaire, These are usually free-flowing beverages and a full buffet, so take it easy and do eat the food or you will be in bed by 6pm! Simply visit your nearest African + Eastern shop or visit their website to apply online, get the papers stamped by your company and give the papers back to African +Eatern. Hamburg, Singapore Thinking about going to Atlantis probably next month and been looking it up today looks very nice. Edinburgh, But can often land up being AED 20,000 more in total. Dubai has a very predictable climate, with almost no rain at any time during the year. St. Croix, Montevideo, St. Thomas, Belize Singapore Malaysia Rincón, Sorrento, Thailand The world's tallest building, by far, offers views of the city and surrounding desert. Tallinn However, most expats (especially those who’ve just moved to Dubai) find it difficult to cover such a large cost. With numerous new developments on the rise, we’re likely to see the scales of supply and demand tip. Many of the top attractions are fairly pricey so you might want to check our Go Dubai Card review as a way to save money. Boracay Island, Negril, You can also go to an off-license shop such as The Cellarin Fujairah. Netherlands Antilles According to strict interpretation of Dubai’s alcohol laws an alcohol license is required to purchase alcohol in a bar, restaurant, or hotel. Quito Cairns, El Calafate, Here is our complete guide to drinking in Dubai. Montreal, Uganda Sao Paulo eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'whatdoesntsuck_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',116,'0','0']));According to the UAE law, you is only allowed to drink in hotels and bars and clubs with a license, as long as you are over 21 and a non-Muslim. This extra little bit of income helps to keep this website running and occasionally buys us an extra coffee. Belgrade St. Lucia Beijing, Yangon Playa del Carmen, Bangkok, Dominican Republic 1.36 - 2.18 Curaçao, Ukraine Riga Kas Peru Vientiane Sharm el-Sheikh Venice Martinique Barbados Punta del Este Any others questions about booze, alcohol licenses or drinking in Dubai, ask us below or contact us via our Facebook, Insta or Snap! Bratislava Buenos Aires, Dubai’s countless number of hotels makes it difficult when choosing where to stay. Grand Cayman Cesky Krumlov, Nicaragua Luang Prabang, St. Martin/Sint Maarten MMI is home to the world’s leading wine, spirit and beer brands – and you can shop with total convenience. We're talking bottles of vodka starting at AED 15 and the like. Lucerne, A couple weeks and AED 270 later, you will be in possession of the Holy Grail, your own alcohol license, allowing you to buy booze in Dubai or in one of the few shops across the UAE. Orlando, Russia Remember that the age to drink in Dubai is 21, and strictly enforced, so don't forget your ID when going out! Washington D.C. Argentina Proper sit-down restaurants can range from incredibly cheap Indian places on up to the sky. In Dubai, 14.33 per cent of crashes are caused by drivers who were under the influence of alcohol. Between 1952 and 2020: Alcohol experienced an average inflation rate of 2.79% per year.This rate of change indicates significant inflation. Vienna Note: We are NOT promoting drinking alcohol in this article. Osaka, You might have to look around for the best values. In 2016, Dubai eased rules prohibiting day-time alcohol sales during the holy month of Ramadan , when observant Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and abstain from anything perceived as … Nepal Tanzania Macau Maldives This isn’t the place to come to be a cheap drunk. Prices are quoted in AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) for one gram of gold. London, Lebanon Kuala Lumpur Property prices will d… Examples of prices in supermarkets of Dubai. Tenerife, For quadruple the price you can skip the queue and go right up. In light of the current times many of Dubai’s luxury hotels are offering staycations deals for both its residents and globetrotters making now the best time to splurge and enjoy these beautiful resorts. Guadeloupe, Jamaica Kenya Madrid, For example, a combo meal at a fast food place type of McDonalds or KFC is 6,8 - 8,2 USD = 25 - 30 AED But it should be noted that the portions are big. San Francisco, Bariloche, Pattaya, Jakarta, The expense of obtaining this license results in alcohol prices being extortionate in certain places! Macao United States Bruges, Ras Al Khaimah: Al Hamra Cellar is a short drive from Dubai with an incredible range – tax free! Apart from restaurants in malls, Old Dubai and other places such as The Beach JBR, a lot of high-end restaurants will be offering alcohol on the menu. Naples, Romania Zanzibar City Copenhagen Caracas, Is the Go Dubai Pass 2020 worth it? Chicago, Rhodes, Sep 05, 2019 / By Eat Drink Stay Dubai Business Hotels Dubai: … Rio de Janeiro, Spain One&Only Royal Mirage have prices starting at Dhs1,500 per night ($408 … Shanghai, Saint Kitts and Nevis Antigua and Barbuda India Phnom Penh, Drinks, however, are only available in hotels and licensed shops, and prices are quite high. All international liquor brand available in Dubai duty free shop. Ireland Bahamas Hanoi, Greece Happy hours, ladies night with free flowing beverages and even men's nights are common in Dubai. Alcohol licenses are easily sorted, provided you are over 21, not a Muslim, earning more than AED 3,000 and with a residence visa. eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'whatdoesntsuck_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',118,'0','0'])); No standard grocery shop sells alcohol in Dubai. Vilnius, Luxembourg Barbados Perth, Dar es Salaam, Panama City, Cambodia Since I have Alcohol license in Abu Dhabi I usually buy from An authorised outlet which I feel is cheaper than duty free, having said that I have been told that alcohol cost more in Dubai when compared to Abu Dhabi but I am yet to verify it. Sydney Malta The embassy warns that “it is a punishable offence to be under the influence of alcohol in public - including when transiting through the UAE. On The Palm however it’s between 50-60Dhs for a pint, also newer hotels in the main tend to charge higher prices. Boston, Goa, Only licensed night clubs and hotel bars serve alcohol in Dubai, and it's always expensive. San Juan Toronto, Trinidad and Tabago Kathmandu, Food does tend to be quite expensive in the sit-down restaurants in hotels and otherwise aimed at tourists, but there are plenty of reasonably priced options that are mostly there to serve the city’s ever-expanding international population. Kiev Norway Most will find that from November through April the city is pleasantly warm during the day and at night, but starting in May the heat can become unbearable and it stays that way for six months. Santiago, Happy hours usually run between 4-7, with half prices or complimentary food served. Hungary Grenada Berlin, La Paz Rome, Warsaw Ocho Rios Valparaíso Santorini New York City, Guanacaste, Xian Pokhara Bucharest Hoi An, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Amsterdam Even cheaper than duty-free! Switzerland Athens, Split, South Korea Helsinki Anguilla Remember that if you bring alcohol from the duty free or an off-license shop, technically you still need an alcohol license to have it at home. Malaga, Dublin, Chiang Mai, Mexico Prices for Alcohol, 1952-2020 ($10) According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for alcoholic beverages were 551.66% higher in 2020 versus 1952 (a $55.17 difference in value).. Your hotel is likely to include breakfast, otherwise you'll have options in all price ranges nearby. Uruguay Hong Kong Czechia Belgium Turkey The cost of fruits and vegetables, meat and milk, bread and other food in UAE United Arab Emirates Cayman Islands Those who are interested in seeing what all the fuss is about can now usually find an affordable hotel and meals, at least outside of the peak season. Ljubljana Christchurch, Grand Bahama, Kuta, Bali Nairobi Cancun, This is really important to remember, because no matter how relaxed Dubai may seem, we're guests in this country and need to respect the local laws at all times. Guatemala Moscow, Visitors can obtain the licence at 17 African + Eastern stores or 17 Mercantile and Marketing International (MMI) liquor stores to use during their stay in Dubai. The Points Guy looked at prices on liquor, cosmetics, fragrances and tobacco products in duty-free shops around the world: "Buy alcohol in the Caribbean, cosmetics and … If in doubt, just ask. There is many bars in Dubai, literally enough to try a different one every weekend! Bonus point, the booze there is the cheapest you will ever find it in the UAE! Montego Bay, Grenada Samaná Like any other city, housing prices depend on where you live. Croatia Japan Monaco Turks and Caicos Medellin, Ecuador Puerto Plata, Luxembourg City They also have plenty of bulk offers and promotions to take advantage of. If we are in a mood for a great rooftop view, we'd go to 40 Kong, H Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, or Level 43 at the Sheraton. France Lyon, Slovakia Taiwan Oslo Brussels Milan, Opting for more lenient periods of every few months, or even month to month, offers more relief. Venezuela Poland Colombo Most rental contracts in Dubai are paid upfront for the year. Roatán Island Save time when you click and collect in-store. Arusha, Salzburg, 6.81 - 9.54 : Shawarma: These local sandwiches are hard to miss and make a great budget meal or snack. Colombia Interlaken, La Romana, Overall sales of alcohol by volume in the UAE fell sharply in 2019 … Siem Reap French Polynesia Male, Myanmar Thinking about going to Atlantis probably next month and been looking it up today looks very nice. Seville, Recife, ACCOMODATION DEALS IN DUBAI. Mumbai Always remain safe and make sure not to get carried away. Punta Cana, Antigua, Honduras Sapa, Austria Driving while intoxicated is strictly not allowed, and could result in a fine, jail and even deportation. MMI provide you to get the latest bargain offers on quality liquor, best alcohol offers in Dubai, UAE for Wine, Beer, Spirits, Contact us on 04 321 4805. Philippines Seoul Mykonos, Before proceeding, please confirm that you are of legal drinking age in your country of residence (UAE: 21 years). 5% VAT will apply when purchasing or collecting on arrival in Dubai Some articles may contain affiliate or sponsored links, however as always, our opinions are our own and we only work with brands and partners we believe in and regularly use. Senegal United Kingdom Honolulu, all media and content ©What Doesn't Suck? On the mainland a pint in a 5* star hotel will set you back about 45-50Dhs a pint on average . Mexico City, Munich Bermuda This site contains references to alcohol. Costa Rica Viet Nam Prague Sarajevo Aruba Dubai: We’re never far away with 17 MMI stores offering amazing value and over 2000 products. Antigua and Barbuda Netherlands China Serbia The traditional wooden dhow boat sails right through the main creek of Dubai, passing the famous Bur Dubai and Deira neighborhoods. Granada (Spain), It’s also illegal to be obviously drunk in public, or drink alcohol in public places, including your building or complex's pool. In other words, eating out in Dubai can be cheap if you follow the local workers or somewhat expensive if you follow the tourists and other expats. San Jose Hong Kong Puerto Rico Bergen, Phuket Brunches take place every Friday from 12-4 usually, although we have seen recently a lot of Thursday night brunches or Saturday day brunches by the pool. Bulgaria Germany If you eat in cheap cafes in shopping centers, the meal can cost 8,2 - 16,3 USD = 30 - 60 AED per person. Bosnia and Herzegovina Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), The wine price is indeed wrong, considering a Prosecco DOC as a mid-range wine in Ajman you cannot find for less than 45 AED a bottle, and Dubai has x2 the prices of Ajman for alcoholics. Mendoza A vacation to Dubai for one week usually costs around AED5,101 for one person.So, a trip to Dubai for two people costs around AED10,202 for one week.A trip for two weeks for two people costs AED20,405 in Dubai. Auckland, Saint Lucia The UAE's economy already stood on shaky ground amid a global slump in oil prices and collapsing real-estate prices in Dubai. Hue, Most hotels are modern and clean, and are of international standards. The only way to get some is either to get it at the duty-free while landing in Dubai, or ask family and friends visiting to do so - up to 4 liters each!- or go out to a club/bar. Latvia Iceland Guadeloupe Cozumel, Chile It is an offence to buy alcohol from an off-licence without an alcohol licence. At least the humidity is relatively low for most of the year. 2018, currency in Dubai, Dubai currency, Dubai dollars, Dubai money, money in dubai, traveling to Dubai, UAE money, what money does Dubai use, what money in Dubai, 48 Hours in, 48 hour video, Europe, Videos, Serbia, belgrade, 24 hours in serbia, 24 hours in belgrade, what to do in belgrade, what to do in serbia, serbian neighborhood, belgrade museum, belgrade cathedral, belgrade garden, where to stay in belgrade, serbia belgrade, visit belgrade, visit serbia, More info about the best brunches in Dubai here, 34 Sustainable Travel tips you need to be Using doing now, Great European Road Trip - Part 1: Czech Republic, Germany & Austria, Mount Everest Base Camp Hike 2019: 12 Days, 130km, 5,380m (Complete Guide), How to Edit a Travel Video: The Complete Guide, How to Film a Travel Video: The Complete Guide, Ultimate 2019 Adventure Travel Summer Bucket List, 31 Things You Absolutely Take for Granted Before Spending 6 Months Traveling Around the World, Dubai Currency: All you need to know (2019 Update), Complete Guide to Drinking in Dubai (UPDATED FOR 2019), 24 Hours in Serbia: Belgrade Fortress, Skadarlija neighborhood and floating bars. 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