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by: by: Amy Zuckerman and Jim Daly, illustrated by: John Manders - (Dutton, 2009) 32 pages. The book concludes with the oath of office, and there is an appended list of brief biographical sketches of each of the presidents. Brilliant full-color photographs of thunderstorms, hailstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes accompany the factual text of this beautiful informational book. Your email address will not be published. Make a special point to draw your young child’s attention to the nearly hidden pictures that border each page of this book. Henny wants to raise little chicks, but an elf keeps stealing her eggs before they hatch. Worksheets include 3rd grade … Additional information about animal coloration and the particular species pictured is found at the end of the book. Donna L. Washington, illustrated by: Stephen Taylor - (HarperTrophy, 1997) 40 pages. Find Winter of the Ice Wizard at your local library. Author Helen Lester writes a humorous tale about her life from age three to adulthood. A perfect way to make the concept of green living accessible and fun. This fun story will also help your child learn about the important features of maps. Author of many wonderful books, including the award-winning Make Way for Ducklings and Blueberries for Sal, Robert McCloskey was truly inspired by his funny bone when he wrote these stories. Find Freddy the Detective at your local library. With activities for home and school and during playtime, 365 Ways shows how easy and fun it is to prepare your kids for a better future. Find The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt at your local library. Buzz Aldrin, illustrated by: Wendell Minor - (HarperCollins, 2005) 40 pages. In this picture book biography of the magician Harry Houdini (born Erik Weiss), the author emphasizes the qualities of perseverance, dedication and a commitment to self-improvement that made Houdini so successful. Familiar with poetry including the concepts of stanza and rhyme 3. She becomes a quiltmaker after her elders reject her idea of helping the needy. Find The Penguin’s Peril: Taylor-Made Tales #4 at your local library. at your local library. She includes the places where Penny likes to hide her toys and the best walking routes. by: If you are not able to view these links to the word lists… The third grade reading curriculum is more about learning specific concepts than reading specific books. By listening to stories told by his father and grandparents, a young boy learns how choices can lead to overcoming adversity. Alien fantasies come and go, but this one has focus. Find Dare to Dream! On her journey, she introduces the reader to cultures and products from around the globe. Samuel shares the excitement and the hard work that is involved with his first harvest. If you choose to get a book from the public … Kate Waters, illustrated by: Russ Kendall - (Scholastic, 1989) 32 pages. They climb a mountain (the wall of a house) and go through a tunnel (window) to a glassy curved wall (sugar bowl). by: Diane Stanley - (Morrow Junior Books, 1996) 44 pages. We hate SPAM too. Third Grade Recommended Reading. This book is a visual treat, as well as fascinating reading for young naturalists. by: He writes about how he got his unusual nickname (from his sister), his favorite movie hero (the Lone Ranger), how he almost drowned one summer, his military life, and his training and missions as an astronaut. Reading … Daniel Manus Pinkwater - (Dodd, Mead, 1976) 144 pages. The characters are the same as they are in any neighborhood; you get a little of everything, both funny and frustrating. He learns to express his emotions because of a gifted teacher and a writing assignment. Find Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger at your local library. by: Forty-seven spiral-bound pages contain valuable lessons: names and images of the playing pieces, the set-up, how each piece moves, castling, how a pawn becomes a queen, check, checkmate, notation (so you can keep track of both players’ moves), relative strength of the pieces, classic game openings, attacks and defenses. Perfect for: Kids who are curious — and parents who don’t know all the answers! Find Who Was Harry Houdini? The nonfiction aspect of this text appealed to many students, especially male students, because of the ferocious-looking shark on the cover and the many details on these predators of the deep, including their feasts on other ocean life. by: Mary Amato, illustrated by: Eric Brace - (Holiday House, 2006) 97 pages. by: Taunting and bullying are two themes explored in this book. by: by: by: by: Find our favorites at your local library: Judy Moody Was in a Mood, Judy Moody Gets Famous!, Judy Moody Saves the World! Families can talk about being grateful and what the characters learned about the responsibilities that come with privilege. Want to see the movie? at your local library. While second grade focused on chapter books, in third grade we expand upon these longer reading materials by introducing literary, informative and practical reading materials. They’ll also learn how to infer main ideas across a variety of different types of prose. Jerry Spinelli - (Joanna Cotler Books, 2002) 218 pages. This then leads to the concept of learning about non-fiction topics by reading. This is a clever, fun fairytale with positive messages. Stellaluna by Janell Cannon (required) 2. 3rd Grade Reading … Barry Yourgrau, illustrated by: Tony Auth - (Candlewick Press, 2004) 224 pages. MacLachlan’s stories are a rarity in today’s children’s books — simple, gentle tales of children who manage to be reasonably nice kids without being insipid. by: Unfortunately, trouble occurs when Sadie leaves the pan in the hands of her younger brothers. When magic words are spoken, the pan fills with delicious latkes. by: Perfect for: Kids who like nonfiction and animals. 3rd Grade Summer Reading List (Ages 8 – 9) SHOP this list. by: The lives of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, Ben Franklin and Helen Keller are highlighted. Five men and one woman claim they were the first to combine tasty waffles, shaped into a cone, with yummy ice cream. Readers learn tantalizing tidbits about the history of the game, like the facts that in the early days teams had no specific uniforms and that base running was once a contact sport. She was taunted by classmates and plagued with her own self-doubt until a teacher finally recognized that she couldn’t read and gave her the assurance and help she needed to succeed. Find The Nature Treasury: A First Look at the Natural World at your local library. Jeff Brumbeau, illustrated by: Gail de Marcken - (Scholastic Press, 2000) 56 pages. This book has it all: adventure, humor and a super-smart robot named Thudd who peppers the story with true facts about the Ice Age. Students read longer texts, and most read fictional chapter books . by: The poor little bat is knocked out of her mother’s grasp and lands in a birds’ nest. Half Magic was the Magic Tree House of its day. by: Able to identity character traits 4. Explanations of how glass, metal and wool can be easily recycled; “how can I help?” sections; and lots of tips will inspire your child to be a young environmentalist who wants to recycle at home. Leslea Newman, illustrated by: Machiyo Kodaira - (Henry Holt, 2004) 96 pages. by: Minna grows up with some odd friends and relatives. This version of the familiar story allows girls to connect with Cinderella as they dive deep into the life of a fairy-tale princess. Pirotta’s retellings are straightforward and colloquial without soft-pedaling the darker aspects of the stories (evil witches get burned at the stake, trusting rodents get eaten and a handsome prince in the guise of a frog winds up in the bed of a princess). Short stories and poems followed by reading comprehension questions at approximately a grade 3 level. Included are several lesson plans, as well as recommended reading on steps to save the environment. If you missed them as a kid, you may still enjoy them now. Last Stop on Market Street. Sports-minded children will love this book as well as The Dog That Pitched a No-Hitter and The Dog That Stole Football Plays and more by the same author. Written as a simple children’s story, this irresistible autobiography boasts lots of funny drawings, including favorite Disney characters. This first book in the Time Warp Trio Series is an imaginative and humorous read. Children will be enchanted by the lush illustrations. The hook: With the movie release of Chris Van Allsburg’s book, Zathura, children of all ages will be eager to read the book version. by: David Small’s cartoon-style illustrations add to the fun. Many reading lessons in 3rd grade … 3rd Grade Reading List. How did the peasants feel about the royals once they met them? … You might recognize some of these titles. The mother bird accepts Stellaluna as long as she acts like a bird, not a bat. The hook: This humorous 15-book series follows Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the brainy undersized son of a hulking Viking chief. Geronimo Stilton - (Scholastic, 2004) 128 pages. Third grade can be a fun time as your child learns to appreciate reading in a new, deeper way. A Caldecott Medal author, Van Allsburg takes us into the world of ants. A lot! After gathering some very compromising information, Nolan creates shredderman.com, a Web site that will shield his identity while fighting back against Bubba’s tyranny. This list of 3rd grade books is a great mix – with classic books that you probably grew up reading… Perfect for: Kids who like to learn about cultures. Get ready to giggle at the absurd text and detailed illustrations. It turns out that Harry is a great base coach. Surely, Wayside School was already strange enough. Carolyn Keene, illustrated by: Macky Pamintuan - (Aladdin, 2006) 96 pages. How did these two glaring mistakes even happen?? Find Are We There Yet? by: The Classical Homeschool Curriculum Approach, Independent Homeschool Programs and Homeschooling Curriculum Choices, Charlotte Mason Homeschool Teaching Method, Homeschool Transcripts and Report Card Templates, Free Printable Graph Paper in Various Sizes. Lloyd Alexander - (Puffin, 1963) 240 pages. The 2012 animated adaptation fleshes out the picture book with additional characters and songs while staying true to the story. Some of the exquisitely drawn illustrations are small and subtle in meaning, and the typeface used in the illustrations could be challenging for young readers as well. This beautifully written and illustrated book will appeal to a wide range of ages. If you enjoy adventure and fantasy this is a must read! Find Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes at your local library. The first is a 20-move game with comments on the reasons for certain moves; next is the analysis of an actual 45-turn game played by two grand masters. Uniquely told by weaving together the adventures of 11-year-old Maya with those of Artemisia, a wild horse in the remote Wyoming wilderness, this is a beautiful coming-of-age story about relationships and making tough decisions. Emphasize correct spelling, grammar and form in written assignment. On the first day of school, he lashes out when he trips and the other kids laugh at him. by: This book is the author’s last, a rousing, delightful adventure. Tui Sutherland, illustrated by: John O'Brien - (Grosset & Dunlap, 2002) 112 pages. Will they make it home? Mary Pope Osborne - (Random House, 2007) 119 pages. Although Emily lives on a boat, her parents are very wary of her being in the water. by: Opening this 8-by-8-inch book reveals a magnetic chess board on the inside back cover, so all the lessons can be played as they’re read. There is no 19th floor, and there is no Miss Zarves. Find 2030: A Day in the Life of Tomorrow’s Kids at your local library. Find The Quiltmaker’s Journey at your local library. The collages of painted paper and repeating text pattern will make this reprint of the 1968 classic one of your child’s favorites. Find Mapping Penny’s World at your local library. Your child knows how to identify AR books in the BCES library. I don’t see a Danielle Steele novel – it must have been removed. Roald Dahl, illustrated by: Quentin Blake - (Knopf/Random House, 1975) 224 pages. at your local library. Third grade is a time to introduce your junior reader to the idea of moral lessons in stories. Julian loves to make up tall tales and make his little brother, Huey, believe them. Jean Fritz, illustrated by: Margot Tomes - (Penguin Putnam, 1975) 48 pages. Jane Yolen, illustrated by: Raul Colon - (Harcourt, 2003) 128 pages. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, Sarah, Plain and Tall (Sarah, Plain and Tall Saga Book 1) by Patricia MacLachlan, Skylark (Sarah, Plain and Tall Saga Book 2) by Patricia MacLachlan, Caleb’s Story (Sarah, Plain and Tall Saga Book 3) by Patricia MacLachlan. A chronology of the highlights of women in baseball concludes the book. Recipes and crafts ideas are also included. The recipe is included at the end of the book. The Wild Old Days of Baseball at your local library. by: The artwork lends itself to the sense of mystery, all bold lines and earth tones. 32 pages. by: Check out the family-friendly 2005 adaptation. Cressida Cowell - (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2004) 224 pages. Classic Nancy Drew sleuthing ensues and makes for a perfect, cozy winter’s night read. by: Every subject offers opportunities to involve some reading lessons, especially if you’re assigning written reports. Want to watch the movie? Anyone who has ever been in a position where they can’t be who they really are will relate to Stellaluna’s predicament. If you are a fan of the Magic Tree House series, you are sure to love Mary Pope Osborne’s next adventure into the magical frozen land of the Ice Wizard.

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